Boxing Gloves Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Boxing Gloves Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The symbolic nature of a tattoo is often only understood by the owner, but there are many symbols behind our tattoos.

For thousands of years, people have been covering their bodies with art in the form of tattoos. One of the oldest examples of inked human skin comes from the ice mummy,Otzi.

This ancient human had fifty lines tattooed across his body, running in traditional lines of Chinese acupuncture.

In this case, after the body was examined, it was believed that the meaning behind the tattoos was therapeutic. We have come a long way from these first tattoos, and now they are stories that we tell on our skin. 

Boxing Gloves

One of the main reasons that people might consider getting a set of boxing gloves tattooed on them is to show their love and appreciation of the sport.

Many boxers themselves get tattoos to remind them of who they are, the boxer. The gloves that are used are designed to protect the wearer and the opponent during a fight.

Although, there is more than one type of glove that is used. Sparring gloves are used for practice and are generally heavier to stop sparring partners from being knocked out.

Bag gloves are used when hitting a boxing bag and are not used for fights as they are too light wear. Competition gloves have white marks on them to help officials during amateur boxing matches.


And finally, lace-up gloves, which are used by professionals. Each of these gloves has its own use, so it is safe to say that the style of the glove that is used in a tattoo may have a different meaning.

Bag gloves could symbolize fighting emotional pain, while professional gloves could mean that you have taken on the biggest fight of your life.

Boxing as a sport can be brutal. The act of two men, swinging punches in a ring speaks to people in a way that is not fully understood.

But what we do know is that there is a certain psychology to boxing. As a boxer, you must be tough, you must have focus, you must be physically fit.

A lot of these things are characteristics that many people would like to have in their lives. And this can be a reason why a set of boxing gloves is an acceptable tattoo choice, even if you don’t like the sport.

A deeper meaning

Boxing as a sport is a physical contact sport. For some people, the sport of boxing isn’t the draw, it is the symbolism behind it.

For years, people have made comparisons to boxing matches and the struggles that life throws at us. You might get knocked down, but you can always get back up again, just like when you are in the boxing ring.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that people are deciding to mark their own successes over personal struggles with a tattoo.

The spirit of the design is that the person is a fighter and they haven’t backed down from the challenge. These challenges range from depression, suicide, and mental illness.


Dated Gloves

Cancer and other chronic illnesses are often described as a fight. A fight to get a diagnosis, a fight to get treatment, and a fight to beat it.

Many people, especially women, who have had to undergo surgery for cancer treatment are turning to tattoos to cover up scars.

This type of service is becoming a specialty within the industry. Mastectomy scars are being replaced with tattoos of various shapes and sizes, including boxing gloves.

The gloves can be dated as a way to mark the date that the illness in question was beaten. These amazing people have gone into the ring of battling an illness and have come out swinging.

If however, you are a boxer, dating the gloves that are inked on your body is a way of marking your own battles and wins. 


Dream Psychology

When choosing a tattoo, people will turn to different sources to find out what best represents them. Dream symbolism is one way to find out the hidden meaning.

In dream psychology, boxing gloves were seen as a warning to be alert. If the gloves are black, it can be a signal of negative emotions.

It is also a sign of protection as boxing gloves are designed to protect your hands as you are fighting. Could this mean that it could symbolize wanting to be protected but still be willing to fight if needed?

A boxing ring in a dream is a symbol of success and triumph. 



Boxing glove tattoos are not a new time, the idea of boxing tattoos has been around for over 100 years. This provides you with a rich history to pull from when choosing your boxing gloves to get inked.

The old-fashioned Victorian tattooed strong men, holding their fists up with gloves is a design which has become more popular in recent years.

This may be in part to Conor McGregor and his gentleman with a tophat tattoo on one of his arms. But the gloves by themselves are a different matter.

Most of the designs that you will see for boxing gloves show the gloves by themselves, inked as though they have been hung up after a fight.

If the reasons for the symbolism that we have looked at are accurate, then this design choice would make sense. They always get hung up after a fight.



There are many reasons to invest in a tattoo and the symbolism behind each one will be special to you. Boxing gloves are the sign of a fight that has been fought and won.

Or you could just decide that they look cool and you like, and we can think of no better reason than that for some fresh ink.


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