Bleeding Heart (Flower) Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Bleeding Heart (Flower) Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The bleeding heart is a flower that represents burning, passionate love as well as lost and scorned love. It is a very strong symbolic flower and should not be used in the wrong context.

Flowers are not only one of the most beautiful things to get tattooed but they can also be used to depict a symbolic and deeply personal meaning. 

The flower may not only be a beautiful image on your skin, but it can help to bring you hope, strength or even remind you of a loved one.

Flower tattoos are also very easily customizable and you can put your own spin on the design, making it as bold and colourful as you want or select a simple or black and white design depending on your tastes and preferences. 

Although many people opt for a rose when they decide that they want a flower tattoo there are many other flowers that make for great tattoos.


Often flowers have much deeper meanings behind them than most people would think which means not only can you end up with a beautiful tattoo but also one that has a special meaning to you.

The meaning behind a bleeding heart flower

When you think of a bleeding heart tattoo the chances are that it is not the flower that comes to mind, but rather the image of a heart with a knife through it dripping blood. 

Although this is a bold tattoo, the bleeding heart flower can have just as much symbolism.

The bleeding heart flower is an elegant yet dramatic-looking flower that is both bright yet simple in terms of color. 

The flowers typically grow close to one another on the same stem, only aiding their meaning.

This type of flower is used to signify a meaning very similar to the stabbed heart, a lost, burned or scorned love.


The bleeding heart flower is just as dramatic in meaning as it is in looks and its appearance of a cartoon heart shape dripping at the bottom reflects the passion and loss that it represents.

The flower signifies a deep, passionate love for another, specifically between romantic partners. 

The strength of the passion that this flower represents can also be connected to love for everyone and everything that has been created, including being able to bridge the gap between life and death. 

The bleeding heart flower means that there is no room to shy away from your feelings and forces you to accept them and openly confront them. 

Although a beautiful flower to look at you certainly would not want to gift it to the wrong person. 

The strength and passion in its symbolism could certainly give someone the wrong impression.


As with most flowers, the bleeding heart comes in a variety of different colors and each carries its own specific and unique meaning, making it stand apart from the others. 

The pink bleeding heart flower symbolizes romance and love and is a more subtle nod to the romantic longing than some of the other varieties. 

The red version of this flower signifies a much more passionate romantic love and the burning, or even scorned, love for another.

One of the rarer versions of this flower is the white variety. As with most other white flowers, the white bleeding heart flower is used to represent purity and innocence in both life and love. 

Despite its lack of vivid color, this white flower is still as beautiful as the rest.

Because the bleeding heart was a flower unheard of in the West until the 1800s it has a very strong connection to Asia and so if you have a family connection to Asia you may want to represent this via the stunning bleeding heart flower in the most appropriate color choice.


The symbolism behind the bleeding heart means that it is a very popular flower to include in wedding bouquets as well as those used for valentine’s celebrations. 

In a slightly more sombre meaning, this flower can be used to show love and appreciation for someone who has passed away. 

Designs and tattoo ideas

There is no right or wrong choice for a tattoo design when it comes to this particular flower. 

Because it is both stunning in design and color you can choose to go black and white or bold and colorful.

A watercolor flower

The bleeding heart is perhaps one of the flowers that is best suited to the watercolor style of tattooing that has become so popular in recent years. 

The name itself lends the flower to a less neat and more dramatic style of tattoo. 



You could choose a vividly colorful design that isn’t restricted to the black outline and instead has the powerful color running out of the bottom of the heart of the flower, mimicking both the name and the actual shape of the flower.

Both the softer pink version and the bolder red version of this flower would work well for this style of tattoo.

A simple, thin flower

Because the shape of the flower itself is so interesting you could opt for a simple black outline of the flower’s shape. 

This would give you a beautifully elegant tattoo that holds a lot of meaning in so few lines.

This would also allow you to have as big or small of a tattoo as you wanted, allowing you to either share your passion with the world or hide it for yourself.



The bleeding heart flower makes for a great tattoo as its shape is instantly recognizable and anyone who knows the significance of this flower will certainly be able to tell a lot about you at first glance.

Choosing the right color for this tattoo, if you want a colored version, is important as it can significantly alter the meaning behind the tattoo and can take you from love for a friend or new partner to a burning, passionate type of love. 

If not careful you could end up with a tattoo representing burned love.


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