85+ Cockatiel Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

85+ Cockatiel Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

History of the cockatiel 

The cockatiel is native to Australia and whilst they are found here most often, they are also found in Europe and today.

They are easy to tame and endowed with good health, cockatiels are beautiful birds.

The shape and color of them makes them particularly stunning, and so if you’re looking for a tattoo that is representative of freedom, then a cockatiel could provide you with plenty of ideas for your next artwork. 

Physical characteristics of the Cockatiel

The cockatiel is a small parakeet with a crest that allows it to be a very expressive bird.

The classic-looking cockatiel is characterized by the yellow color of its head and the bottom of its hut, the orange spots on the ears, the gray color of the nape of the neck and the long feathers of its crest.


As a tattoo, it not only appears elegant but also with color, is vivid and stunning. The cockatiel also has white stripes across its expansive wings! You’ll find that there are many varieties of colors with cockatiels.

Spiritual element

The Celts believed that it was the owl that served as the guide of the dead to the afterlife. The adherents of Hinduism adhere to the same view.

The Chinese depicted this bird on burial urns. Similar views were held by the North American Indians, who believed that in the guise of an owl, a serpent-like spirit bringing death descended to the earth after mortals.

A cockatiel has many wonderful features 

A Cockatiel parakeet lives between 10 and 20 years on average, so they certainly have longer lives than some birds. They are incredibly sociable!

The Cockatiel parakeet enjoys observing and living with the inhabitants of the house, as a full member more than as a pet.


They quickly become attached to the one who takes care of them and identifies strongly with them. Yet, they are gentle and kind to children and they have a fairly balanced, peaceful character.

They also have a certain independence and look after themselves, which is a beautiful representation of people who are strong independent characters in their own lives.

In addition to this, they learn fast, are intelligent and curious. 

A sign of wisdom

In particular, in Ancient Greece, the owl was actually identified with Athena, who was revered as the embodiment of wisdom.

According to ancient Greek myth, this bird sat on the shoulder of the goddess and whispered in her ear about what was happening behind her.


Thanks to the clever bird, Athena could judge the true state of affairs and make the right decisions. For people who are wise and bold, the cockatiel can be a beautiful symbol.

Loyalty and love 

They are interesting to observe and are lively, expressive, playful, and loyal to their master. 

Loyalty is a beautiful symbol which works well for your new ink. For a new married couple, it could express their love and adoration for one another.

Finally, cockatiels easily coexist with other pets, because of their warm nature and love of adventure. They are generally curious and content, therefore loyal and loving, always happy with the hand they are dealt.


A tattoo often symbolizes the difficulties in life or hardships that have been overcome. In this instance, a cockatiel perfectly symbolizes the beauty in contentment and being inquisitive and curious.

They are very vocal

The cockatiel has a wide vocal range and this depends on the male and the female. For those who love to be vocal and express our opinions, you may find the cockatiel is your spirit animal.

The female may just chirp, chat quietly or on the contrary utter shrill cries.

You should know that all these parakeets will not necessarily have the same range of sounds. Indeed, the small bird adapts to its environment and to the noises that are there.

You’ll find they often sing, throughout the day. They chirp and sing pleasantly; therefore, those who wish to resonate with their musical side can do so with a stunning cockatiel tattoo. 


The male cockatiel (more than the female) is able to reproduce by hissing notes that you will teach him, small snippets of songs, being patient and repeating to him regularly.

In addition, the whistles will be focused towards their favorite person or to their companion, the female cockatiel.

Their form of communication through hissing is perhaps the most prevalent. They are not dominating, but they certainly are able to tell you they are nearby. 

Positive emotions 

When their crests are erect and they perform small movements: they express curiosity, excitement and are attentive to their environment.

If they spread their wings while lowering their head, cresting backward: the bird is trying to express its joy or affection towards you!

They offer much affection which is what makes the cockatiel tattoo a beautiful symbol of friendship, kindness and gentleness.


They are loud, friendly and love their environments, so if this resonates with your personality and spirit, then a cockatiel tattoo could be a beautiful addition. 

Your new tattoo

Could a cockatiel be a new tattoo for you? It is a wonderful design because you can have a smaller tattoo or a larger one with more details.

Bird tattoos can be placed in almost any area and look beautiful no matter where you choose. You can always add to your tattoo, with beautiful florals and leaves, to decorate the tattoo further.

Birds are a wonderful addition to your ink collection, because they represent freedom on the whole. For your tattoo, we could look at elements of shading and color to achieve a look that is just perfect for you! 

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