8 [Incredible] Brontosaurus Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

8 [Incredible] Brontosaurus Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

The Brontosaurus, now known as the Apatosaurus, is a powerful choice when it comes to dinosaur tattoos. 

One of the largest animals of all time, this gentle giant is a good choice for one who is physically and spiritually unmovable – a person who is peaceful but very much does what they want.

It’s also a dinosaur that you’ve seen in film. In ‘The Land Before Time’, the cute and charismatic ‘Littlefoot’ was an apatosaurus and they show the size of his mother in the beginning of the movie. 

Not a dinosaur to be trifled with, just as the wearer of a Brontosaurus tattoo is the type of person who cannot be prevented from making their own way.

Let’s take a look at some of popular choices for Brontosaurus tattoos!

1. Cute Brontosaurus Tattoo

A Cute Brontosaurus tattoo is a good choice for one who is cute and powerful in personality and perhaps physically as well. 

It can also represent one whose cuteness is such that their reach is quite far indeed, just as the Brontosaurus can graze from the treetops with it’s long and powerful neck.

Cute Brontosaurus Tattoo

2. Skeleton Brontosaurus Tattoo

A Skeleton Brontosaurus tattoo is a great chance for some eye-popping detail work.

 Sometimes symbolism is an afterthought and aesthetics are the primary focus of body art, and fossils can really shine with the proper hues and shading.

Bones can be beautiful and none are more famous than dinosaur bones!

Skeleton Brontosaurus Tattoo

3. Brontosaurus Tattoo on the Arm

A Brontosaurus tattoo on the arm can have varied meanings based on the placement. 

A forearm Brontosaurus would be a good choice for an ‘in your face’ expression on the part of the wearer to display their power and character for all to see. 

Higher up on the arm where sleeves may hide it, a Brontosaurus tattoo could represent power with humility.

A soul who is powerful but doesn’t feel the need to push others with it or advertise.

Brontosaurus Tattoo on the Arm

4. Small Brontosaurus Tattoo

A Small Brontosaurus tattooed on the ankle or shoulder is a good way to have your Brontosaurus and to keep it hidden to all but a select few. 

A symbol of power, even if it’s easy to hide, still carries a lot of weight and a small Brontosaurus is a good way to show your appreciation for this mighty animal and to hint to the world that you’ve chosen it, carefully, for a good reason!

If they understand the message then they might be worth keeping around!

Small Brontosaurus Tattoo

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5. Brontosaurus Tattoo on the Elbow

Elbow tattoos are fun, especially when it comes to dinosaurs. 

A carefully crafted Brontosaurus tattoo on the elbow might have your Bronto, open mouthed, so that the flexing of your arm makes it seem as if it is biting or chewing!

It is also a creative way to decorate a part of the body that a lot of people forget about.

 If you have many meaningful tattoos on your arms but you’ve neglected the elbows, then a mighty Brontosaurus tattoo might be just the thing.

Brontosaurus Tattoo on the Elbow

6. Brontosaurus Outline Tattoo

A Brontosaurus is a creature that instantly recognized, all across the world. Like the Triceratops, they are iconic symbols because almost everyone on the planet has learned about dinosaurs at one point or another. 

That means that a Brontosaurus outline tattoo still has an impact that won’t be lessened by lack of detail.

This says a lot for the power of the shape and the symbolism – even in silhouette or basic outline, if you choose a Brontosaurus then everyone is going to know exactly what it is.

Place a few outlines of other important things next to it as part of a scene, and you’ve got a body art riddle that only people who know you or are like you may fully understand.

Brontosaurus Outline Tattoo

7. Tiny Brontosaurus Tattoo

Just because it’s depicted to be small doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an impact. 

A Tiny Brontosaurus tattoo still evokes a symbol of power in the minds of those who view it. 

It could be depicted as cartoonish if the wearer is lighthearted and good-humored or even a realistic depiction, with a tiny Brontosaurus grazing on trees.

Which one best represents you?

Tiny Brontosaurus Tattoo

8. Brontosaurus Tattoo on the Finger

Finger tattoos are a bold statement on the part of the wearer, but they also happen to be a fun option if you’ve got the guts to do it and the will to make sure that everyone sees it! 

A Brontosaurus tattoo on the finger could be depicted all by it’s lonesome, or different Brontosaurus heads might make up a herd on one’s hand.

If you want to make it more diverse, you could choose a different dinosaur for each finger… Get creative with it and make something memorable!

Brontosaurus Tattoo on the Finger

Brontosaurus Tattoos FAQ

What does a brontosaurus symbolize?

15 feet tall, up to 90 feet long, and weighing between 33 and 38 tons, the Brontosaurus is now called ‘Apatosaurus’ but the message is the same.

This creature represents reach and power. These gentle giants were herbivores but travelled and lived in herds, so this is a good tattoo for one who is strong and who always keeps their friends close and protected.

What do dinosaur tattoos mean?

Dinosaur tattoos are most commonly viewed as symbols of strength and often ferocity.

These creatures ruled their time period, and while we theorize on what eventually made them extinct the only thing that we can be sure of was that it must have been truly devastating to put an end to them.

Depending on the dinosaur chosen and how it is depicted, the meaning of the tattoo can differ quite a bit. A velociraptor, for instance, might be indicative of a person who is small, but deadly.

A cartoon T Rex might indicate someone who is tough, but also has a good sense of humor. It’s all about what you choose and how you display it but ultimately, dinosaurs are primal power symbols at their very core.

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