Cherub Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Cherub Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Cherub tattoos offer a deep connection with the spiritual world. In most cases, they represent sources of endless love, innocence, spirituality, and hope.

Cherub tattoos are popular and eye-catching to rock, especially when they’re beautifully displayed on visible parts of the body.

If you’re a lover of art, you’ve probably seen several paintings of these adorable little baby angels with wings by famous artists like Michaelangelo.

Or, if you’re a traveller, you may have noticed striking statues of cherubs in iconic buildings and gardens around Europe.

But what do cherubs mean when you represent them on your skin? Let’s find out, shall we?

Cherub Tattoo Meanings And Significance

Most people believe in the existence of angels, and rightfully so. The word angel is from the

Latin “angelus”, which means a messenger. And for most people, different types of angels represent different types of messengers – some good, some bad, depending on what you’re looking at.

In spiritual terms, cherubs are winged angelic beings constantly attending to God and executing his will and purpose among humans.

Most people believe that angels come to offer protection, prevent ill luck, guide, and promote peace.


Significance Of Getting A Cherub Tattoo

So, why should you consider getting a cherub tattoo? First of all, it is essential to know that all types of people derive different meanings or significance from cherubs.

For example, some people have cherubs to signify the loss of a little loved one who they believe is looking down on them from heaven.

Others may have a ‘dark angel’ as a way of showcasing their personality.

But generally, a classic-style angel (a human-like baby with wings) image signifies the following values – peace, innocence, beauty, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, love, fidelity, protection, or even loss.

However, the design of the angel image can bring added meanings to it. Let’s take a look at some types of cherub tattoos and their specific purposes.



Okay, back to the little, adorable angel figures we mentioned earlier. Cherubims can also

appear in different forms, depending on what you believe in. Like most people, you can choose to have them appear as little winged angels.

Tattoos in the form of cherubims can signify innocence or purity in most cases. And you’ll find them represented as baby angels adorning beautiful places like gardens, churches, squares, etc. oh!

And, you’ll probably see them without their clothes on in most cases. That is supposed to represent the fact that they hide nothing.

A popular type of cherub is Cupid, bringing hearts together in love.


Archangels are regarded as the highest-ranked angelic beings, very close to God.

Because of their superiority compared to other angels, they usually have the responsibility of guarding and defending the skies from evil forces.

And that’s the reason why you will find most archangel tattoos displaying angels bearing swords or spears.

That means you can interrupt an angel with a sword tattoo to mean a guardian, guard, or protector.


Flying Angel

A flying angel is one of the most beautiful cherubs you can get if done correctly.

With outspread wings and body posture that indicate flight, a skilled tattoo artist should be able to showcase the pure beauty, elegance, and grace associated with an angel in flight.

You can either choose to depict a flying angel or an angel with wings spread out about to take flight. Both depictions should signify the same thing – a soaring angel.

So, what does a flying angel mean?

You can use this to represent rebirth, soaring to new heights, or attaining a new level of accomplishment.


Praying Angel

A praying angel is a pretty common choice among both sexes, and why not?

If you’re a religious person or believe in God, it is probably safe to assume that you make spiritual requests or convey messages to God every now and then for different things.

Most people believe that with a praying tattoo, they can rest assured that all their prayers will have the desired effect.

Very often, people add written displays of their prayer requests next to the praying angel.

You’ve probably seen people writing the names of lost loved ones they pray for next to their praying angel tattoos.


Fairy Angels

Fairly angel tattoos usually appear as cute, colorful, and playful-looking girl angels. They usually signify innocence, frivolity, and playfulness.

Unlike most of the other cherubs, fairly angels come with wings that resemble those of a butterfly – indicating their liveliness, cheerful spirit, and playful nature.

If you feel you share these characteristics, then perhaps this could be the tattoo for you.


Angels With Clipped Wings

The opposite of a flying angel is an angel with its wings clipped. The wings are supposed to signify the freedom to soar, reach new exploits, offer protection, and remain close to God.

Undercut, clipped, or folded wings indicate a struggle to be free or lack of spiritual protection.

Some people also use it to show a spiritual dilemma or an internal struggle with their spiritual beliefs.

Dark Angels

It’s time to visit a little bit of the dark side. Dark angels are ranked quite lowly, as they’re mostly considered to inhabit the low and dark places of the universe.

In tattoos, people mostly depict a dark angel as a reaper of lost souls or collector of souls. It is mostly used to indicate a sense of fear or death.

Plus, unlike the other cherubs, dark angels usually come in dark or black robes, devoid of any color or life.

Fallen Angel

Fallen angels are angels cast out of the heavenly places because of their disobedience and rebellion against God.

And although they are ‘free’ to follow their own will and choose between good and evil, they mostly opt for the dark side.

The most popular fallen angel you may have heard of is lucifer or satan. It is also safe to add those dark angels are also fallen angels – and this includes the grand reaper.

Having a fallen angel tattoo could mean that your soul or spirit is stained because of something you did that caused you to lose a loved one permanently.



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