Bluebird Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Bluebird Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

The bluebird is a popular design in the tattoo world because of its unique look and positive meaning. Although its meaning slightly varies in different parts of the world, it is universally associated with happiness, good luck, and freedom. The bluebird also serves as a symbol of hope, if you’re going through hard times. 

In this article, we will talk about the history of the bluebird, as well as its different meanings and its types. Finally, we will also discuss where you can get it and some ideas if you decide to opt for this tattoo.

So, keep reading to understand more about this beautiful blue symbol of hope.

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What is the history of bluebird tattoos?

Did you know that the bluebird tattoo was seen in various instances throughout history? In fact, it even has a place in Chinese mythology. The bluebird is seen as the messenger bird of one of the more influential rulers of the Shang dynasty. Over time, the bird has taken on different roles, but it has always been associated with the idea of hope.

In the case of the Native Americans, the bluebird was associated with the forces of nature, particularly the sun. The Americans believed that the bluebird was the son of the Sun. Again, this leads many to believe that they associated the bluebird with optimism.

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What do bluebird tattoos symbolize?

The bluebird tattoo represents happiness and peace. More precisely, it is considered to be something to hold onto during dark times. Maybe this explains the fact that the bluebird has been seen across history along with various illustrations of being hopeful.

The bluebird tattoo is also considered as an angel standing by your side. The angel not only protects the one with the tattoo but may also encourage good things to happen to them instead of bad ones. Many people even refer to it as the symbol of the angelic realm.

Many cultures also believe in the positive impact of the color blue. They believe it is a way to bring peace into your life and take away the negative energy.

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What do bluebird tattoos mean?

Bluebird tattoos mostly depict hope and many people believe they give off positive energy to whoever has them. The tattoo can also create a general aura of feeling protected as it has been associated with an angel watching over you in the past.

Interestingly, the original bluebird is much tougher than it looks and can endure difficult circumstances. After all, this bird has been resilient even when massive portions of its habitat have been destroyed. 

So, this tattoo can give strength and resilience to a person who is facing troubles in their personal life. If that resonates with you, you should definitely get this tattoo.

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Characteristics and styles of bluebird tattoos:

Naturally, the bluebird tattoo is always made with some shade of blue. Don’t worry, the design options can still be pretty diverse. The tattoos vary according to the manner in which they are made and the sort of textures that the colors produce.

Some popular styles of bluebird tattoos include:

Watercolor bluebird tattoo:

The watercolor really helps the already vivid colors of the bird to pop. It enables the colors to flow better and some even suggest that the look becomes almost magical. The fresh blend of colors is known to instill feelings of happiness, much like what the bird has been associated with over the course of history.

Realism bluebird tattoo:

Although the watercolor version of this tattoo can be a treat for the eyes, many people prefer a more realistic version of the bird with less exaggeration in terms of colors. This makes the tattoo more life-like which can help people experience the emotions of hope and happiness to a greater degree.

In case you do look up the realistic tattoo and decide to go for it, there is one important piece of advice for you. Always make sure to find an artist who has relevant experience in this sort of realistic art or you’ll just end up regretting the decision of getting a tattoo in the first place.

Flying bluebird tattoo:

The flying version of the bird is also associated with the above-mentioned qualities. The difference is in the fact that the flying bird is a symbol of freedom and being independent to do what you want. As dire as the circumstances may become, the person can look to the flying bluebird as a symbol of free will and hope.

These interpretations are just what people generally associated with bluebird tattoos and their various types. There could be many more out there; perhaps you could come up with your own meaning for your special blue bird tattoo.

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Where do bluebird tattoos usually go?

The tattoo usually goes on:

  1. Forearms
  2. Ankles
  3. Back
  4. Collar

Always remember, the bluebird is associated with the spread of happiness and this is something very personal for each person. So, the type of tattoo that you get and its size has to be determined by the sort of person you are. However, the bluebird usually looks quite aesthetic, no matter where the tattoo is placed.

The fact that the color scheme is quite simple also allows the tattoo to be scaled down to a level that may not be feasible for other kinds of tattoos. Getting a small one on your forearm might be just the right thing for you. The choice is all yours.

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This tattoo is definitely something you should go for if you believe in being hopeful or in spreading happiness especially when things aren’t looking that great.

Since the bird is also associated with being free, you can get the flying blue bird tattoo and express your inner advocate for freedom.

The simple color palette of the bird can be made incredibly complex much like some people are. After all, there are so many shades of blue to play with.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you will enjoy getting your next tattoo!

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