Cinderella Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Cinderella Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Possibly one of the most widely-known fairy tales in the whole world, Cinderella is a story that inspires faith, generosity, and kindness in people of all ages. 

Versions of the story of a mistreated young woman who overcomes adversity and gains a Prince’s love with the help of magic are told around the globe, though the Disney animated film of the same name is one of the most visually recognizable. 

It’s no wonder elements from the Cinderella story make great tattoos! Let’s take a closer examination of Cinderella tattoos: history, meanings ; designs!

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What is the History of Cinderella Tattoos?

Understanding the Cinderella tattoos’ significance is easier once an understanding is gained of the history of the fairy tale.

The Cinderella story has been told and retold in almost every culture no matter which part of planet Earth you examine! For example, the earliest-recognized story similar to Cinderella is actually about an ancient Greek slave named Rhodopis who weds the Egyptian Pharaoh.

As fascinating as that may be, the most well-known version in the West was a French story penned by Charles Perrault in 1697. 

In this telling, a girl nicknamed “Cendrillion” by her cruel stepsisters is forced to work as a slave in her own home by the new members of her family. She decides not to tell her father about the abuse she suffers under and is instead gracious and kind to the people who are awful to her. 

Her fairy godmother rewards her by helping her go to the royal ball, where she meets and is wed by the Prince himself! Many versions of the tale involve a slipper which the lead character leaves behind after the ball. It becomes the Prince’s only clue to finding and marrying her.

The story was inspiring enough, told in fairy tale books across the world. But eventually, it was made even more iconic by two different productions. The first was the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, which featured Julie Andrews. 

The second was the 1950 Walt Disney animated film adaptation, which is regarded by many as the most recognizable version of Cinderella in the world. It gave rise to two sequels and earned its place as a classic film.

The story of Cinderella’s unparalleled kindness, even to her enemies, and the ultimate reward she receives for that selflessness is filled with fun, fantastical elements. The elements of the story, such as her glass slipper or pumpkin carriage, as well as the character herself, make great tattoo illustrations!

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What Do Cinderella Tattoos Symbolize?

Tattoos of this iconic character can symbolize a myriad of things, and most of them can be traced right back to the original fairy tales no matter how often the story has been told.

The main themes of the story, regardless of the culture or medium it is told in, are selflessness, justice, grace, and of course, magic! 

Cinderella herself is constantly abused and mocked by people who should love her; her family members. However, even though her stepsisters intrude on the home that is rightfully hers and are mean to her for no reason, the soon-to-be princess doesn’t complain and treats them well.

Thanks to the Disney adaptation, Cinderella tattoos are often associated with the idea that dreams, however far-off and unreachable they may seem, really do come true. Most tattoos featuring the character or her friends symbolize this idea.

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What Do Cinderella Tattoos Mean?

The meaning behind the princess’ tattoos beautiful and plentiful! Check out the list below to see the significance behind these tattoos:

  • Cinderella Headshot
  • Pumpkin Carriage
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boo

Let’s take an even more careful look at each of these popular illustrations to see their meaning!

Cinderella Headshot

The character of Cinderella has had many faces throughout the years thanks to how many different retellings of her story are circulating. However, the most recognizable face is the animated version from Walt Disney Studios.

This tattoo comes in two versions: one, usually in silhouette, of the title character with her hair up in a bob and a beautiful collar on. This is Cinderella at the ball, with all her beauty on display! 

Another is the maiden with her hair down, wearing a bandanna, when she spends all her time doing chores for ungrateful relatives.

Either way, the character is designed to represent someone who is lovely in appearance no matter how poorly she is treated.

The meaning behind this tattoo is that real beauty is found in how you react to the hardest circumstances; it can also be an indicator that the wearer loves Disney!

Pumpkin Carriage

In more than one version of the fairy tale, when Cinderella goes to the ball, she must do so through the kindness and magical help of her fairy godmother! Most prominently in the Disney version, the fairy godmother uses her wand to turn ordinary objects into helpful tools.

One of these is a pumpkin which transforms into a delicate, easily-recognizable carriage that still looks a little bit like a pumpkin.

The meaning behind this tattoo is that dreams really can come true, even if the way you get there is a little strange!


Some tattoos simply feature the words “Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boo,” either with or without an accompanying image of the Fairy Godmother character. These are the silly but sweet lyrics to a famous song which the Fairy Godmother sings as she helps her godchild get ready for the ball.

Tattooing these magic words means that the wearer may have a love for the fantastical fairy tales, and especially Disney classics!

Princess and the Prince

The silhouetted shapes of Cinderella and her Prince are very easy to recognize in a tattoo.

They usually mean that the wearer believes in love conquering all odds, the way that a poor servant girl conquered her stepmother’s cruelty to be with the Prince! It can also remind the wearer of their own personal romance.

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Characteristics and Styles of Cinderella Tattoos

Tattoos of this fairy tale come in all possible shapes, sizes, and styles. The fairy tale lends itself to simple, black images like the line art of the pumpkin carriage or text quotes like “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

However, it is just as common to see fully colored, detailed illustrations of the castle from the Disney film, or the lovely glass slipper. The color blue, usually associated with magic and the dress of Cinderella, is the most widely seen in tattoos related to the character.

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Where Do Cinderella Tattoos Usually Go?

It’s common to see tattoos of Cinderella in any place on the body because of how many different styles the tattoos come in. For example, a glass slipper tattoo can fit on the wrist, shin, or shoulder, while a tattoo of the castle can spread over the belly, and the words of a famous quote like “So This is Love” can loop in an anklet shape.

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In summary, Cinderella tattoos have been popular almost since the invention of tattoos, thanks to the ancient and widespread versions of the story. Whether they feature on the ankle, arm, or shoulder, these tattoos symbolize selflessness and faith, and can mean anything from a love of Disney Princesses to a belief in dreams coming true!

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