80+ Bullfinch Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

80+ Bullfinch Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Bullfinches are a type of bird and get their name from their bull-headed and front-heavy look. They belong to the family called “Fringillidae,” and there are eleven species in this family. Bullfinch tattoos can be found on both men and women.

Still, they were initially more popular with women because many birds that have been chosen as national symbols for countries throughout history (including New Zealand) have traditionally been female animals representing power or fertility.

A bullfinch tattoo design is an excellent choice for anyone who wants something simple yet bold, elegant yet understated.

A bullfinch tattoo is a unique and beautiful design, but what does it mean?


Down below, we’ll discuss some significant symbolism and meanings, as well as some unique design ideas if you’re interested in getting a similar tattoo.

What symbolism is associated with a bullfinch?

The first symbolism associated with the bullfinch is longevity or long life. The species of this bird breeds in North America and Europe during late winter/early spring.

However, it migrates to Africa after that time period for a few months before returning to its breeding grounds.


It will then migrate again back to Africa come autumn/wintertime before finally returning home once more – this means they typically live about two years longer than other birds because of their migration pattern! 

Balance and Harmony

Chaos often represents balance as well (depending on the context). As we mentioned above, these birds have a very balanced lifestyle because they spend half the year in one hemisphere and half in another – which means when it’s summer in one hemisphere, it’s winter in the other. 



Bullfinches also symbolize the constant journey of life: nowhere to stay still for long!

These birds travel back and forth between continents multiple times during their lifetime – which is a symbolic representation of how we should be living our lives as well with no place ever being home forever.

Constantly on the go but always moving forward with the hope that somewhere, you’ll eventually find your true happiness.

What is the meaning behind a bullfinch tattoo?

The most common meaning of a bullfinch tattoo is power. For example, the red-breasted bullfinch was chosen as the official bird of New Zealand because it symbolizes bravery and strength.Other meanings include good luck, new beginnings, and freedom.

The bullfinch tattoo is also a representation of the following:

  • The sense of belonging to two worlds. This design represents both sides of you- half-light and half dark; good and bad; yin and yang.It’s about accepting all parts of your identity without judgment or shame because they’re what makes you who you are!
  • Long life. As we mentioned before, these birds live longer than other types because they migrate every year between continents (while most migratory animals in their hemisphere stay where they were born).They can also reach for food on trees that would be inaccessible otherwise by flying from one tree branch to another – which means if anything happens in one place, there will always be a backup plan.

    This symbolizes the idea of a long life because these birds live twice as long as other animals who don’t migrate, and there’s always another option if something goes wrong!

  • New beginnings: these birds are the first to return every year, which is symbolic of starting fresh and new. This can be very relatable to someone who has gone through a difficult experience or period and feel as if they’ve turned a new leaf or started fresh somewhere new. 
  • The sense of freedom because they’re always on the go – never staying in one place for too long. This also relates back to balance as well (because there’s a constant journey).We should all be living our lives with no place ever being home forever but instead constantly moving forward and never looking back to our pasts and mistakes.

What are some ideas for bullfinch tattoo designs?

The bullfinch tattoo can come in many different designs – including tribal or geometric patterns, multiple colors, feathers that fit each rib cage bone, and wings open wide.

Just about any way you want it! Just make sure that if your design includes plants or flowers, its meaning isn’t changed significantly.

Bullfinches usually have blue-gray feathers on their head, with a black tail, wings, and backset against a white or light gray belly.

If you choose to get this type of design, keep in mind that instead of drawing it exactly like nature intended (with sharp lines), give your artist the freedom to create an artistic interpretation and make the end result more special and personalized!

A simple design would be a single bird sitting on top of a tree branch with its name written below it.

As you may have guessed, this design is suitable for anyone who wants to focus on the bulfinch’s small but powerful nature and is often chosen by those looking for something less complex with a lot more meaning.

Another simple idea would be an inked outline of one sitting on top of another bluebird or sparrow (it’s essential that they’re all perched up high).

This tattoo symbolizes how, as we sit at different levels, our perspective changes according to where we are. It also represents unity between brothers/sisters.

Even though everyone has their own opinions about things, if two birds perch together, they become equals.


However, you may consider using some other colors such as yellow, which symbolizes joy, or red to represent passion if you want your tattoo’s meaning to go beyond the power of a bullfinch!

The Bottom Line

Every person is different, and even though a bullfinch has its trademark colors, no two also look the same.

When deciding on the tattoo, be sure to take the time to personalize the design to your own personality and values – you can even consider asking yourself that if you were a bullfinch, how would you look?

By following this route, you’ll fall even further in love with your tattoo and cherish its meaning forever.


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