8 [Cute] Bichon Frise Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

8 [Cute] Bichon Frise Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Getting a tattoo of your dog is a great way to remember your best and most loyal friend. 

There is saying that ‘trust is for dogs and for children’ and while it’s a bit jaded, there is also some truth for it. Your Bichon Frise has been a loyal friend and that’s a short commodity these days.

Today we’re going to take a look at some body art that commemorates the best friends we’ve ever had. 

We hope that it inspires you a little, warms your heart, and helps you to decide the perfect tattoo to commemorate your own best friend and companion… or reflects your own unique personality!

1. Minimalist Bichon Tattoo

It’s compact, cute, and really says it all, doesn’t it? In this tattoo the message is clear – this was a special dog and close to someone’s heart. 

Messages don’t have to be bold and colorful, as this simple but powerful depiction shows us. 

The statement made in this simple memorial says everything that there is to say.

Minimalist Bichon Tattoo

2. Realistic Bichon Tattoo

Sometimes you want to make your body art as clear as possible to the viewer, and a realistic bichon tattoo certainly does that. 

While breeds look a certain way, every dog is unique and this is a way to save their exact features, looks, and quirks in every detail.  

One of the pains of getting older is that we forget exact features, but with body art you don’t have to. 

You can preserve a favorite memory forever exactly the way that it was so that you’ll always have an instant reminder of a very precious time in your life.

Realistic Bichon Tattoo

3. Tiny Bichon Tattoo

Just the face, and isn’t that what you remember the most? A tiny bichon tattoo does the trick quite nicely, keeping your old friend close for the years that are to come.

It doesn’t matter the breed either, this is fine for a Schnauzer, or that Chihuahua that always guarded the door and was convinced that they were 15 feet tall… a small memorial is powerful, especially when it’s a face that we knew so well.

Tiny Bichon Frise Tattoo

4. Bichon Tattoo on the Back

The back supports you, doing the work of keeping you upright and supporting you when you have to be strong. 

A back tattoo, like this Bichon tattoo on the back, is a good example of this. 

You can make a profound statement about your personality or the one that you are detailing and you can keep it hidden or show it as you like.

No two dogs or humans are alike, so why not show off your Bichon, Brussels Griffin, or that special Shih Tzu that wouldn’t leave you alone when you were hurting? 

They’re family and body art is a profound ‘thank you’, sometimes the best that we can give.

Bichon Frise Tattoo on Back

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5. Cute Bichon Tattoo

A cute Bichon tattoo can show your own personality or reflect memories that you wish to keep. 

Cute tattoos tend to do a bit of both and they are appealing to certain personalities that can’t help but approach like with a love of humor and aesthetics.

Say what you want, but make it adorable… it catches the eye and the heart at the same time.

Cute Bichon Tattoo

6. Outline Bichon Tattoo

Can you feel the gravity from that tiny, little ‘sentence on skin’? 

This outline Bichon tattoo is strong and yet it is tiny, and that’s one of the things about body art expression. 

The fact that it’s forever on your skin shows the importance, because it’s a matter of the soul… not space.

So, don’t think that an outline can’t have an impact. Look at the world… it’s all logos in our advertising and in our business. People sometimes speak volumes in the smallest amount of space.

Outline Bichon Tattoo

7. Simple Bichon Tattoo

This little Bichon has stolen a Christmas Cookie… you might have given it to them, but we doubt it! 

These little individuals want what they want and you can catch that moment and hold it forever. 

It’s a simple Bichon tattoo on the surface, but really, doesn’t it say so much more than that?

Simple Bichon Tattoo

8. Small Bichon Tattoo

This small Bichon tattoo has a whole lot packed into a tiny package. 

You’ve got the colorful flowers, the face forever frozen in youth – some of the best of aesthetics and memories and it’s all tied-up in a portable package.

When you are choosing body art, the important considerations are aesthetics and personal significance. 

You find what you want to say or remember and freeze it in time. If your little one made an impact, body art like this is a fantastic way to show it.

If someone doesn’t understand it, let’s face it… they’re probably not our type!

Small Bichon Tattoo
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