Chicory Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Chicory Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Chicory is a flower from the daisy family. It is a plant believed to be beneficial as medicine and can have different significance depending on who is getting a tattoo of one. Chicory flower tattoos are somewhat common among floral tattoos.

The rest of this article is going to explain the history, symbolism, and meaning of chicory tattoos as well as where they are commonly placed and the styles of these tattoos.

What is the History of Chicory Tattoos?

Chicory tattoos fall into the wonderful tattoo category of floral tattoos. Flowers being used in tattoo designs has been happening almost since tattoos were first invented in tribal times. 

Tattoos of flowers would often identify where the wearer was from based on the flower that was tattooed on them.

If they had a certain flower that grew only in their hometown, country, or village as a tattoo then it would be easy to know where they hail from. 

Chicory flowers themselves have many names such as wild endive, blue dandelion, horseweed, blue sailors, blue weed, wild bachelor’s buttons, bunk, cornflower, hendibeh,  succory, ragged sailors, coffeeweed, and blue daisy.


They get some of these crazy names, like coffee weed, because the chicory root can be ground up and added to the grounds of instant coffee and is also used as a coffee stubstitute.

What Does Chicory Symbolize?

Chicory as a plant is known for its supposed medicinal properties that help promote heart and liver health, swelling, constipation, and some other conditions, but is not officially proven.It was used for these medicinal properties in some Native American tribes. 

It blooms between May and October which can mean something to anyone who knows someone who was born in those months.  

It can also symbolize well-being since when it is uses in food, chicory is very good for you. The leaves can be added to salads and the roots boiled and put into soup.

What Do Chicory Tattoos Mean?

Since it is a wildflower that blooms in roadsides and other places like that, it can also symbolize a wild, beautiful heart the tattooee or represent a tribute to someone with a wild and beautiful heart that blooms out of impossible circumstances.


Typically chicory tattoos can mean anything to the wearer. If they knew a friend who loved the flowers, had a medicinal quality to their life like in the ways they helped other people, and so on.

These meanings can also apply to the wearer of the tattoo themselves to represent their identity in a similar way that florals tattoos have in history, as mentioned above. 

Tattoos of this flower can also represent someone who just loves tending to flowers and knows a lot about them.

Botanists study all kinds of flowers a lot so if they particularly love studying wildflowers, chicory in general, or even just specialize in medicinal plants, this tattoo will have meaning for you.

Since the roots and leaves of this flower can be used in cooking, it can have meaning to someone who loves to cook.

Where Do Chicory Tattoos Usually Go?

Chicory tattoos can go anywhere the customer wants. The flowers more commonly end up being put on the inside of the forearm where they can be seen very easily, on the torso, or even on legs. 


Floral tattoos look best if they are in full view for anyone to see, especially if the wearer wants the flower shown off so that they can talk about it to people who ask. 

Characteristics and Styles of Chicory Tattoos           

There are many styles of chicory tattoos. Some have their chicory tattoos done with just the flower facing out, like most flower tattoos.

This shows off the most beautiful part of the flower and that’s the bloom itself.

These tattoos typically show the whole stem of the flower with a couple of the blooms as well as some leaves as present in most other floral tattoos.

Other chicory tattoo designs include a bird, like an American Goldfinch for example. These birds are symbolic of joy, positivity, and enthusiasm.

In Ancient Egyptian culture, they were considered the souls of deceased humans, in Christianity, they are sacred and have a powerful symbolism, while in Native American culture they are said to represent abundance and prosperity. 


Using a goldfinch in your chicory tattoo can add to the meaning and make it even more personal depending on your beliefs.

Other birds can be added too based on preference and symbolism as well. Lots of wild birds like the goldfinch might commonly be seen around these flowers so they can match very well with the meaning and aesthetic.

Butterflies are also commonly used in floral tattoos and chicory flower tattoos are no exception. This kind of style is more recommended on a larger surface such as your side, chest, or back if you have room. Butterflies are commonly seen around wildflowers just like most small birds are. 

Other designs of the flower in tattoo are in a watercolor kind of art style. This beautiful and bright painting style usually has bright closers with a storybook-like mystical feel to it. Chicory flowers in watercolor style look the best on anyone!

The realistic style is also used to bring out the true beauty of the chicory flower. 



Chicory tattoos have more meaning to the people getting them than they do have their own symbolism. It is up to interpretation in the best way possible.

Whether your tattoo represents yourself or a friend born on the Spring or the Fall, if the flower is a favourite of yours or someone you love, if you or a loved one is a botanist, or if you or a loved one just like the look of the flower, then this tattoo is for you. 

Any artstyle can make this flower flourish on your skin either with a bird or on its own, the simple bloom is a beautiful addition to your canvas. Add a bird, butterfly, or any other animal to make this tattoo more personal.


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