Borage (Starflower) Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

Borage (Starflower) Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

The borage flower bears the symbolism of happiness and courage as well as forgetfulness. 

With tattoos becoming more and more popular in recent years, many people are looking for a tattoo that is out of the ordinary. 

Long gone are the days when most people would walk into a tattoo parlour and request a design off of the wall. 

Instead, now, people want a tattoo that holds a special and personal meaning, something that represents a part of them. 

For this reason, flowers are growing in popularity in the world of tattoos as each flower represents its own unique meaning, both spiritually and culturally.

That’s why it is important that you fully understand the meaning behind the flower that you want to permanently ink on your body. 

After all, this meaning will stay with you for life so you do not want it to bring you a bad omen. Here we’ll tell you the meaning behind the borage flower, also known as the starflower.

The symbolism behind the borage flower (starflower)

The borage flower goes by many different names including starflower, tailwort and bees brea. However, the meaning behind this flower is much clearer than the name that it goes by.

The masculine flower’s name “borage” comes from the Latin meaning “source of sweat”. However, its meaning is much more appealing than its name.

The mythical association with this flower is forgetfulness which stems from the Romans when this flower was believed to have caused people’s memories to fail when paired with drinking wine. 

However, this meaning later changed and borage paired with wine was then believed to bring about happiness.

The mythical meaning of the flower continued and the flower was commonly bought into homes in order to bring about tranquillity, stillness and peace to the family. 

On top of this many people still eat borage flowers, believing that it will bring them happiness.

The associations of the flower with happiness meant that it was used as a cure for melancholy and depression, and was often eaten in salads or made into tea.

The positive associations with the plant did not stop there and many people see the flower as a source of courage. This can be attributed to the fact that “borage” seems to be a corruption of “carago”.

In German culture, the borage flower is often mentioned in many romantic love songs and as such is thought to be a flower representing romantic longing.


However, when it comes to tattoos, the desire to have a borage flower tattooed on your skin demonstrates the longing for permanent happiness. 

It also represents other characteristics, such as courage and fearlessness in the face of hardship and adversity. 

If you wish to give someone the gift of happiness in the form of the borage flower this is not usually done in the form of the cut flower in a bouquet as you would assume with most other flowers. 

In keeping with its history, gifting someone a borage flower typically entails the form of food or drink. 

Offering someone happiness and courage, essentially offering them a shining light out of their sadness, could come in the form of wine, tea or a salad. 

However, the beautiful colors of the borage flower would also make it a pretty gift if the recipient was not particularly fond of consuming the flower.

Starflower tattoo ideas

The borage flower is a beautiful blue and purple-hued flower and for this reason, many people opt to have the tattoo done in color in order to fully showcase the flower’s beauty.


A hidden message

Because of the strong symbolism behind the borage flower and its use as a remedy in the face of sadness, many people choose the starflower as a tattoo in order to represent their courage in the face of past struggles with depression. 

One way to boost the meaning of your tattoo is to include a phrase or word that holds a lot of significance for you.

One way to do this is to tattoo the flower of the plant as it is found naturally and then to include the word into the stem of the plant. 

This way you can cleverly incorporate your chosen phrase without separating it from the strength of the borage flower.

Blue and purple flowers

The starflower is not one solid color but rather can be found in blue, purple or mixed varieties. 

Much like flowers, each color holds its own symbolism and depending on whether or not you identify with the meaning behind these colors you could choose to include or exclude them.

For example, the color blue symbolizes peace and serenity and the color purple represents ambitions and power. 

These two meanings are very different from one another but both may have meaning to you and when coupled with the strength of the symbolism behind the borage flower they create a truly powerful tattoo.

You can pick and choose whichever color’s symbolism best represents you and make the tattoo truly unique.



The borage flower goes by many different names but its symbolism has not changed over the years. 

It has long been thought of as a cure for sadness and melancholy as it symbolizes happiness and courage. It can help you to overcome your fears and help you through hard times.

The flower is typically consumed as a remedy for this, but the image of its flower as a cut stem makes for a beautiful tattoo. 

You can use it to symbolize past struggles, representing the strength that you had, or, alternatively, you can get a tattoo of the starflower to give yourself hope and strength in the face of what you are experiencing now.

The delicate flower is a stunning blue-purple shade and it makes for a great tattoo choice as its vibrant color is sure to make it stand out. 

The flower is detailed enough to have the design as big or as small as you like and as colorful as you like.

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