25 [Outstanding] Boston Terrier Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

25 [Outstanding] Boston Terrier Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Whether you are looking to memorialize and honor a special four-legged friend or simply like the attitude of this feisty breed, you’ve definitely got a lot of options. 

In today’s article we’re going to take a look at some outstanding Boston Terrier designs that come in various shapes and forms to show you what we mean.

By adding a dash of watercolour, going with an abstract design, or even dressing-up a dog in Steampunk fashion you can really create some amazing tattoos. 

Let’s take a look now so that you can see them for yourself and decide what you like the best!

1. Boston Terrier Tattoo on Wrist

We’re starting off with a real beauty here. Take a look at the subtle color play, the tiny face, and the little footprints winding their way up into a heart. 

Body art like this Boston Terrier tattoo on or below the wrist gives it a place of prominence and as you can see – the effect is quite stunning!

The watercolor effect is definitely an eye-catching addition and you can really tell that someone put a lot of thought into this tattoo.

Boston Terrier Tattoo on Wrist

2. Neo Traditional Boston Terrier Tattoo

Nostalgia and Neo traditional style combine quite well. In this Neo Traditional Boston Terrier tattoo we can see someone’s furry friend, resplendent in a cute little dinosaur costume, and standing amidst two lovely flowers. 

While we don’t know if this was from a shared Halloween or simply a whimsical day, it definitely looks like a precious memory — perfectly preserved.

Neo Traditional Boston Terrier Tattoo

3. Boston Terrier Line Tattoo

Sometimes the simple designs are the right choice and you can see a good example of this here. 

Breeds such as French Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers are quite distinctive in their shapes and so a simple line rendering like this Boston Terrier Line tattoo can serve as a perfect memorial for a very special dog.

After all, it doesn’t take much to invoke a precious memory, and a simple design such as this will do the trick nicely!

Boston Terrier Line Tattoo

4. New School Boston Terrier Tattoo

If you are looking for a little more flash and a good way to show off personality, New School designs are a definite option that you should consider. 

In this New School Boston Terrier tattoo a happy little dog has brought up their favorite toy and it’s time to place. 

Heartwarming, comical, cheerful… the style really captures the Terrier spirit beautifully.

New School Boston Terrier Tattoo

5. Boston Terrier Sugar Skull Tattoo

A powerful memorial option, Sugar Skulls are also called ‘Calavera’ and they are meant specifically for honoring lives of those who have passed. 

They are especially associated with family and ancestors, so this Boston Terrier sugar skull tattoo indicates that a four-footed friend definitely had a close place in someone’s life and in their heart.

Boston Terrier Sugar Skull Tattoo

6. Simple Boston Terrier Tattoo

Whether you like these little doggies attitudes and dashing good looks or you are remembering a certain dog in particular, a simple Boston Terrier tattoo like this can play the part perfectly. 

Strong shading like this and a wee touch of minimalism make this an aesthetically pleasing tattoo choice that doesn’t require a lot of space to communicate a whole lot of personality.

Simple Boston Terrier Tattoo

7. Paw Print Boston Terrier Tattoo

A little footprint with a big heart inside it! This paw print Boston Terrier tattoo is economical in space but quite cleverly done and the significance of the statement certainly isn’t lost. 

It reminds us of a little friend who always walked beside us (or sometimes pulled us along!) and made a profound difference in our lives.  

An excellent tattoo choice with a whole lot of spirit in a tiny package, just like the dogs themselves!

Paw Print Boston Terrier Tattoo

8. White Boston Terrier Tattoo

Think that you can’t put a white-faced dog on a tattoo? Think again! 

This white Boston Terrier tattoo makes clever use of shading to show color and texture changes and even contrasts this little dog with some lovely red flowers and green leaves. 

We especially like the character that the position of the ears adds. It’s a lovely design and a beautiful tribute to a faithful little friend.

White Boston Terrier Tattoo

9. Boston Terrier Portrait Tattoo

This Boston Terrier portrait tattoo is nothing short of amazing. It’s got well-selected color contrasts and masterful shading that preserves the image of this happy dog in perpetuity. 

With a little time and patience, your tattoo can have shading quality of this caliber for a design of your very own and you can see for yourself that it’s worth every minute!

Boston Terrier Portrait Tattoo

10. Small Boston Terrier Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is beautifully done, wouldn’t you agree? Just because a tattoo is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be a work of art and this small Boston Terrier tattoo certainly demonstrates that in spades. 

The subtle shading and dotting really bring out the fur textures, making this tattoo essentially a mini-photo – this is definitely what we call body art.

Detail is always worth the time when it comes to your tattoos!

Small Boston Terrier Tattoo

11. Cartoon Boston Terrier Tattoo

Cartoons really go a long way in capturing the personalities of lively little breeds like Shih Tzus, French Bulldogs, and of course… Boston Terriers. 

In this cartoon Boston Terrier tattoo you can see the enthusiasm that some lucky individual was greeted with each and every day.

Memorials don’t always have to be grim, they’re simply for us to remember shared times, and you can tell that someone shared some great ones with this spirited little dog. 

It’s a tattoo that really warms the heart.

Cartoon Boston Terrier Tattoo

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12. Top-Hatted Boston Terrier Gentleman tattoo

Here we have a very colorful and creative body art design that’s hard not to love. 

