40 [Adorable] Chihuahua Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2021

40 [Adorable] Chihuahua Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2021

Chihuahuas are amazing little dogs. They all believe that they are 6 to 15 feet tall and they guard us… sometimes to the point that we have to teach them to relax. 

These little guys and gals stick in your heart, there’s no doubt about it, and if you think you’re alone then take a look at these tattoos that we’ve brought to you today.

Let’s take a look at some beloved dogs that have been captured forever in body art!

1. Chihuahua Mandala Tattoo

Almost like a flower, isn’t it? Mandalas add a little bit extra, with all the geometry and a little bit of the spiritual thrown in. 

It works well with a dog’s face, and you could easily do this with a Shih Tzu, a Bichon Frise, or many other breeds. 

A unique remembrance indeed, with an almost mathematical quality which is guaranteed to draw the eye.

Chihuahua Mandala Tattoo

2. Chihuahua Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

At the ‘Day of the Dead’, or ‘Dios de los Muertos’, we honor those who have passed and there is no reason or rule that says this has to be humans. 

Many of us have had animals touch our lives and it’s only right that they be remembered too.

After all, many of us believe that one day we’re reunited with our family… and there are a few very special members that we know will be there.

Chihuahua Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

3. Chihuahua Outline Tattoo

A recognizable outline is powerful symbolism. The minimalist expression says it all, without the need to boast or brag, and this Chihuahua outline tattoo is a great example of this. 

Whether you are remembering a special, furry friend or telling the world that you identify with these little rapscallion’s, who could say?

It’s all about placement, what’s around, and the individual.

Chihuahua Outline Tattoo

4. New School Chihuahua Tattoo

When you are trying to express the personality of your pet or your favorite animal, you don’t have to always be so serious. 

Take a look at the vibrant colors involved in this new school Chihuahua tattoo and the personality in the face.

There’s no denying it. Tattoos are a serious art form and you can bring them with you everywhere that you go!

New School Chihuahua Tattoo

5. Chihuahua Puppy Tattoo

This cute little guy is definitely a pleasure to behold. If you are commemorating a favorite furry friend or simply showing your whimsical side, you could do a whole lot worse than a simple, beautiful little image like this. 

The face definitely says it all, this little guy is full of love and life and you can see it in a single glance.

Chihuahua Puppy Tattoo

6. Chihuahua Heartbeat Tattoo

Chihuahuas are tough little guys and if you are looking to honor your little friend for his tenacity, a Chihuahua heartbeat tattoo like this is an excellent choice. 

Not only does it speak to the durability of the little Spartan, but that heartbeat could also be your own. It’s truly amazing how much these tiny creatures can make a difference in our worlds, no?

Chihuahua Heartbeat Tattoo

7. Memorial Chihuahua Tattoo

Some people don’t realize the strength of a dog’s love and loyalty. 

These animals come into our lives and they are always there… when we are scared, feeling low, or at our happiest. It’s a kind of sharing that you don’t see in the world so often, and a memorial Chihuahua tattoo like this demonstrates the fact.

Looking at it, you can instantly see that this wasn’t just a ‘dog’, this was a small, furry friend with a big soul and a lot of love who is going to be remembered forever.

Memorial Chihuahua Tattoo

8. Tiny Chihuahua Tattoo

Not all doggy tattoos have to be so dramatic. Here in this tiny Chihuahua tattoo we can see a perky little pup, perfectly captured and portrayed for the world to see and to delight in. 

Animal art is interesting at its core, especially with domesticated animals.

Everyone has had a four-footed friend at some point in time and it’s easy to see that while they think a bit differently from us, their love and adoration has always been clear from the very start.

Tiny Chihuahua Tattoo

9. Geometric Chihuahua Tattoo

By contrast, this geometric Chihuahua makes a tiny dog into a crystalline sort of thing. 

It’s visually striking, and this helps to start a conversation about the when and the why of a particular tattoo. 

Sometimes we achieve remembrance better by inspiring conversation, rather than delivering a photo-quality message. A good tattoo just makes you have to talk about it.

