Budgie Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Budgie Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

The Budgie, known as the ‘parakeet’ in the United States, is a colorful tattoo option that has a good amount of symbolism and mythology behind it. Today we’ll take a closer look at the history, meanings, ; designs associated with Budgies so that you can get a glimpse behind the curtain at the real symbolism behind them.

Let’s talk about the wonderful world of Budgie tattoos!

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What is the History of Budgie Tattoos?

While we can’t pinpoint the exact date of the first Budgie tattoos in history, it is very likely that they are ancient history. Budgies appear in many mythologies that we can trace, with one example being Indian myth. In Hindu beliefs, the god of love is named Kama, and he rides a giant parakeet wherever he goes.

In China, parrots and parakeets were associated with fidelity, or sometimes the lack thereof, as these talking birds could give away secret affairs with their chatty little natures. To Native Americas of the Pueblo, the colorful feathers of parrot species were made so by rainbows, and marked them as creatures of the sky.

There is even a myth that parakeets were introduced to the UK by Jimi Hendrix!

While the Hendrix myth has been rebuffed, there is no denying that these mini-parrots have long captivated us and captured our hearts and with their bright, cheery natures and colorful feathers, it is easy to believe that they’ve long been part of the rich history of skin art.

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What Do Budgie Tattoos Symbolize?

Budgie Tattoos symbolize a lot of things. The freedom of the birds, for instance, is the first of many symbolisms behind these tattoos. They could also symbolize an affinity for the skies or through the careful selection of color, they might indicate the most common moods of the tattoo’s owner.

As they are smaller than the average parrot but can still talk, sometimes Budgie tattoos may be chosen to symbolize one who is opinionated, but humble, and if a parakeet flew into your house and you were trying to start a new life, then this was considered to be one of the highest of good omens.

Parakeets represent freedom and a new life by their very natures. Compact and chatty, they have the ability to get into the smallest of places or to navigate the widest of skies. As more people tend to choose to depict larger parrots in their skin art, Budgie tattoos also have the bonus of being less common.

Take the symbolism of the parrot, keep the color, and miniaturize the design and there you have it – the Budgie – all the good parts of the parrot without the muss and fuss!

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What Do Budgie Tattoos Mean?

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose a Budgie tattoo and what it might mean to them and to the world at large. A common reason that people choose this tattoo is a love of animals or as a memorial to a parakeet that they’ve owned.

These charming, chatty creatures tend to capture our hearts, and it’s not uncommon for them to be immortalized on the skin to tell the world what the little creature really meant in someone’s life. Others may choose to wear this tattoo as a way to express that they have travelled, often incorporated the Budgie into a larger scene.

As the bird represents freedom and good fortune, a Budgie tattoo might express an aspect of the owner’s spirit or their desire to cultivate a little luck and opportunity.

It’s going to really be up to you, so you’ll want to spend a good amount of time on the design to ensure that it reflects exactly what you want to share or say.

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Characteristics and Styles of Budgie Tattoos

Budgie tattoos come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. While you could certainly depict one in black and white and it would be recognized, this is a skin art option that was definitely made for color.

These beautiful birds can be colored however you like, as you aren’t limited in how you depict them in the wonderful world of skin art. That means you could have a New School neon Budgie if that expresses your nature the best or a photorealistic one for a memorial or simply to express a love of Nature.

One Japanese Budgie is known as the Hagoromo, which means ‘Robe of Wings’, and this could be depicted beautifully in Japanese tattoo style and in that way you can get the same symbolism with a decidedly elegant look to it.

Invest some time into your design and once you know what you want to say, then speak with your artist and go through their portfolio. Often you will find that your original design can be enhanced to go from ‘very good’ to ‘absolutely amazing’, but you won’t know if you don’t look to see what your artist can really do!

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Where Do Budgie Tattoos Usually Go?

You can place your Budgie tattoos just about anywhere. These diminutive birds are small in real life and this means that a full-sized Budgie is a definite possibility on your arm, ankle, or any other compact spot that could use a bit of color and art on it.

As a backpiece, you could even show a flock of Budgies, all depicted with different colors and personalities, and while it would surely take many sittings the resulting skin art would be eye-popping, to say the least!

Once you’ve composed the concept, check with your tattoo artist and see what they recommend or if you already know where you want it, then ask them if that’s the best place for it. Sometimes our body shape will dictate that a placement a few inches to the left or right or in another spot altogether will be ideal.

Trust in your artist – every tattoo artist worth their salt knows the body and they can give you invaluable advice – so that you’ll have the most amazing tattoo in exactly the perfect place for displaying it.

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Some closing comments on Budgie Tattoos

As you can see, Budgie tattoos are a colorful option that is personality packed, allowing you to express a love for Nature, a yearning for freedom, or even to be used as a means to cultivate good fortune.

You might even just find appeal in the aesthetics and that’s all the reason that you need for Budgie tattoos.

If you like the look and appreciate the meanings behind them, then Budgie tattoos are a beautiful skin art option that you would do well to make your own!

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