Blueberry Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Blueberry Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

From traditional and cultural purposes to participating in modern-day trends, body art and tattooing as a practice have been a part of society for centuries.

Even in its earliest forms, such as tribal scarring/scarification and painting of the skin, we as people have found a purpose for and an appreciation for a multitude of markings and designs throughout history.

There are many more modern and enticing tattoos to consider these days. Blueberries are no exception. You read that right!

In this article, we are going to learn about blueberry tattoos, their history, symbolism, and more!

What is the history of Blueberry Tattoos?

Historically and spiritually speaking, blueberries have continuously represented good health, peace/inner peace, and an overall sense of satisfaction with life. 

In some interpretations, it can represent a person’s strength or will dwindle only for it to recover and prosper with greater strength than ever before.


Regardless, blueberries are always a sign of something good as far as tales and interpretations go.

Blueberries were originally cultivated as a means of capitalization and commercial product as of the nineteen hundreds.

Blueberries are native to Northern America, with traces of them dating back to nearly thirteen thousand years.

Northern Native Americans collectively believed that blueberries had magical properties and powers. They ate them both freshly picked and in dried form.

Blueberries were used in meals and live stews, as well as being added to meats to preserve and add some extra flavor to the contents.

The blueberry juice could be used for medicine, as well as the leaves and roots of the plant which could be proceeded and utilized to medicate a variety of conditions.

What do Blueberries Symbolize?

In the dream state, blueberries are said to symbolize:


When guides and spiritual people interpret dreams, they’ve found that the presence of blueberries and the act of eating them is a representation of good health or a boost in good health.


Peace of mind/inner peace

It is also said that blueberries represent inner peace and a general sensation of feeling content with reality.


Blueberries are associated with protection and safety. Just as they are symbolic of good health, you would also be divinely protected and guided in your waking and present.

Preservation of Youth

To look back on your younger days and crave the sensations, the curiosity, and innocence you once had as a child is one of the most natural and universal feelings we as people still have today.

Conversely, blueberries have been said to represent that feeling. The inner desire to revisit those days, where life was seemingly simpler and an adult reality was unbeknownst to you.

What do Blueberry Tattoos Mean?

Blueberry tattoos typically represent protection and guided protection within a person’s dreams.

As for tattoos, blueberries do not have an explicit and/or trending meaning.


They do have spiritual meanings, which have been developed by dream interpreters and other spiritual individuals over the years.

To tattoo on a blueberry symbolically would be with the intention of engraving protection and safety onto your body. It is also a symbol of good health.

Furthermore, we see the desire to return to childhood expressed in many renowned and popular forms of media representation and artistic expression.

For example, the song “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder encaptures this feeling perfectly. In this song, he describes what it was like to be a child full of life and a longing for exploration and adventure. Looking back upon his youth, he has a yearning, a desire to “go back to those days”.

Blueberries represent inner peace and the preservation of one’s youth. Respect and even the aspiration to relive the days you spent as an eager and wide-eyed child.


Characteristics and Styles of Blueberry Tattoos?

Needless to say, blueberry tattoos will come out looking like blueberries…

However, they can come in different quantities, as bunches of blueberries regularly do.

You might like having one simple, singular blueberry on your forearm and then find that, in actuality, you want a whole bunch on another part of your body as well.

They might also come in different designs. This is up to you artistically, and you should definitely come with a reference photo or style in mind.

Minimal tattoos and art, in general, have always been aesthetically pleasing, and even more so as of recent years and trends. You could get a minimalistic design, with the blueberries outlined or drawn-out without filling them in. These tattoos are often black, but you could also do blue ink (whatever you fancy).

In contrast, you could get a blueberry tattoo of a bunch in Disney-inspired, vintage-fairytale detail.  Brushstrokes and soft detailing that would stand out in a gentle manner.

You are free to determine which style, or any style you’d like for the blueberries to be in. The characteristics they’d be limited by are only that they would have to look like blueberries.


Does a Blueberry Tattoo need to be in color?

Blueberry tattoos do not need to be in color. You are not limited to the traditional presentation of a blueberry.

You could have the tattoo black. Perhaps you’d like to have the tattoo be a minimalist outline of what a blueberry looks like. With that in mind, the same logic can be used for doubles and bunches of blueberries.

However, if you are going to get your tattoo in color, consider keeping up with the blue.

Although, inking orange outlined blueberries only for you to constantly confirm that they are in fact, representing blueberries, would be quite funny.

Blueberry Tattoo Placements:

The blueberry tattoo does not necessarily have specific placements, however, the following are examples of where they would look amazing:

In between your fingers:

A popular placement for a variety of tattoos, where a tiny blueberry could rest upon.

Under the ear, slightly to the back of your neck:

Many people choose to place stars, crescent moons, or other symbols on this area of the neck. Be different and rock a blueberry!

On the ankle:

Who doesn’t love a pretty ankle tattoo?


The perfect place to put a well-sized bunch of blueberries.

There are so many other places you can put them. Sky’s the limit!



A blueberry tattoo is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and unisex. From the symbolism to the mere aesthetic of the berries themselves: as fruitful and inspiring as they are.

It’s also the sort of tattoo that would not nearly be frowned upon or scrutinized by professionals and colleagues as other more ostentatious or graphic designs might.

It is with that being said that they provide some functionality, while simultaneously allowing for the creativity and self-expression of getting a blueberry tattoo overall.

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