Can An Accountant Have Tattoos?

Can An Accountant Have Tattoos?

To tattoo or to not tattoo; that is the question many ask themselves before getting inked. Tattoos have become much more appreciated for the art form that they are, but some still view them as unprofessional and unsightly. 

Depending on the tattoo, your workplace might even have something to say about it. As a professional accountant, you might be concerned about whether or not tattoos can hold you back from your career ambitions. Accountants have a penchant for rule-following given the structure of their work, so if you’re planning on becoming one, should you go for that tattoo you’ve always been wanting?

Can You Have Tattoos As An Accountant?

There is no widespread policy in place that determines whether or not an accountant can have a tattoo. Historically, careers in finance have been very image-focused as these professionals will often be customer facing. Companies have wanted their employees to have a clean, neutral appearance that would be accepted by all parties coming in for services. 

The best route to take when interviewing for a position in this field is ask your interviewer what the policy is. Be sure to also ask to see this policy in writing to ensure that it’s actually something the company would enforce. There’s a difference between policy and preference, and only one is enforceable. 

You would then have to decide whether or not you’re comfortable working for that place and/or if you can cover up your tattoos at work so they won’t be an issue. Every superior that has hiring power might have their own ideas about tattoos, and may make decisions based on those ideas. It’s not fair, but it’s not illegal either. 

Can I Get Tattoos As An Accountant?

Getting a tattoo should be a personal decision that you make for yourself and no one else. Unless you manage to violate a specific policy that you agreed to following, there should not be any pushback from your company. As mentioned, asking about the policy is always best practice. 

You might want to consider where your tattoo is going to be placed, as well as what your tattoo is meant to symbolize or could be interpreted as. Having something offensive or featuring risque imagery may not be the best choice for a tattoo that would be impossible to cover at the workplace. 

A tasteful tattoo that has significance to you can be a beautiful piece of art for you to admire, and can bring a sense of peace or happiness when you look at it. Tattoos can be special for many people, regardless of their profession. As such, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not you can get a tattoo as an accountant. 

Can You Be An Accountant With Tattoos?

Attitudes surrounding tattoos have been changing. So many people have tattoos that it’s lessened the incorrect and outdated taboo surrounding what types of people get tattoos. Since the industry of accounting has been changing as well in terms of how business is done, you’re likely to find more accountants with tattoos. 

The attitude has been that tattoos are an indicator of a person who makes poor decisions, doesn’t think ahead, or may be an unsavory person to deal with. More hiring personnel are finding that this thought process is outdated and could potentially have them losing out on good employees because of an arbitrary factor such as a tattoo. 

Where your tattoo is will also be considered. Some types of tattoos on certain parts of the body have become more accepted than others. Facial tattoos, neck tattoos, and hand tattoos are some that haven’t quite lost their stereotypes, although that is slowly changing. 

If you have a couple of meaningful pieces somewhere on your arm or maybe on your ankle, these shouldn’t deter you from having a solid career in accounting or finance in general. Tattoos in other areas likely won’t be seen based on how you’re expected to dress as an accountant. 

Anyone who has tattoos knows that some people will have questions about them, and every now and then, a person might have something unkind to say about tattoos. You should consider whether or not you’re comfortable with that. The clientele you work with may determine how often you get those questions or comments. 

Can Accountants Have Tattoo Sleeves?

A sleeve tends to be harder to cover up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you could never be an accountant with a sleeve. Depending on the clients you see or the firm you work for, you might be asked to wear a long sleeve during those meetings. Otherwise, it should not be an issue. 

The content of your sleeve may also come into play when your boss is considering how they feel about you having a sleeve. So long as imagery is appropriate for a professional workplace, it may not be a problem. You may be advised to cover it at work, so you’ll have to decide if you’re okay with doing that. 

There’s a good chance that, if you’re interviewing at a firm, they’ll see that you have a sleeve if you’re not wearing a long sleeved shirt. You can always ask if they expect these types of tattoos to be covered when meeting with clients, and offer to do so if you’re comfortable with that. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no rule set in stone about tattoos for accountants. Some firms may have their own thoughts about tattoos, and some may even have policies about covering them up. There may be other factors to consider, such as who you work with and what your role is, that will determine whether or not tattoos are fair game or if they need to be covered in some circumstances. 

As long as you dress professionally and conduct yourself professionally, whether or not you have tattoos shouldn’t matter. A tattoo should have no impact on how you do your job as an accountant. Accounting is an important profession and the industry could always use more proficient accountants, tattoos or no tattoos.

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