In true Steampunk fashion, this little is dressed to the nines and even has a monocle to look distinguished. 

Tattoos like this Top-hatted Boston Terrier Gentleman tattoo show us that a little creativity and color can really go a long way.

In some cases, they can also help to ‘soften the blow’ of a memorial tattoo choice by reminding us of the personality in a less-intrusive way than a more photorealistic option would provide. Whatever the reasons behind this tattoo, it certainly packs a lot of style!

Boston Terrier Gentleman (Top Hat) Tattoo

13. Boston Terrier Outline Tattoo

With minimalism in mind, this Boston Terrier outline tattoo does a wonderful job of capturing someone’s furry friend without delving into excess or complicated symbolism. 

Shown resting, with a little heart above, it communicates love and remembrance for a beloved friend and sometimes that’s all that you need.

Boston Terrier Outline Tattoo

14. American Traditional Boston Terrier Tattoo

This tattoo certainly has a lot of color and character. In this American Traditional Boston Terrier tattoo we’ve got a loyal, strong-jowled dog that is up and ready to go to work. 

It’s a lovely design and it’s definitely got some attitude to go with it!

American Traditional Boston Terrier Tattoo

15. Boston Terrier Face Tattoo

With exquisite colors and detail work, this Boston Terrier face tattoo is definitely some serious and powerful body art. 

It’s photorealistic, but the neon crown above says all that you need to know, that this little one may be gone but they are in a better place and surely waiting for us patiently there.

Boston Terrier Face Tattoo

16. Tiny Boston Terrier Tattoo

In another great example of how less can be more, we present to you this tiny Boston Terrier tattoo. 

The detail work is incredible, allowing you to see hairs, wrinkles, and the dog’s shiny eyes. It just goes to show that your body art isn’t a matter of size, but rather the design and the artist’s skill.

Tiny Boston Terrier Tattoo

17. Boston Terrier Ears Tattoo

Simple and to the point, this Boston Terrier ears tattoo lists simply a name and shows the perky little ears of a very special friend. 

Minimalist designs are quite classy and can be much easier to hide at work for those of us who need to, making them the perfect way to have a private memorial that takes up a small space but says what needs to be said.

Boston Terrier Ears Tattoo

18. Boston Terrier Finger tattoo

When you want to have a little fun with a cute design, finger tattoos like this are a great way to do it. 

In this Boston Terrier finger tattoo we’ve got a little Terrier dog eyeballing the cat on the next finger and you instantly imagine what he has in mind!

A little whimsy to enjoy for the tattoo wearer who likes their tattoos to be both fun and bold!

Boston Terrier Tattoo on Finger

19. Cute Boston Terrier Tattoo

Inside a diamond, looking up at the person that they loved the most, this cute Boston Terrier tattoo really shows you what you can do with patience and good shading.

The eyes look wet, some of the fur is shiny, and you can even see those little whiskers – this is definitely some amazing body art and you can tell that a lot of love and patience went into this design.

Cute Boston Terrier Tattoo

20. Watercolour Boston Terrier Tattoo

Watercolours really make some tattoos pop and this tattoo is a perfect example.

In it we’ve got an incredibly detailed bit of shading and the yellows and greens surrounding the face really add some beautiful contrast. 

Even with the  cartoon bones and those colors, it still manages to look somber and serious – this is a very well-thought out design.

Watercolour Boston Terrier Tattoo

21. Geometric Boston Terrier Tattoo

A great stylistic choice, using geometrical designs in your tattoos is yet another way to inject a little personal style and creativity into your own design. 

This Geometric Boston Terrier tattoo does exactly that, splitting an almost photorealistic image into two parts, with one half looking much like stained glass.

You can do all kinds of interesting tricks with your body art and this image gives you a little food for thought.

Geometric Boston Terrier Tattoo

22. Memorial Boston Terrier Tattoo

Here we have a well detailed dog with flowers below them in a definite remembrance fashion. 

In this memorial Boston Terrier tattoo there’s a lot of detail and obviously a lot of love. 

It’s simple, beautiful, and direct and those are excellent qualities for a fitting memorial tattoo.

Memorial Boston Terrier Tattoo

23. Minimalist Boston Terrier Tattoo

Small but full of attitude, in this minimalist Boston Terrier tattoo you can see what may be done with very little space and yet still look quite amazing.

Remember, your body art can be both complex and yet simple at the same time – it’s all about what you choose to say.

Minimalist Boston Terrier Tattoo

24. Realistic Boston Terrier Tattoo

This is quite the memorial tattoo, with space devoted to remember a special little face and even a scene of the dog below. 

A realistic Boston Terrier tattoo like this one is something that you can certainly do in your own designs and the effect is quite profound. 

There’s a whole lot of love in this and it definitely shows.

Realistic Boston Terrier Tattoo

25. Brindle Boston Terrier Tattoo

With tiny pawprints, a name, and exceptional colors this is a fantastic memorial tattoo. 

Tattoos like this Brindle Boston Terrier tattoo show you how well a good artist can really create a great memorial for your dog. 

The details in the fur and eyes are quite beautifully done and you can tell that this little one was something special indeed.

Brindle Boston Terrier Tattoo

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