Bugs Bunny Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Bugs Bunny Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Bugs Bunny may be the most popular cartoon character ever. He can rival Homer Simpson and even Mickey Mouse for that top spot and come out on top. His signature pose with a carrot followed by the catchphrase “What’s up, Doc?” has been loved by millions throughout the years.  

Bugs Bunny has been an American icon since his introduction in 1938. His movie roles in Space Jam and Space Jam 2 kept him at the top of the popularity chart, and the perfect tattoo subject. Depicted as loveable or deviant, Bugs Bunny can show your personality.  

Below we look at the history of Bugs Bunny, the meaning behind the tattoos, their style, and learn about a few celebrities that have shown their love for the cartoon character in ink. 

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History of Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny first appeared in Warner bros. Cartoons in 1938. He is often seen chewing on a carrot as if it were a cigar and delivering his catchphrase,  “What’s up, doc?” Bugs Bunny is portrayed as clever and able to outsmart all of his adversaries, including the hunter Elmer Fudd.  

Bugs Bunny is portrayed as calm and carefree, often trying to avoid conflict until pushed, he may break the fourth wall to give commentary to the audience. Another catchphrase, borrowed from Groucho Marx, “this means war,” is always followed by him retaliating devastatingly.  

Due to his popularity, Bugs Bunny has become an American Icon. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is the official mascot of Warner Bros. Entertainment and is often seen in their promotions. He even managed to play basketball with Air Jordan and King James! 

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What do Bugs Bunny tattoos mean? 

Rabbit tattoos are symbols of good luck. Tattoos of rabbits are considered to be as lucky as the  rabbit’s foot charm. They are also linked to positivity, wealth, and abundance. In Japan, rabbits are symbols of fertility and prosperity. Bugs Bunny shows a lot of the same characteristics.  

A Bugs Bunny is seen as a symbol of joy, cheerfulness, and love. Bugs Bunny tattoos are inclined to show friendship and love, especially when paired with his girlfriend, Lola Bunny.  A person with this tattoo also has these qualities and portrays them to the people around them. 

Bugs Bunny can also be portrayed as mischievous and playful which can also be shown in the tattoos. He can be shown in gangster suits with guns, or posing with or using illegal drugs. He can also be shown with his protagonists friends Daffy Duck, and the Tazmanian Devil.  

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Characteristics of Bugs Bunny tattoos

There are two main characteristics of Bugs Bunny tattoos, positive and negative. Let’s look at both styles and learn the differences between them and learn what will fit for us. 

  • Positive 

In the positive style of Bugs Bunny tattoos, he is often shown as carefree, loving, and cheerful. He can be posed with his girlfriend, Lola Bunny, or shown with the rest of his Looney Tunes gang. Playing basketball and other sports are highly popular tattoos also. 

  • Negative

Negative portrayals of Bugs Bunny can often involve alcohol, drugs, and posing with guns. Tattoos shown drinking beer or using or under the effects of drugs are popular in the category, with the gangster suit and Tommy guns being the most depicted example. 

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Styles of Bugs Bunny tattoos

The most popular style of Bugs bunny tattoos remains the traditional style.  With its simple lines and minimal shading, it is best suited in showing Bugs Bunny munching on a carrot or posing with his girlfriend, Lola.

Bugs Bunny tattoos can also come in many other styles. There have been examples of tribal designs and intricate watercolor designs.

Popular Bugs Bunny tattoo designs

Bug Bunny is often shown munching on a carrot in his traditional “What’s up, doc?” pose. Shown with hearts and his girlfriend, Lola Bunny, displays the softer and romantic side of the tattoo designs. Group tattoos with the Looney Tunes cast can also show friendship and joy

Tattoos showing him in his basketball uniform gained popularity after the first Space Jam movie with Michael Jordan. Its popularity grew once again after Space Jam 2, when he returned to help Lebron James this time. Beyond Basketball, golf and baseball are often tattooed sports.  

Tattoos of Bugs Bunny’s dark side are also prevalent. He has been inked as a gangster complete with a suit and guns. Holding or drinking a bottle of beer, and using drugs are other designs showing the loveable cartoon character in a less than favorable light. 

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Where can you get a Bugs Bunny tattoo? 

Bugs Bunny can be tattooed on almost any part of the body. Ankles, calves, upper arms, and wrists are the most popular locations. Upper backs can offer more space for larger, detailed designs. Bugs Bunny has even been tattooed on the neck. Ouch!

Celebrities with Bugs Bunny tattoos

American rapper Missy Elliott has a tattoo of Bugs Bunny on her with the word misunderstood in cursive underneath it. 

WNBA Chicago Sky center Erika de Souza revealed in an interview she has a Bugs Bunny tattoo on her leg. Bugs Bunny was her nickname in her native Brazil, which prompted her to get the tattoo. It is a perfect fit for Bugs Bunny and Chicago basketball fans.   

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Bugs Bunny has been an American cultural icon since his introduction. His attitude, personality, and catchphrase “What’s up, Doc?” have been loved by millions. He is the perfect subject for a tattoo depicting him as either fun-loving or deviant, whichever you may choose.  

Traditional tattoos of him with a carrot in his trademark pose remain high, especially after appealing to new audiences in his movie roles in Space Jam and Space Jam 2. Whichever Bugs Bunny pose you chose you can be assured you have ink of the greatest. Happy Tattooing.

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