30+ Blood Moon Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

30+ Blood Moon Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Luna is the Italian, Latin, and Spanish word for moon, whereas Selene is the Greek term. The moon is a beautiful presence in our night sky with changing phases that allow us to see it differently each night.

The moon’s phases that many respect change as it orbits our planet on a monthly basis, and sunlight reflects off sections of its surface.

Many people are drawn to moon-themed tattoos because of their fascinating characteristics and significance.

For ages, the moon has served as a guide for humans, with many tattoos inspired by it and its phases that offer incredible placements on the body. 

People are captivated by the gorgeous and significant form, which produces a fascinating and distinguishing emblem. The moon has a significant impact on our seas and life on Earth.


It also protects us from space-related damage. Animals and certain plants use the moon for their night cycle to be capable of blossoming, navigating, migrating, and even breeding habits. 

The influences on tidal pulls and current motions cause tidal bulges and inertia to draw the water closer to the moon while simultaneously establishing relative stability.

It is also known to affect climate change on Earth and, as mentioned, mainly helps protect us from damage caused by meteors and asteroids, though there have been 190 known impacts on Earth. 

What is a blood moon?

The term “blood moon” refers to the crimson hue of the moon during a lunar eclipse.

Throughout a total lunar eclipse, the Earth is positioned directly between the moon and the sun creating a straight line, which only occurs during a full moon.

It travels through the Earth’s shadow, which is cast on its surface, and some of the sun’s rays reflect past the Earth and illuminate the moon. The lit upside creates a total lunar eclipse at night.  

The red is produced by the wavelengths of the worldwide sunrises and sunsets and the Earth’s dust particles.


The rayleigh scattering that occurs at the time of this appearance but is not because of it, alters and occasionally intensifies the hue creating the blood moon. 

When four lunar eclipses have occurred within the span of two years, which has happened recently, it is called a lunar tetrad.

This happens consecutively with intervals between separating them within this timespan, creating a series of tetrads.  

A lunar eclipse appears to affect most animals and tides the same as a regular moonlit night out.

As mentioned in The Conversation, the few studies that have been conducted have discovered that it does not necessarily impact animals, except for a particular type of monkey, the Azara’s owl monkeys.

The blood moon amongst people, on the other hand, has given rise to a great deal of superstition and mythology across faiths, cultures, and civilizations.   

The myths behind blood moons

The myths surrounding the blood moon amongst ancient civilizations and cultures have been split between bad omens and good ones. The negative legends would tell stories of bloodshed, deception, and immortality with ill omens. 

As narrated by Daniel Brown and many others, the people in these different civilizations would band together and divert the evil intentions in hopes of saving the much respected celestial entity or their king.

In contrast, the blood moon was a symbol of hope amongst certain African and Native American tribes. The people would regard the phenomena as a time to seek healing and lay issues to rest. 


Religiously some Christians view it as prophetic messages from God. Muslims use it as a time to pray to Allah, and pagans believe it is a point toward transformation and more profound reflections.

Whereas the Hindus would cleanse to save themselves from ill fortune. There comes deep respect from people for these practices, beliefs, and the moon’s influence.

There are more blood moon myths and folklore that you can explore as it continues into religious and spiritual beliefs and practices.

As you can understand, the celestial body that hangs in the night sky holds specific governance and mystery over the rhythms of many alongside its associations.       

The symbolism behind blood moon tattoos

Blood moon tattoos tend to be more enigmatic than our consistent silvery moon. For some, it foreshadows the apocalypse, while others see it as having other meaningful spiritual implications.

The significance of this tattoo is heavily influenced by the person and their ideas about it. The tattoo concept would encompass the ideals you hold dear with guidance from these many perceptions around them. 

Spiritually, the connotation may represent a period of complete transformation and a feeling of uniqueness.

There is a blood moon that is known as the hunter’s moon because it is a perfect time to hunt, making it an emblem of bravery, strength, and adeptness.

According to Nasa, the alternative name for it, the Sanguine, offers beliefs of joy, festivals, and healing.


It is a significant moment and symbol that influences our surroundings and profoundly impacts our life as we know it, if you believe.

The numerous mythology out there has a common theme: the sense of power, a cycle of fresh beginnings regardless of representation, and a time to safeguard your sacred space.

Your sacred space could be you or your surroundings.  

Popular Design Ideas

Blood moon tattoo designs can have different representations, the same as any other moon tattoo. The difference would be that it would have a red hue to it.

Many people adopt the moon tattoo anywhere on the body. It all depends on which placement suits you best. Nevertheless, some of the most popular locations are on the back, arms, or wrists.



People may come up with a wealth of imaginative designs for the moon, regardless of its hue. The full red moon may be designed

Han solo or in association with any other combination that you believe has aesthetic or is meaningful to you.


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