Can Plumbers Have Tattoos? Answered.

Can Plumbers Have Tattoos? Answered.

Even though tattoos are considered pretty mainstream today, many companies have outright no tattoo policies. Starbucks, for example, requires all employees to cover up tattoos while on the job. Baristas are not the only workers who have to follow this rule. What about plumbers? Can plumbers have tattoos?

Whether or not plumbers can have tattoos depends on the company and the client. Many plumbing contractors require their plumbers to have tattoos covered at all times while on the job. However, other contractors do not care if tattoos are visible.

In other words, it’s difficult to say whether or not plumbers can have tattoos since so many factors are at play. For a more comprehensive answer to this question, keep reading.

Can Plumbers Have Tattoos?

Whether or not plumbers can have tattoos is a loaded question. In some areas and at some companies, it is completely normal for plumbers to have tattoos. However, other locations and companies have no tattoo policies that require their plumbers to cover their tattoos at all times when on the job. Why is this?

Many factors impact whether plumbers can have tattoos. For example, more conservative communities are more likely to have no tattoo rules. These rules are designed so that companies or plumbers can land all customers, even those who are against tattoos.

Think about it this way. Many professional companies have no tattoo rules in order to appear more professional. The exact same is true with plumbers. Companies may prohibit tattoos while on the job in order for their plumbers to appear more professional.

At the same time, there are other locations where tattoos are pretty normal. For example, if you live in a big city, you’re much more likely to see a plumber with a tattoo since tattoos are super common in larger, urban areas.

As tattoos are becoming more common, fewer companies care about tattoos. As a result, some plumbers have tattoos, whereas others do not. It ultimately depends on the location, company, and clientele base.

Can I Have A Tattoo And Be A Plumber?

If you have a tattoo, you can still be a plumber. However, there are many factors you will need to consider beforehand. You will need to find a company that allows tattoos or find a way to cover up those tattoos while on the job.

Even if you find a company with a no tattoo rule, that does not mean you cannot be hired at that company. Most tattoo policies only apply to having tattoos shown while on the job. If you can cover the tattoo while you are working, you can likely be hired.

What should you do if you have a tattoo and want to be a plumber? The answer is simple. Just make sure to wear clothing that covers up the tattoo while on the job. It should be pretty easy to cover up back and chest tattoos. Just make sure to wear a thick shirt where the tattoo cannot be seen through.

If you have tattoos on your arms or legs, make sure to wear long pant legs or long sleeves. The fabric will cover up the tattoo nicely.

Whenever you have a tattoo on your face, neck, or hands, the problem becomes more difficult. In some locations, you will be able to have these tattoos and be a plumber, even if they are not covered up. In other areas, you will need to invest in makeup in order to cover up this tattoo while on the job.

So, you can definitely be a plumber at just about any location you can think of and have a tattoo, assuming that the tattoo can be covered. This issue gets a bit trickier if the tattoo is in a location that cannot be easily covered.


Can Plumbers Have Hand Tattoos?

As a rule of thumb, all plumbers can have tattoos, as long as they are covered up on the job. Even if you apply for a position at a company with no tattoo rules, you can still land the position, as long as you keep the tattoo covered. If you have a hand tattoo, this task can be more difficult.

As a plumber, you will need to work with your hands a lot. Some jobs will require you to wear gloves, but others will not. Whenever your hands are bare, your hand tattoo will be shown. Depending on where you work, a hand tattoo may or may not be allowed.

It’s important to talk to your potential boss about your hand tattoo beforehand. Some companies and bosses will not care, but others will. If you work at a location that cares, you will either have to find a new position or find a way to cover up the tattoo. Gloves or makeup can help cover up the tattoo.

If you do not have a hand tattoo yet but are considering one, we do not recommend this for a plumber. Having a hand tattoo will minimize your job opportunities. Instead, select a tattoo location that can be hidden more easily.

Should I Get A Tattoo If I Am A Plumber?

If you are a plumber and are considering a tattoo, it’s important that you select a tattoo that can be easily hidden. For instance, it is perfectly OK to get a tattoo on your chest, back, or upper thigh. It will be easy to hide the tattoo in all these areas, meaning the tattoo will not impact your job prospects.

It is not recommended to get a tattoo in an open location if you are a plumber, though. Avoid getting a tattoo on your face, neck, or hands. Although you can still be a plumber with these tattoos, your job options will be more limited since it is more difficult to hide these tattoos.


Plumbers can have tattoos, but some companies and clients may require you to cover the tattoos while on the job. As long as your tattoo is placed in an easily hidden area, you don’t have much to worry about. If your tattoo is on your hand, face, or neck, you will have to go to greater lengths to conceal the tattoo, and you may have fewer job opportunities.

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