Cherry Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Cherry Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Cherry tattoos are a popular choice because of their symbolism. They have strong connections with love, innocence and purity, but they can bring other meanings too, such as desire, lust and loss of virginity. 

In the following sections, we take a look at some cherry tattoo designs and how you should interpret them.

We look deep into the meanings behind these tattoos and, at the end, approximately how much they will cost. 

Cherry Tattoo With A Bow

Tattoos with a bow are designed to portray innocence and sweetness. The bow is a way of adding sensitivity to the tattoo and making it appear wrapped up.

It is symbolic of the idea that virginity should be protected. It is also a way of presenting female sexuality as a gift to the right lover. 

Cupcake Cherry Tattoo

The addition of a cupcake is a highly visual way of adding a sense of innocence to a cherry tattoo. Cupcakes with whipped icing on top are high in sugar and, again, highly symbolic of sweetness.

Often artists will depict the cherries as being embedded within the sweetest elements of the cake, usually whip on top.

In some designs, there are two or more fruits embedded in the body of the whip. In others, a single fruit sits atop the whip.

This design could represent either innocence, fertility, gentleness or a mixture of all three. 

Plucked Cherry Tattoo

Removing the fruit from the tree and isolating it from any other objects, such as a bow or cupcake, can represent the loss of virginity.

Usually, this type of tattoo invokes fertility rather than eroticism, but that depends on how the artist portrays it. How people interpret it will depend on their perspective. 

Usually, tattooists depict the fruits themselves in pairs attached to green stalks and additional leaf embellishments.

However, some will group them in threes while others will colour the stalks brown, giving them a thicker appearance. 

Star-Spangled Cherry Tattoo

Some artists will also add stars to these tattoos. Adding stars adds a sense of energy and desirability to the cherries.

You can think of them as a kind of embellishment, drawing attention to the fruits themselves while making them appear more magical. 

Symbolically, adding stars adds a sense of theatre and mystery to the tattoo, depending on how the tattooist draws them.

On some, the stars are beguiling, almost as though they are drawing the onlooker towards them. This mirrors expressions of female sexuality that draw in pursuers.

On other tattoos, the stars represent showiness and exuberance, celebrating female sexuality. 

Angel-Wings Cherry Tattoo

Angel-wing versions have a somewhat dubious meaning. The imagery harks back to early Christian iconography that used cherries to depict certain religious ideas.

The fruit, for instance, comprises a fleshy outer layer with an inedible pit. So, in Christian thinking, the outer layers represent a person’s physical body, while the pit is indicative of the soul. 

The addition of angel wings makes the religious symbolism of the fruit more explicit. It suggests that sexuality is both a physical and a spiritual phenomenon. 

Pierced Cherry Tattoo

What cherries mean depends considerably on how the tattooist depicts them. When the cherries are untouched and unpierced, still on the tree, they represent fertility, femininity and innocence.

However, when they have been removed from the tree and have had changes made to them, they represent loss of virginity, sexual desire or lust. 

Many tattooists will depict the fruits as either dripping or pierced by some means. The implication here, again, is the loss of innocence and entry into the adult world of sexual relationships. 

These tattoos can also represent sexual liberation. For instance, viewers might see somebody wearing them as a person who rejects monogamy or embraces alternative sexual practices. 

Skull Cherry Tattoo

Skull emojis have become more popular in recent years. And so now, the same motifs are making their way into the world of tattoos.

These tattoos draw attention to the finitude of life. They also give the tattoo a nihilistic edge that other representations don’t offer. 

Casino Cherry Tattoos

Romantic relationships often feel like a game of luck. Some work out, while others don’t. That’s why many tattoo artists will depict cherries alongside playing cards, dice and 8-balls.

It conveys the idea that you never know how sensuality will proceed. Sometimes, people will live happily ever after – winning the jackpot – while others go home with an empty hand. 

Smashed Cherry Tattoo

This tattoo is suggestive of loss and heartbreak. Artists will often depict juices spewing from the fruit that look like blood, as if it has just been impacted by a bullet.

They will also show blood-red juices dripping from the bottom of the fruit, again suggesting a wound or injury. 

How Much Does A Cherry Tattoo Cost? 

The cost of a cherry tattoo depends on the size and detail of the tattoo, as well as the fee charged by the artist.

Most, however, are small and discrete, so the cost is generally low compared to larger options. Full-chest or back designs, for instance, are rare.

Tattooists usually ask for between $100 and $200 per hour. So a quarter-sized tattoo could take around an hour to complete, implying a total cost of $100 to $200. 

The Bottom Line

Cherry tattoos, therefore, represent a range of ideas and concepts, ranging from youth and innocence, to fertility, sexuality and lust.

How you interpret them depends very much on the context. In some traditions, the image of the fruit represents purity and innocence, while in others, it communicates ideas of lust and passion.

Because of this, it is important to carefully consider the style of tattoo you get before visiting the artist.

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