Columbine (Flower) Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Columbine (Flower) Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The concept of tattooing has been with us for centuries and begin as a means to represent a person’s beliefs, knowledge, and their past experiences.

We can see these images in various cultures, from an African tribe initiation ceremonies to Maori or Aboriginal people using permanent body art to commemorate their achievements, advertising their rank, social status, and prestige.

Over time and across different cultures, tattoos appear to represent a state of emotion, to emphasize one’s self, or sometimes just for aesthetic purposes.

When there are thousands of tattoo ideas and dozens of quality tattoo artists, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which tattoo to get. 

Columbine tattoos are just one of many options. Columbine tattoos, in other words, flower tattoos, represent positivity and energy from nature.

The main reason why these tattoos are so popular is that the images promote serenity and calmness. 


Columbine Flower tattoos are very natural and are a piece display of true craftsmanship.

This flowers are also used in Christianity to symbolize the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What is the History of Columbine (Flower) Tattoos?

Columbine flower tattoo has an ancient history. The flower itself originates from ancient European and Asian continents and examples of the Columbine flower tattoo can be found across ancient cultures, prior to the modern columbine tattoo concept. 

Ancient cultures perceived this flower as the pleasure of gods, and it was believed that those who worked this flower on their skin were protected, and given the gift of endurance. 

In past societies, people often had this flower embroidered on their skin, and sometimes they drew pictures of this flower on the walls of the houses to bless the house and family.

What Does Columbine Symbolize?

The Columbine is a durable flower that can grow in adverse conditions. Therefore, the most important thing it symbolizes is endurance and strength. 

This flower finds a way to grow even in the most difficult conditions. For this reason, people who have this tattoo feel the presence of determination and endurance on their side.

The Columbine also embodies the feeling of success and not giving up. In some cultures, it is the symbolic connection between God and man.

What Do Columbine Tattoos Mean?

The Columbine flower lives in high-altitude mountains, preserving its beauty in very difficult conditions.

Being able to live at such high altitudes makes those who have this tattoo feel the presence of faith and wisdom. 


The Columbine tattoo also contains the meaning of endurance and perseverance.

It also means not giving up easily, running after what you want, and looking at events and situations in a positive way. 


This flower is rare and preserves its beauty by overcoming natural obstacles one by one from high and steep rocky mountains.

No matter what happens in life, the Columbine flower never gives up. This is an appealing message to many who wish to walk with this flower on their skin.

Good Luck

According to some, the Columbine tattoo also means good luck. In the past, it was thought that those who found this elusive flower would be blessed and rewarded by God, and since ancient times it was believed that this flower brings good luck. 

Finally, another meaning of the Columbine tattoo is faith. Columbine, a flower that was seen as the bond between God and man, has been depicted in many beliefs and has a deep spiritual meaning to those who have this tattoo.

Where Do Columbine Tattoos Usually Go?

The Columbine flower tattoo can look good in many places on your body. You can have it  tattooed in any size, so it is up to you where it goes.


The tattoo does not necessarily require very deep and detailed workmanship, but it should be done meticulously and its coloring should be very vivid. 

A tattoo that also requires a shading technique, the columbine flower tattoo usually goes very well on the inside of the arm somewhere between the elbow and the wrist.

Apart from this, the outer part of the leg is also very ideal for this tattoo. As a matter of fact, this tattoo can look beautiful in many places on our body, due to its multi-colored nature. 

Columbine tattoos are also popular on the feet. Flower-style tattoos like columbine really look very elegant on the side of the foot and compliment open-toed shoes.

Another place where this tattoo is commonly worn is somewhere between the back and the shoulder area.

Since this area is very large, it creates a comfortable space for the tattoo artist to work with and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, all this is a matter of preference. Every person is free to do what they like.


Characteristics and Styles of Columbine Tattoos

The columbine tattoo can be completed by creating a custom image of several columbine flowers in the form of a bunch or even incorporating them into a scene featuring green natural background. 

Or it can be depicted as a single flower in a large area. Various shading techniques can be used, provided that different needles and colors are used for the background and flower details. 

In this way, the image of the flower will be more natural and realistic. Color selection is entirely up to you. 

Some tattoo artists often use purple in their columbine tattoos, while others prefer to use blue and green predominantly. 

In some tattoos, the flower is drawn only by drawing lines without using shading or thick painting techniques. This adds an abstraction to the tattoo.


Do Different Columbine Flowers have Different Meanings?

Depending on the color, columbine flowers can have different meanings.


Blue columbine flowers are connected to the oceans. This symbolizes tranquility and hope.


Red should perhaps be avoided, as they mean anxiousness and worry.


Pink columbines are associated with femininity, but it is considered bad luck to gift a real pink columbine to a woman.


Purple columbines represent penance as well as passion.


Yellow symbolizes flexibility in columbines, and well as energy and liveliness


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