Black Mamba Tattoos: History, Meaning, and Design

Black Mamba Tattoos: History, Meaning, and Design

Snakes have long fascinated humans in all parts of the world throughout history. They are wise and intelligent hunters that have always been regarded as symbolic in human culture, which is why people often choose snakes such as the Black Manta as a tattoo.

A Black Mamba tattoo is common for those who feel their characteristics align symbolically with snakes. The snake represents wisdom and knowledge, change and rebirth, and has become popular today in our modern day

In this article, we will discuss Black Mamba Tattoos, their meanings, origins, and where the most popular place is to get them tattooed on your body. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about Black Mamba Tattoos.

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What is the history of Black Mamba Tattoos?

The history of Black Mamba tattoos begins with a snake found scattered across Africa. The Black Mamba’s name refers to the color inside its mouth, which is a dark black color and even frightening to those who see it for the first time.  

The Black Mamba is known for hunting small animals such as bats and the hyrax by ambush. They’re also known for having one of the most neurotoxic venoms, with bites being called “the kiss of death.” So it’s safe to say you don’t want to get bitten by this serpent. 

However, Black Mamba bites are rare, and the snake doesn’t often become aggressive towards humans. They tend to shy away from danger and keep to themselves rather than attack anything other than food. They even share territory with other snakes, even if the species is different from their own, and on the whole, they just want to be left alone.

The mentioned attributes of having the power to attack, yet choosing to abide in their own company away from danger, and their seemingly peaceful nature have made them a popular choice for a tattoo in modern times as people feel they can relate to this snake.

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What do Black Mamba Tattoos Symbolize?

Snake Tattoos have become popular over the years as we find certain qualities in snakes that we see within ourselves as human beings. Across many cultures, the snake symbolizes fertility and the creative life force.

A snake’s ability to shed its own skin is often symbolically associated with the human necessity to embrace change. To evolve as a person in life and grow into who we are meant to be.

Its ability to shed its skin also represents the symbol of rebirth, transformation, and even healing. This idea is often represented as the ouroboros, or a snake portrayed as a circle with the mouth eating the end of the tail.

The Black Mamba, in particular, symbolizes the power of control, as one knows they are capable of defending themselves but would rather live in their own peace. They shy away from danger when it is not necessary to engage, yet if they must, they are prepared to defend themselves.

A Black Mamba tattoo is certainly the right fit for someone who sees themselves as a bit of a lone wolf.

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What Do Black Mamba Tattoos Mean?

The meaning behind a Black Mamba tattoo will vary from person to person, as the snake has so many qualities that people often choose what feels right to them when they are in the process of choosing their Black Mamba tattoo.

Some may associate their Black Mamba tattoo with a sharp mind capable of great wisdom. Snakes are portrayed as powerful symbols, so one who feels connected with a snake like the Black Mamba may tend to feel like a mentally powerful person. 

Snakes are also often regarded as one’s spirit animal. Thus they play a major part in the astrological links between a person and the stars. Multiple cultures throughout the world, right back into ancient times, such as the Australian Aborigines, the Celts, the Maya, and Greeks, amongst many others, used the snake as one of their multiple spirit animals.

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Characteristics and styles of Black Mamba Tattoos

Black Mamba tattoos come in many shapes and sizes, just like all tattoos portraying snakes, and while they have been tattooed in many different styles, a few are more common than others. 

The most common style is a regular black snake which covers one part of the body in a flowing fashion, often with importance placed on giving the scales a realistic look. Some people add dark green or red colors to help it pop a little.

Another design that is often used is a swirling snake that curls up and around a part of your body, given the effect of a winding snake moving up your arm or down your leg. This can also be portrayed with two snakes moving in opposite ways eventually meeting at the top face to face.

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Where do Black Mamba Tattoos Usually Go?

People have their own preferences when it comes to which part of the body is best for a Black Mamba tattoo. Snakes are one of the most popular tattoos. Thus, we have many chosen placements on the body. 

The arm is the most common place for snake tattoos, with size being the variable aspect. Some prefer to use the forearm and run from wrist to elbow, whereas others run from the wrist all the way up the arm and finish at the shoulder or neck. It can wrap around the arm a few times as it travels up, giving it a realistic look.

This same style can be applied to the calves, as the tattoo extends up the back of the leg, possibly even wrapping around to the front. The chest is a slightly less common placement and normally covers a large portion of the surface area. Some prefer the more elegant style which goes around the ankle, yet, this is much more common for the ladies. 

To The Point Facts

  • The Black Mamba is a popular tattoo portraying a snake.
  • It’s a snake found in various portions of Africa.
  • The name Black Mamba refers to the color of the inside of its mouth.
  • The Black Mamba tends to shy away from conflict and prefers to be left alone.
  • Symbolically the Black Mamba represents wisdom, a strong mind, power, change, and rebirth.
  • People feel connected and find meaning in the Black Mamba as one may feel the desire to acquire wisdom through knowledge. It also may hold meaning as a spirit animal.
  • The most common tattoo style is a simple black snake often tattooed on the forearm or calf muscle. While others prefer the winding effect. 
  • Black Mamba tattoos are most common on the arms, legs, chest, and ankles. 
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Snakes have always interested humans due to their intelligent and wise actions. They act with integrity and prefer alone time, which makes them appeal to people with the same qualities.

If you feel a connection to snakes due to their symbolic representation of humans or because it’s your spirit animal, then the Black Mamba may be the right tattoo for you.

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