Clematis Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Clematis Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Flowers are beautiful and colorful and they come in an endless array of shapes, patterns, scents, and sizes.

The clematis is a woody, hardy, and widespread vine that is blessed with an abundance of beautiful flowers. For this reason, it has long been a popular option for floral tattoos.

It is also connected to the characteristics of artifice, wisdom, travel, and even mischief.

This article outlines the history of the Clematis tattoo and provides a list of its symbolism and possible meanings.

You will also read about the flower itself and the ways in which people tend to get their tattoos inked.

If you want a beautiful floral tattoo with a beautiful profile, long lines, and a varied color profile, this might be the right one for you.

What is a Clematis?

The clematis is a genus of around 300 flowering plants that are part of the buttercup family.

Most of them are long and climbing vines and there are many beautiful, interesting and spectacular flowering varieties.


The flowers have examples from across the color spectrum, from vivid purples and deep oranges to vibrant pinks and pale yellows.  

The plants are mostly found in cool and temperate locations, as well as slightly warmer climates. They don’t thrive in tropical weather, however, and can usually be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

The best time to appreciate the flowers in their full glory is during the spring and summer seasons, depending on the species.

What is the History of Clematis Tattoos?

Flowers have been inked onto human skin for as long as people have been getting tattoos, and through their symbolism and beauty, they have always played a role in shaping an individual’s identity.

Even though tattoos continue to evolve and change depending on the season or in-style trends, flowers continue to be one of the most popular types of tattoos.


Clematis tattoos grew in popularity during the 20th century, thanks largely to the rise of women getting tattoos and their beauty and versatility as tattoos that can be inked anywhere on your body.

What does the clematis symbolize?

Flowers have long been infused with meaning, from love, birth, unity, connection, and growth, to beauty, the feminine, and constancy. This is known as the ‘Language of Flowers’, and every flower has its own individual meaning.

Clematis flowers are associated with the concept of ‘mental beauty’. While this is not as romantic as love or as praiseworthy as beauty, it is a high compliment indeed. Mental beauty relates to a person’s high cognitive abilities and emotional strength, as well as intelligence and wisdom.

Beyond the Language of Flowers, Clematis flowers also have meanings connected to their shape, scent, and how they grow.


Here are some of the more popular symbols connected with Clematis flowers:


Associated with its link to ‘mental beauty’, wisdom demonstrates the emotional intelligence and experience to make correct decisions in life. Unlike ostentatious flowers like tulips or daisies, the clematis only improves with age.


This is the desire to achieve something in your life or improve yourself. It is well represented by the plant’s ability to continue moving forwards and upwards, no matter what the obstacle.


Many of us have wanderlust and love nothing better than hopping on a plane that will take us to the other side of the globe. This flower, through its hardy ability to grow where many others can’t, is a subtle symbol of this.


Life would be boring without a little playful misbehavior to spice things up. With a nickname like ‘the devil’s darning needle’, it’s no wonder that Clematis flowers are seen as troublemakers. And being toxic to both animals and humans, it’s no wonder why!



Like wisdom, ingenuity is linked to the flower’s symbolism of mental beauty and it includes traits such as cleverness, originality, and inventiveness.


Artifice is the process of using cunning devices to trick or deceive others. It’s not a whole negative trait, for it requires a person to be intelligent enough to devise plans that will succeed.


The clematis encourages you to explore your spirituality through different religious paths. It is about continually seeking the truth and following the journey wherever it may take you.

Thanks to their many varieties, Clematis flowers are also known by the following names which bear symbolism of their own:

Traveler’s joy

The plant’s ability to climb hedges, walls, and banks symbolize a traveler’s unrestrained joy at being able to travel and move about without hindrance.

Virgin’s bower

Certain Clematis species can grow a spectacular cascade of white flowers. White is a traditional symbol of innocence and virginity.


Old man’s beard

Some species of wild Clematis also have fluffy grey hair around the seeds. Not only is this a literal meaning, but old men with beards represent wisdom, stubbornness, and even death.

How Do People Usually Get Clematis Tattoo?

As it is a flowering vine, this plant is a popular choice to wrap around your arm or leg in a delicate spread of leaves and flowers.

It can be as small as a single vine around your little finger, or as a massive sprawl of foliage across your back and neck.

Flower tattoos are also good if you want a splash of color, and these tattoos are a great way to introduce both muted and soft hues to your skin, as well as bold and vibrant colors.

So, is This Tattoo Right for You?

Spring is in the air, and a floral tattoo is a great way to celebrate the beauty of life, renewal, and rebirth. Each flower is imbued with meaning, so you’ll be best served to find which flower best suits you and which you find most attractive.

The Clematis flower can symbolize many things. If you’re the type of person who is a fan of positive attributes like wisdom, aspiration, and wanderlust, and are not adverse to some of the more negative qualities like mischief and artifice, this might be the tattoo for you!


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