Cosmos Flower Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Cosmos Flower Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings and More

They’re simple and elegant. As symbols of harmony and balance, there’s plenty to love about a cosmos flower tattoo.

The Cosmos flower, along with being the flower of October, has an elegant symmetrical structure that has long symbolized balance and harmony. It makes an excellent choice of tattoo, whether you’re looking for the qualities, or want to commemorate achieving harmony in your life.

This article looks at the history, symbolism, and appearance of Cosmos flower tattoos, and the meaning they may hold for individuals who choose to wear them.

History of Cosmos Flower Tattoos:

The Cosmos Flower isn’t one of the most common or well-known flowers used in tattooing, and it doesn’t have the recorded historical significance of some other flowers, such as the rose. It is, however, a beautiful and striking flower with historical references in South America and southwest North America.


History of the Cosmos Flower:

There are some stories that say the flower was originally cultivated by the Aztecs. Later, Spanish missionaries moving through South and North America planted Cosmos flowers in their gardens for their beauty and symmetry.

The flower’s symmetrical petals and array of colors earned them the name ‘cosmos’ flowers. Spanish priests and later cultivators considered them a symbol of the balance, order and beauty of the universe as a whole.

In appearance, the Cosmos flower shares some characteristics and symbolism with its close cousin, marigolds. It’s entirely possible that there is no clear record of cosmos flower in the history of tattooing simply because these two share so many similarities.

What Do Cosmos Flowers Symbolize?

Cosmos flowers in general symbolize balance, order and harmony.

In some cultures, it also symbolizes a spiritual connection, as a cleansing and harmonizing influence.

Other meanings throughout time have included joy and modesty.

Different colors of cosmos flowers can have different meanings and symbolism as well.


Symbolism of Different Colors in Cosmos Flowers:

  • Chocolate: A deep affection hidden or overshadowed by shyness
  • White: Modesty or simplicity
  • Red: Extreme passion and devotion
  • Pink: Innocence, beauty and peace
  • Purple: Harmony with the environment, tranquility
  • Yellow: Enlightenment and spiritual well-being
  • Orange: Happiness and self-satisfaction
  • Black: An undying loyalty or commitment

What Do Cosmos Flowers Tattoos Mean?

One of the most common meanings behind the cosmos flower as a tattoo is that it is one of the symbolic flowers for October, along with the marigold. A cosmos flower tattoo could mean the person was born in October, or symbolize the memory of a signficant event in October.

The second most common meaning attributed to these tattoos is balance or harmony. Color or pairing with another symbol can symbolize balance, joy or harmony in association with something or someone. It might also symbolize the order and beauty found in a specific memory, idea, or relationship.


Examples of specific meanings according to color include:

  • A yellow Cosmos flower might symbolize enlightenment found through balancing or harmonizing aspects of one’s life.
  • A purple flower might indicate tranquility and an established harmony with one’s surroundings
  • A pink flower might symbolize peace and harmony, or a rememberance of innocence
  • An orange flower could be a symbol of happiness or satisfaction found in sorting out and balancing different personal considerations.

Symbolism can can be deepened or made more specific by additional symbols or indicators. The meanings when connected with other symbols can be almost infinite, depending on the person.

Examples Include:

  • A cosmos flower with a name or word might symbolize an individual who represents a source of balance and harmony.
  • Paired with a rose, it might indicate harmony found within a relationship.
  • Connected to an animal, it might mean harmony defined or found within certain personality traits represented by that animal.
  • Sometimes the flower is paired with an astrological or cosmic symbol to indicate a source of spiritual balance or harmony.

Couples might use matching cosmos flower tattoos to depict harmony and balance found with each other. These tattoos


Where Do Cosmos Flower Tattoos Usually Go?

The cosmos flower has a simple, elegant design that lends itself well to being placed anywhere. The symmetrical shape works well both in larger images and in smaller or miniature tattoos.

Forearms and upper arms are a common place to find these flower tattoos, especially for those with October birthdays, or for whom October is a month of significance.

The ankle and calf seems to be a popular location, particularly for miniature single-bloom versions of this tattoo.

Another common location is the front or back of the shoulder, just under the collarbone. These are often miniature images.

Styles and Characteristics of Cosmos Flower Tattoos:

The cosmos flower tattoo comes in a number of popular styles.

The most common characteristic is that the flower is shown with open petals, showcasing the symmetrical pattern the flower is named for.

Most depictions use brighter colors, or pastel shades, but sometimes more vibrant or deeper hues can be used.

Other than that, it can be displayed in a number of ways.

The most common depiction of the flower is a pen-and-ink style representation, or a ‘black-and-white’ image. This might be considered use of the ‘white cosmos flower’, depicting harmony in simplicity.

Another common representation is a miniature pink cosmos flower. This could symbolize beauty and peace bringing inner harmony, as a personal representation.


A popular style is the mingling of the cosmos flower with a ‘cosmic’ image, such as a planet, the earth, or a starry background. It might be symbolism for a sense of spiritual and cosmic balance, within and without.

Another style is the more ‘illustrated’ example, a stylized depiction of the flower, usually of an impressionistic style. This is commonly depicted with multiple blooms and stems in sweeping lines, with an artistic background.

It’s also common to see the cosmos flower tattooed with other flowers, like roses, or marigolds.

Of the many flowers that are used in tattooing, the cosmos flower may not be one of the most well-known, but it certainly has a beauty, simplicity and symbolism that make it a wonderful choice for a tattoo.


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