Believe in Yourself Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Believe in Yourself Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Tattoos don’t have to be complicated to have an impact. For instance, the message of believing in yourself has always been a powerful one, enough so that Believe in yourself tattoos are definitely out there and an option for you as well.

The message is simple and yet to see it boldly displayed gives it quite an interesting power all its own. Today we’ll look at the history behind this message to live by, as well as touch on what it really symbolizes and means, and where one might put such a mighty self-missive as well. Without further ado, let’s get started!


What is the History of Believe in Yourself Tattoos?

While we certainly can’t pinpoint the first time that someone told another person to ‘believe in yourself’, the message has been around as long as we have and it’s not lost a bit of its power. Believe in yourself tattoos are essentially a timeless message and they’re useful for everyone.

It’s hard to believe, but quite a lot of famous people in history had their doubts, the same as you or I would. Van Gogh once said that if you heard a voice saying that you couldn’t paint something, that you should go ahead and paint it to silence that voice right away.

Leonardo Da Vinci was famous for a lot of things, but you might not know that one of them was not finishing projects. In one of his diaries, he even wrote in exasperation, saying ‘Tell me if I ever did a thing!”.

As we all know, he did a LOT of things, with ‘The Last Supper’ and “Mona Lisa” being but two examples of a rich life indeed. Believe in yourself tattoos have thus always had a purpose, folks, because it’s a message as old as our species.


What Do Believe in Yourself Tattoos Symbolize?

Believe in yourself tattoos symbolize the eternal message that you won’t know anything for sure if you don’t TRY. While sometimes it seems odd to write a reminder like this, there’s unmistakable power in words, and believe in yourself tattoos serve as both a reminder and an affirmation to live by.

People can prop you up and praise you, but ultimately you’ve got to take that plunge and trust in the skills you’ve earned in your lifetime to not only get you through something, but to get you through safely and an even better person for it.

The tattoos symbolize that it’s not as complicated as you think. You’ve got to dispense with the doubts and stop worrying. After all, as the old Viking adage goes, ‘if you spend all night worried about the battle, you’ll be tired in the morning when you must fight it”.

Believe in yourself tattoos can say all that in just 3 simple words – it’s simple, profound, and 100% true. You just gotta believe in yourself!

What Do Believe in Yourself Tattoos Mean?

Believe in yourself tattoos mean that the owner has struggled with trials and tribulations of their own and managed to come out the other side of that tunnel we call ‘doubt and despair’.

It’s an inspirational message to everyone, letting others know that if the owner can do this, so can they, and this makes it quite worthwhile wisdom to share.

The person who takes up this tattoo is obviously moved by the meaning and looking to achieve great things, and they’re wise enough to know that we’re our own worst enemies.

What do ‘Believe in yourself’ tattoos mean? It’s simple – they mean exactly what they say and there’s a whole lot of beauty in a message so simple, elegant, straightforward, and powerful as that.


Where Do Believe in Yourself Tattoos Usually Go?

Most commonly, believe in yourself tattoos will go somewhere that people can see and make use of the message. This could be on the forearm or more often, the upper and outer arm, though some might prefer a more intimate placement such as the ankle or the hip.

On a backpiece, Believe in yourself tattoos might incorporate not only the words, but symbols of what this kind of believe has helped one to achieve. This location gives enough space to work with to really make a personalized skin art masterpiece.

Even a bold placement such as the back of the hand works well, especially if it’s meant to remind it’s owner of this message in such a way that they will always have it in front of them.

Just put it on yourself wherever you feel it’s going to achieve the desired affect the most effectively. With a little thought, the perfect place will come to you, so it’s not so important where other people have chosen to put their own. Your tattoo belongs to you, after all, so what you decide is always going to be RIGHT!


Characteristics and Styles of Believe in Yourself Tattoos

While it’s only simple words, believe in yourself tattoos can come in a number of styles or flavors. For instance, there’s no rule saying that it even has to be in English.

You can write it in another language that you like or which has personal value to you, or even display it in Viking Runes or writing forms that have a personal aesthetic that you appreciate or a history you enjoy.

Just take your time with the process to make sure that you do it right. You don’t have to rush it, after all, and ultimately you don’t even have to get all that complicated. With such a profound message, it might be that you just decide on a font, point to where you’d like it, and let your artist do the rest!

Still, consider some style options if you’re not in a hurry. Watercolor tattoo letters, for instance, can really make an impact, or writers getting the tattoo might pick a font that one of the authors they admire used as a favorite. Whatever you do, make it all about you, and then it will be absolutely perfect.


Some final words on believe in yourself tattoos

As you can see, the age-old wisdom of believing in yourself is a timeless one, and well-worth transforming into a piece of skin art that can inspire you and others as the years roll by. While it’s just 3 words, it’s nice to know that sometimes wisdom can be captured in tiny packages that don’t dilute it’s message.

Believe in yourself… do we really need to say more?

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