Clock and Rose Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Clock and Rose Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Tattoos are forever, and therefore, choosing a tattoo is a life-changing decision that you just can’t afford to get wrong (unless you have enough money for laser removal treatment). 

There are many reasons why people choose the tattoos they do. The tattoo may be the name of a loved one, an important date, may have an impactful meaning behind it or the wearer may just love the look of it. 

A clock and rose tattoo is a popular design in the tattoo world.

If this design draws your attention and you’re considering getting tattooed with it, you’ll probably be interested in learning the meaning and symbolism behind it.

So, let’s dive in and get a closer look at the symbolism and meanings behind the clock and rose tattoo (stay tuned for some inspiration at the end of this post too!). 


A tattoo like this can have many meanings. The meaning can range from death and life to despair and love. The design of the tattoo usually gives us insight into what it means.

While a black and white tattoo can give off gloomy mysterious vibes, a colorful one produces a joyful and romantic aesthetic. 


Clock tattoos are timeless, as are rose ones. They are definitely objects that tattoo artists of any era would be inspired to ink their customers with. 



It comes as no surprise that a clock symbolizes time but what exactly about time? This tattoo can mean the wearer honors or respects the time and the rose reinforces those feelings of admiration they have for time. 


What makes clocks popular is the fact that they have the power to evoke certain feelings and memories in people. Clocks symbolize time and time is history.

Each person’s history holds so many cherished memories – sometimes these are romantic, which is where the rose comes into play.


The wearer may choose a clock and rose tattoo to symbolize a past love.

Sometimes, the meaning behind the tattoo may not even be personal history – the person may have deep admiration for a certain period in time like the 50s for example. 

Love and life

The hands of the clock represent a specific time in life where the wearer felt pure joy. This could be the birth of their child, the day they got married or some other happy, memorable event. 


This kind of tattoo could convey addiction. Addictions can last years, they also take a long time to recover from (the clock is representing that).

Addictions can also tear families apart, and the rose can symbolize the breakdown of the family and the love that was once there.


On the other hand, the rose could symbolize the love of getting back to your old self or the purity in overcoming addiction and allowing your body to become healthy (pure) again. 


A ticking clock next to a rose in its prime indicates how nobody stays young forever. We will all age and die eventually like a rose shriveling up falling to the ground.


This tattoo can demonstrate the eternity of time. The rose symbolizes nature and the clock signifies time – together they represent the endless eternal nature of time.

Old souls

People who believe they have old souls may want to ink themselves with a vintage-looking clock and a rose. The rose is a symbol for the soul and the clock represents the wisdom that we typically associate with old souls.


Best placements for a clock and rose tattoo

Something as stunning as a clock and rose tattoo deserves to be shown off, and therefore, you may want to opt for a full arm sleeve or a small inner wrist tattoo.

If the meaning behind the tattoo is special. and you want to keep it private, place it on the ribcage, back of the neck (if you have long hair), upper thigh, or upper back.

This will prevent others from seeing it. 

Tattoo inspiration 

Take a look at these clock and rose tattoo designs, and document any you like so that you can show them to your tattooist.

Black and white

As mentioned before, black and white help to create a gloomy look for your tattoo. This will be good for those who want something gothic or a bit more on the mysterious side. 


Color and monochrome 

Keep the clock black and white and add in a bright red rose. This works to achieve a mysterious, romantic look.

Keeping the clock black and white also brings the rose to life a lot more. If you want the clock to be the first thing people see, get your tattooist to color it and leave the rose in monochrome. 



Looking for something more girlish? Go for a pale pink rose and a heart-shaped clock. 



You can replicate a traditional style tattoo by using bold black lines. It can be in color or plain black and white, a banner name could also be added underneath to really give it that old-school vibe. 



Source out one of the best tattooists to give you a 3D clock and rose tattoo that will make strangers stop and stare (in a good way).



If uniqueness is important for you when choosing a design, consider a geometric style clock and rose tattoo. 


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