Geometric Chihuahua Tattoo

10. Chihuahua Face Tattoo

Chihuahua’s really have a distinctive look. These little guys show an amazing range in their own, making their personalities and their intent easily apparent.

You can tell when a Chihuahua is sad, angry, or happy, with just moments and a quick glance.

You wouldn’t realize it if you haven’t had one as a pet, but a Chihuahua face is always unique and you can save one that you would like to remember in body art form.

Chihuahua Face Tattoo

11. Chihuahua Silhouette Tattoo

Silhouette tattoos are a perfect choice for those who want to remember, but want to keep it private. 

Even just the outline of that special friend is enough to evoke nostalgia when you need it or to simply stress the importance that the little guy or gal had for you.

A Chihuahua silhouette, a miniature schnauzer… it doesn’t matter the breed, just the distinctive shape that gives your memory the nudge to remember the years of good times you’ve shared together.

Chihuahua Silhouette Tattoo

12. Realistic Chihuahua Tattoo

Some of us prefer to be more direct, with a photorealistic remembrance, and this realistic Chihuahua tattoo is a good example. 

It’s body art, so instantly you know that this animal was important, enough so to memorialize and to keep the memory of forever. It’s tragic and touching, all at once.

It is sad that we only get them for a handful of years, but it’s truly amazing how good those years can be.

Realistic Chihuahua Tattoo

13. Chihuahua Ears Tattoo

Definitely not something that you see every day. This Chihuahua ears tattoo obviously has a special meaning and interpretation, but most of all it invokes conversation. 

Why a choice of these alone? They are distinctive… this is easily apparent, but what do they mean to the owner? 

Body art has long been a way to invoke oohs, ahhs, and talk and this Chihuahua ears tattoo is definitely no exception.

Chihuahua Ears Tattoo

14. Chihuahua Skull Tattoo

Memorials aren’t always cheerful and that’s the way that it’s supposed to be. Take a peek at this Chihuahua skull tattoo and you can certainly see that. 

With the new life of flowers growing in such a grim place, you can tell that the owner of this dog is surviving and doing well but still feels the bitter sting of the loss of their little friend.

Chihuahua Skull Tattoo

15. Chihuahua Heart Tattoo

This Chihuahua heart tattoo is directly to the point. A familiar face and a symbol of love — it’s hard to make things any clearer than that. 

Sometimes we can overdo the symbolism and then the message gets lost, so why not make it simple and clear? When you see a tattoo like this, the message is easily apparent.

I loved this dog enough to keep a reminder forever.

Chihuahua Heart Tattoo

16. Neo Traditional Chihuahua Tattoo

Trying to tell the world what your dog was like is really difficult. That’s where art like this neo traditional Chihuahua tattoo can really shine.

This happy little guy is portrayed with style and class and looks nothing more than happy, loving, and most importantly… full of character. 

It’s a pretty neat trick to achieve with a little color and lines, but that’s what art is all about!

Neo Traditional Chihuahua Tattoo

17. Angry Chihuahua Tattoo

The little dog that thinks it’s huge has always had a lot of attitude, and in this angry Chihuahua tattoo we can see that perfectly depicted. 

This little guy or gal is taking a bite out of life and it’s portrayed in a no-nonsense fashion that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

This tattoo will definitely get you some questions about the little scamp that inspired it!

Angry Chihuahua Tattoo

18. Chihuahua Head Outline Tattoo

If you love these little dogs, you don’t have to get detailed in your depictions to inspire a few questions and conversations. 

Take a look at this Chihuahua head outline tattoo and it’s readily apparent. The attitude is there, but the face is still kept hidden.

An unfinished picture like this allows one to remember, but to keep things personal, but it can also represent a life that was gone too quickly – bright but unfinished, just like the pic used to remember them.

Chihuahua Head Outline Tattoo

19. Chihuahua Tattoo Portrait

A portrait is one of the most direct ways to remember someone or something, and you can tell by this Chihuahua portrait tattoo that this dog was certainly special. 

Too often we don’t give these guys and gals the credit that they deserve, but these little dogs have a lot of heart and it’s well worth remembering them.

That’s a lot of love, body-art style!

