10 Bellflower Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

10 Bellflower Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

The bellflower signifies humility, spirituality and endurance and can be used to give a feminine touch to your tattoo collection.

A flower tattoo can be chosen for a variety of reasons, you can appreciate the look of the flower, its smell or even the symbolism behind it.

There are a whole host of reasons why someone may choose a particular flower for their tattoo and knowing exactly what it means is a great way to add personal depth to your tattoo.

Flower tattoos are loved by both men and women and can be used to give a more feminine touch to an otherwise masculine tattoo or can be used on their own as a beautiful and delicate piece of artwork. 

The bellflower is one of the more delicate flowers for a tattoo and is most commonly chosen by women thanks to the femininity that the flower exudes.

But, what is the actual meaning behind the flower? We’ll tell you all about it here.


The meaning behind the bellflower tattoo

The bellflower is another name for what is also commonly referred to as a “bluebell” due to its coloring. 

The bluebell is a flower that symbolizes humility and gratitude and this is reflected in the bowing nature of the flowers. 

The flowers also represent everlasting love and are a beautifully feminine flower to symbolize this as they pop up every spring after surviving the harsh winter. 

In addition to these deep meanings the bellflower also has a strong cultural significance and a tattoo of this particular flower can be used to represent a connection to this.

For example, in Scotland, the flower is actually called a “harebells” as it was believed that witches became hares in order to hide amongst these flowers and prevent themselves from being seen and caught. 


In Victorian times, the bluebell was used as a way to communicate humility and demonstrate your thoughts and feelings. 

Even in modern times, the bluebell continues to have a connection to the spiritual elements as rings of bluebells can be referred to as “fairy rings” and an old belief was that you could ring a bluebell in order to call a fairy.

There is also a slightly more negative side to this connection with fairies, as people believed that if you heard a bluebell ring then that was a premonition that someone close to you was doing to pass away.

For this reason, many people often chose to walk far away from bellflower fields for fear of hearing a bluebell ring!

One way to incorporate these meanings into your tattoo is if you are fascinated with the spiritual and or fairies.


These delicate spiritual creatures make a great addition to a bellflower tattoo or if you already have a fairy tattoo a bluebell would make a great accompaniment to it.

The meaning of everlasting love that accompanies a bellflower is often highlighted went the tattoo is paired with a name.

So, if you and your partner have been together a long time a great alternative to renewing your wedding vows could be to get a tattoo of a bellflower alongside their name. 

Alternatively, if you are simply a fan of spring then a bellflower is a great symbol of this as they indicate the thawing of winter in turn for the warmer, summer months.

They can be seen as a sign of endurance as well as re-birth depending on how you view them.


Design ideas for bellflowers

Bluebells, harebells or bellflowers, however you prefer to call them, make for wonderfully elegant tattoos as they are a very delicate, small flower that grows on a thin stem.

Typically these tattoos are done in color as the hue of the blue that they have is a very flattering and calming color.

It is not too harsh against lighter skin tones and will complement most other tattoos very well. 

A single bellflower

One of the most common ways to get a tattoo of this particular flower is to have a design of a single bellflower.

Unlike other flowers which symbolize a connection between two people, and so it is best represented by two flowers, the bluebell is a flower that can stand on its own despite normally growing in a field of other bluebells.


One single stem will have several flowers hanging from it and so you can rest assured that there is more than enough to keep the tattoo design interesting and busy.

The great thing about this choice is that you can have as many or as few flowers as you like hanging from the stem.

A cartoon style 

Bellflowers are very commonly seen in children’s cartoons, especially when set in nature, as the fields that they grow in are very visually appealing.

For this reason, you may think of bluebells when considering a cartoon-style tattoo and the simple shape and outline of the bellflower makes them a great choice for this style.

The thin and dropping shape of the flower makes them instantly recognizable, even with little to no detail.

You can make the design as intricate or as simple as you like and everyone who sees your tattoo will instantly be able to know that it is a bellflower.



Harebells, bluebells, or bellflowers make a great choice for a tattoo as they are widely recognized and hold a variety of different meanings.

So, if you love the look of the bluebell then you may find that it also holds a meaning that is dear to your heart.

Connections to the spiritual, such as with witches and fairies litter the historical significance and more playful symbolism of the bluebell, whilst humility and gratitude are also highly important meanings of the flower. 

Used to convey emotions and thoughts, the harebell is a feminine flower that perseveres and demonstrates endurance.

The reemergence of the flower year after year in the face of the harsh winter conditions that they endure makes them a great symbol of endurance and as such when coupled with a name they can reflect everlasting love as well as perseverance through tough times.


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