Cougar Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Cougar Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

While tattoos can add vitality and beauty to anyone’s body, they can also encapsulate beliefs, inspire the wearer of the tattoo and others, and bring a sense of wholesomeness to life, depending on what the tattoo represents. 

You can discover more about what the design stands for and how it came about right here to see whether it’s perfect for you while considering a tattoo design.

Second Largest Cat in The New World

A stunningly beautiful wild cat, the cougar is strong, incredibly fast, and intelligent.

A solitary animal, independence is a skill mastered by the beast and taught to her cubs, who often remain with her for up to 2 years before they’re just as skilled and move on themselves.


Mountain lion, puma, catamount, panther, and painter are all names for the same animal. After the jaguar, the cougar is the second-largest cat in the New World.

Cougar Mythology

The cougar, a noble and powerful beast, symbolizes balanced leadership, or the capacity to lead without force. This animal combines power and protectiveness, as well as strength and survival.

Nurturing as a mother, yet potent as a hunter, this animal combines power and protectiveness, as well as strength and survival. 

Cougars are represented and respected in various other civilizations and mythology too:

  • The cougar’s grace and power have long been appreciated in the civilizations of the Indigenous peoples of America
  • The Inca city of Cusco was founded by Inca Manco Capac, designed in the shape of a puma. 
  • The Moche people often represented the feline in their ceramics. 
  • The sky and thunder god of the Inca, Viracocha, has been associated with the animal.
  • The Cougar’s cry was a sign of impending death to the Apache and Walapa people of Arizona. 
  • A sacred animal among the Cherokee, the Algonquins, and Ojibwe believed it lived in the underworld and was wicked.
  • The cougar was a symbol of the maternal spirit for the Cheyenne.

The Cougar Spirit Animal

You are a natural-born leader when the spirit of the cougar is alive in you, radiating charisma and overflowing with a distinct sense of presence.

You are a person with strong convictions and unwavering faith, self-assured in your actions. You’re aware that you’re quick and strong and that you can inflict harm or damage with little effort, but you are mindful of this in a responsible way. 


Here are some examples of how the cougar could embody your own personality, making it your own spirit animal:

Maternal Instinct

The cougar spirit animal signifies the female spirit’s fury; she represents a Mother’s dominant fierce spirit. The female cougar carries herself as if she were a Goddess, absorbing the Mother Goddess’s metaphorical powers.

The female cougar, in her role as Mother, will battle ferociously to protect her offspring. Male cougars do not parent; the entire responsibility lands at the feet of the female, and she owns it with vigor. 


While the cougar doesn’t socialize with any other adult except to mate, the spirit animal reinforces that you don’t require a partner or significant other to be complete.

You can enjoy others’ company, but you are strong enough and independent to follow your own path to happiness where required, be it with or without anyone else. 


Solitary and territorial; you tend to isolate rather than socialize, building a wall between you and potential connections.


When you feel threatened, you are likely to attack immediately, losing your temper. You value your personal time and space; therefore, people who try to barge in unannounced are unwelcome.


You may easily crush someone with your wit and words. However, you don’t do things haphazardly, so you let it slide when you realize the effort isn’t worth it.

Be confident enough to call upon your spirit animal to align your strength and intentions to regain a sense of balance in your life.

Intelligent and Decisive

You’re as responsible and dependable as you are wise and calculated. When in an emergency, you are a beacon of strength to others.

You’re a gentle and caring teacher, but when leadership is required, you’re not afraid to take command and be decisive and resolute.


You can effectively multi-task as required. You concentrate on the task at hand and complete it fast and efficiently. You can smoothly handle a situation and mitigate damage while making it appear second nature. 

What does a cougar tattoo represent?

Today, the cougar or puma is boldly branded almost everywhere, from running shoes and clothing to military helicopters and universities.

With all of its characteristics, it’s no surprise that the cougar has become a popular sports mascot, team symbol, and brand name.

Similarly, cougar tattoo representations are unique to the person who has them.

A focused and driven childless athlete may seek a cougar tattoo for its power, speed, and efficiency, just as single parents may take inspiration from the design for maternal connotations.

Designing your cougar tattoo

The enchantment of tattoos is that they’re all different, and you can choose what you please. 

Wearers can loudly own their spirit animal and go as fierce and colorful as they want, whereas muted, simple silhouette-type designs offer a more humble, discreet reference.

Given that cougars are extremely swift, a running portrayal could be used to show off your wit or prowess.

An open-mouthed, teeth-baring artwork design could represent either the territorial or hunter part of your nature. At the same time, a peaceful and beautifully wide-eyed facial depiction offers serene and unwavering meaning.

Look at colors, portrayals, and what the cougar symbolizes to you; only then can you use your imagination to create the ideal, creative solution for you and your body.

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