Boots Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Boots Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Footwear in skin art is a lot more common than you think. After all, you’ve probably heard the old saying about ‘dying with your boots on’ and there’s really a whole to it, as your footwear can say quite a lot about who you really are.

Don’t take our word, for it, though. In today’s article we’ll take a look at the symbolism and history of boots tattoos, which have really come a long way since they bridge the gap between leggings and shoes. Take a look and you can see for yourself exactly what we mean!


What is the History of Boots Tattoos?

Boots have a lot more history than most people realize and as a skin art subject, they can really say quite a lot based on the boots that you choose.

The first boots that we have depicted historically are found in Spanish cave paintings that date back to somewhere between 15,000 and 12,000 B.C. and the Egyptian tomb of Pharoah Khnumhotep thoughtfully included his boots, so that he might not have to walk barefoot into the afterlife some 5000 years ago.,

When the first boots tattoo came about is hard to say, but because of how expressive they are as a personal symbol we imagine that it’s been around since the first tattoos. These days, the styles reflect the times, so modern boots such as Military issue and Cowboy boots have definitely made their impact on the skin art scene.

Depending on your selection, Boots tattoos can represent the spirit of a bygone era and old, traditional values or it can be a more modern take that tells the world a little about who you are. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to you, but it’s certainly a choice with a good amount of history behind it!


What Do Boots Tattoos Symbolize?

Boots can symbolize a lot of things, though the initial message is all about the work and the walk. Boots gather miles for their collection until they retire and if the boots being depicted are aligned with a lifestyle or even a work choice then these, in turn, symbolize that aspect of the owner’s life.

Boots tattoos are also a fun way to symbolize a little patriotic pride. There are all kinds of boots that region specific that are well-known or which will only be recognized by a handful – which makes for a dual-purpose tattoo.

You can show your patriotism and attract the attention of like-minded folks, and that’s a pretty good deal for a tattoo that SEEMS simple, but which is actually chock full of deep and meaningful symbolism to it’s core.


What Do Boots Tattoos Mean?

That depends on your selection.

Some people from Texas, for instance, might wear Boots tattoos with distinctive cowboy-style ropers and a Texas Stetson hat, but that same tattoo could also mean that one loves the west and the values that it represents.

On the same token, combat boots could mean that one has been affiliated with or simple admires the military mindset, but combat boots were also popular to movements such as Punk rock. The boots provide a baseline message when they are on their own, but if you put other symbols around them it can turn the meaning on its head.

Choose the set of boots that speaks to you the most as your first step and then consider what you want to communicate. Do the boots say enough about who you are or should you add some other items with them?

It takes time, but this is arguably the most fun part of the tattooing process, when you get to make something that is uniquely all about you and so much so, that you’re putting it in place to enjoy for the rest of your life! It’s deep, beautiful, and addictive, to say the least!

Where Do Boots Tattoos Usually Go?

While boots are obviously made for your feet, Boots tattoos can go just about anywhere. Some people prefer a backpiece, where the design can include all kinds of rich color and details, while many others prefer just placing it on the outer arm for easy display.

A handful of folks might put it on their ankle but the hip is a popular placement, as well, as a way of showing that the thing these boots represent is something which they hold dear enough to display in such an intimate location.


Characteristics and Styles of Boots Tattoos

Boots tattoos have as many styles and characteristics as there are styles of boots. Since the step to connect shoes with leggings is something around 15,000 years old, that really gives you a lot of options.

The most popular way to depict them is in stark, realistic style, though it also lends well to minimalism if the boots in question have a bit of notoriety behind them. Even so, options such as watercolor can really make for interesting designs, with bold and vibrant colors making the rugged boots stand out all the more.

New School tattoos are also popular for boots, since they can convey the message in a lighthearted way that really add a whimsical layer of humor and good old-fashioned fun. It’s all going to be your call, of course, so find the best boots and then be sure to check all the styles that you can.

You’d be surprised how often the smallest stylistic tweak can really magnify the message and look of your skin art and make it even more perfect than before!


Some closing words on Boots tattoos

Boots tattoos give their owner a great way to remind others that they really can’t judge you until they’ve walked a mile in your… well, your boots! Kidding aside, boots can tell the world about the things you like, the ideas you deal with, or even make a statement about your career or political choices.

They’re deceptively simple at a glance, but when you get down to it there’s no denying age-old saying still holds true today. You can really learn a lot about a person from their boots or shoes!

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