Beluga Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Beluga Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

The beluga is one of the smallest in the whale family. It stands out due to its pure white color, and that it’s incredibly playful, highly vocal, and extremely social in nature.

It’s also an excellent navigator, and will also find its way back to its family at all costs. Whales, and other marine animals, are often used in tattoo designs as they have different meanings attached to them.

They appear often in Innuit art and have been a fascination of man for many centuries. They used to represent fear and wonder, yet now are more recognized as harmonious gentle creatures.

Belugas, in particular, are unique due to their grace, white color, and charm.

Meanings and symbolism of beluga tattoos

There are several meanings and symbolism associated with the beluga whale. It can be used to represent various personality characteristics and the way it interacts with other animals is significant as well.

Belugas have been depicted throughout history in art and literature and have special meanings in different cultures. Here are just a few of the ideas that this adorable yet powerful white whale can represent.

Family and social life

The beluga is a social creature. They live and travel in packs and are committed to protecting each other and always returning to their families.

They are very vocal, especially in groups, and can be especially playful. For this reason, they can represent communication, family, friendship, and respect for others.


Whales tend to stay with the same herd throughout their lives and are very protective of one another.

The mother whale is also very caring and nurturing, dedicated to the safety of her baby for the first years of its life, until she’s absolutely sure it’s able to hunt alone and look after itself.

Peace and tranquility

Whales are peaceful creatures, full of grace, and able to live in harmony with many other marine animals. The beluga is no different.

It glides through the water almost effortlessly, which can be very calming to watch. As they swim through the depths of unknown waters and darkness, they find a way to stay in touch with their inner peace which is very inspiring.

A beluga tattoo can symbolize making peace with our fears, facing challenges, and boldy yet gracefully venturing into the unknown.


Rebirth and overcoming obstacles

Marine animals often symbolize the concept of rebirth, due to how they emerge from the depths of the ocean.

Whales are particularly special, as they are able to submerge themselves into incredibly deep waters, even though they’re unable to breathe down there, and will rise to the top finally for a deep cleansing breath of air.

This can also represent the idea of overcoming obstacles. The beluga emerging from the water to breath can symbolize endurance, and release from the stresses of everyday life.


Finding your way

Belugas are excellent navigators. They will swim miles and miles through deep dark waters and always find their way back home.

They’re fascinating and clever creatures, using sonar and the earth’s magnetic fields to travel across great distances. This can be very symbolic and inspiring.

They represent a dedication to following your chosen path in life, and not straying from this. This requires dedication, focus, and strength. 


Playfulness and mystery

The beluga is one of the most sociable and playful whales. Smaller than others, and always hanging out in groups, it’s incredibly charming and sweet.

Traveling in packs is not only necessary for protection and strength in numbers, but belugas also need to be social. While they’re very vocal and visible in groups, they also have an air of mystery.

They will hide out in packs from predators, and they are not always seen deep beneath the surface. In the past, whales represented the concept of wonder in art and literature, and this idea still exists today. 


Belugas in art and different cultures

The beluga, among other whales, has always been a valuable resource in many cultures.

For example, in Innuit culture they’re used as food and also for lighting traditional oil lamps, providing essential light and warmth in the home.

You can find plenty of images of the beluga in Innuit art throughout history as well as in modern art.

The beluga, known as the canary of the sea, is an excellent singer and this is represented in the painting Singing Beluga, for example. 

The image of the whale tail is used by indigenous tribes of New Zealand to represent a safe passage through water, speed, and resilience.

In Polynesian Hawaiian cultures, it’s connected to the ideas of a free spirit, happiness, and fortune. A whale tail is very versatile for tattoo designs.

It’s elegant, yet, playful image, with various positive meanings in different cultures.

Popular accompanying designs

Beluga tattoos are versatile and have various popular forms and accompanying designs. Belugas can be drawn in a whimsical, cartoon-like way, or perhaps in a Sailor Jerry style.

They can also be drawn in a more tribal style, showing the ideas they represent in Polynesian or Innuit culture, for example.

Their white color can be used to make them stand out in many scenes and against different backgrounds. A beluga can be accompanied by various other marine animals, or even ships and sailors.


A beluga tattoo could be anything from a simply drawn tail emerging from the water to a more detailed aquatic scene including other characters.

The symmetry of its tail is ideal for a smaller yet aesthetically pleasing design on the arm or ankle. A beluga can also play a part in more complicated scenes for a larger part of the body. This enchanting animal is great for tattoos.

If you’d like to learn more about the symbolism and meaning of different tattoo designs, check out the blog.

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