Chihuahua Tattoo Portrait

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20. Mexican (Day of the Dead) Chihuahua Tattoo

Sugar skulls and cemetery visits, this Mexican Day of the Dead Chihuahua tattoo is one of the most unique memorials that we’ve had the pleasure to speak of today. 

While it’s a little grim if you aren’t familiar with the culture, it’s a definite mark of respect to a little furry friend who has gone but never been forgotten.

Mexican (Day of the Dead) Chihuahua Tattoo

21. Little Chihuahua Tattoo

This little Chihuahua tattoo doesn’t take up much space on the skin, but you can feel the space that it takes up in your heart! 

With a little hat, a few splashes of color, and with lines that are simple, clear, and well put together, someone has made a memorial that really tells you all that you need to know.

At a glance, you know what a special dog this was.

Little Chihuahua Tattoo

22. Long Haired Chihuahua Tattoo

Chihuahuas come in different varieties and this long haired Chihuahua is one that many of us have seen and known before. 

Fond or afraid of the brush in the house, these long-haired characters certainly find their way into your heart quickly and a small, realistic depiction like this is a great memorial to your furry friend.

Long Haired Chihuahua Tattoo

23. Cartoon Chihuahua Tattoo

Lilo and Stitch captivated the hearts of children and adults alike and this little cartoon Chihuahua tattoo captures a little bit of that with a little bit of that along with a whole of love for canine companions. 

Sometimes simple is best, and cartoons have a way of capturing the nostalgia while expressing the whimsicality of the wearer in the bargain.

Cartoon Chihuahua Tattoo

24. Black Chihuahua Tattoo

Look at the realism in this tattoo and marvel. Every hair captured, the look in it’s eyes… if you want to remember your little friend, you’d be hard-put to find a more meaningful statement than this black Chihuahua tattoo.

Frozen in time, you can always look and know that your little friend is still where they always were. Right at your side.

Black Chihuahua Tattoo

25. Cute Chihuahua Tattoo

This cute Chihuahua tattoo shows off the rakish side of these little scamps. They have so much personality, and let’s face it – it’s really hard to capture that in a way that you can show the world. 

This little Chihuahua with its colors and the hat somehow manages to do that.

It’s not a dog, it’s a little person, and you can see it with a single glance.

Cute Chihuahua Tattoo

26. Traditional Chihuahua Tattoo

A photorealistic tattoo can sometimes be too personal, remind us more of the pain than the brightness that they brought in our life, so some memorials are best kept simple like this traditional Chihuahua tattoo. 

It helps you to say what you need to say without sharing the personal parts that are sometimes best kept to one’s self.

Traditional Chihuahua Tattoo

27. Chihuahua Line Tattoo

Say it with style, like this Chihuahua line tattoo – with a minimalist flair and suggestive lines that are much like the cursive taught long ago, everything gets expressed in a way that doesn’t take up much space but certainly takes up a lot of style.

You really have to admire the simple grace when you see something like this. The artist didn’t need to show off, they came and spoke and that was it!

Chihuahua Line Tattoo

28. Watercolour Chihuahua Tattoo

Another great expression of personality, this watercolour Chihuahua tattoo is vibrant and expressive, much like the subject of the work. 

Watercolour tattoos really pop and it allows you to remain basic with the art and say everything with the colour.

Watercolor Chihuahua Tattoo

29. Chihuahua Paw Print Tattoo

We all leave our own footprint in life and our furry friends definitely do no less.

By saving the paw, you can remark to the world how heavy this little footprint was in your life. It’s certainly a unique expression and a significant statement.

This was a paw that came in and stayed, always beside us wherever we would walk – definitely a unique body art choice and as fine a memorial as one could want.

Chihuahua Paw Print Tattoo

30. Small Chihuahua Tattoo

Cartoonish and full of character, this really captures the spirit of one particular dog and keeps things light. 

That’s the way that a memory should be, for some people. The little dog is happy, full of life, and perfectly preserved for the years to come. 

Sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees your personal memorial.

Small Chihuahua Tattoo

31. Chihuahua Head Tattoo

Nothing says it quite like the face. You can capture your little one for all time with a picture and a few sessions of the tattoo needle. 

It’s the ultimate memorial, to carry it around with you for all of time, and you can tell when you look at a Chihuahua head tattoo like this that this wasn’t just any dog.

We don’t get them for long enough, but what personalities they have!  

Chihuahua Head Tattoo

32. Angel Chihuahua Tattoo

The detail here and the symbolism really pops. In this Chihuahua head tattoo, we see a little one that was full of spirit and character and they’ve got a halo that they earned by sharing years of the wearer’s life, loyal and loving the whole time.

It has a lot of significance, for both the memory and the wearer, because it tells the world at a single look that this was an important dog and one close enough that the wearer knows that one day they’ll play together again.

Angel Chihuahua Tattoo

33. White Chihuahua Tattoo

With all of the detail focused on the eyes and the cute little tongue, this white Chihuahua tattoo shows off a beloved friend of someone in perfect detail. 

The shading and the whiskers are really quite striking and the face is so recognizable.

Dogs definitely don’t all look alike. Once you know them, you could pick them from a crowd of the same breed, and it’s always powerful to see a body art depiction like this. 

That little four-legged rogue was very important to someone and you can that and a piece of their personality immediately when you look at this art.

White Chihuahua Tattoo

34. Simple Chihuahua Tattoo

An outline and a heart and you instantly felt what you were supposed to. 

That’s the thing about art – it doesn’t have to be bold or braggartly, sometimes it’s too the point and as succinct as a sentence boiled down to ‘subject and verb’.

A simple Chihuahua tattoo like that show your love for your furry friend without having to go overboard. 

It’s a clean, neat message and we have to say that we love it.

Simple Chihuahua Tattoo

35. Old School Chihuahua Tattoo

Let’s face it, not all Chihuahuas are what we would call handsome… and that’s okay. Neither are most of our other important friends! 

In this old school Chihuahua tattoo, someone has preserved their furry friend in a way that is unashamedly honest. 

Yes, the little guy looked weird, but there was no way that you could meet this dog and not love it.

Old School Chihuahua Tattoo

36. Dotwork Chihuahua Tattoo

Without lines, you’d think that the art would go away, but tattoos like this dotwork Chihuahua tattoo show you otherwise. 

Precision pricks and points from the tattoo gun make up a familiar face and depict it in such a way that it’s obvious to the memory and even to new folks who see it.

You can easily recognize the beloved dog and anyone who sees it can get a taste of the powerful personality that has been forever captured on your skin.

Dotwork Chihuahua Tattoo

37. Tribal Chihuahua Tattoo

Your little friend is cool like you and a tribal Chihuahua tattoo like this one really expresses that. In bold blacks and sweet curves, this furry friend has been captured and will forever show the world just what a character that he or she was. 

There are no rules with body art and if your animal was important to you, why not remember them in style?

It’s shows off your love and also tells people that you have a soft side – for loyalty, love, and perfect trust.

Tribal Chihuahua Tattoo

38. Minimalist Chihuahua Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are a sweet form of art. Saying the most that you can with the smallest amount of information possible is tricky, but a good artist can say quite a lot with very little in the form of lines and dots.

You also get the bonus of being able to have more body art, to tell your story the way it is… complex, varied, and eccentrically you!

Minimalist Chihuahua Tattoo

39. Mini Chihuahua Tattoo

Chihuahuas are small to begin with, so why not commemorate yours the way that they’ve always been. Small in stature, big in style and love? 

A mini Chihuahua way is the perfect way to being your best friend with you wherever you go, whether they are here or gone. 

That perfect little face will let the world know what your friend means to you!

Mini Chihuahua Tattoo

40. Chihuahua Origami Tattoo

Geometric, mandala, or origami… there’s something about presenting art in a different way that makes it more impactful. 

This Chihuahua origami tattoo gives you the form and shape of the animal but makes it something infinitely more interesting.

You can throw out the symbolism, but make the viewers look for it… it’s one of the perks of body art, that you can say something profound in shapes and color and for a few seconds people will look very hard at your body!

Chihuahua Origami Tattoo
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