Begonia Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Begonia Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Over the years flower tattoos have increased in popularity thanks to a better understanding of the meanings behind them.

As tattoos have become increasingly popular with women, flowers have become a more sought-after tattoo design and they can be used to represent a multitude of things. 

Flowers can hold a special place in many peoples hearts thanks not only to the symbolism behind them but also via a connection that we have.

For example, if your husband bought your roses on your first date or if your mom’s favorite flowers are lilies. Flowers always provide us with a happy thought.

If you are looking to get a slightly more uncommon flower tattoo then the begonia makes a great choice. In this article you can learn more about the meaning behind the beautiful begonia.


The begonia: meaning and symbolism

When most people think of getting a flower tattoo the begonia is not usually a flower that springs to mind. However, not only is the flower beautiful and elegant but it also holds a deep meaning.

The flower was actually named by the French Botanist Charles Plumier in 1753 to honor a former French governor. From this, the flower has come to represent honoring someone, showing respect and gratitude to another. 

There are no specifics when it comes to who exactly you are honoring and so you can bring your own meaning to the flower, giving you complete freedom to associate the flower with someone that you wish to show respect to. 

In addition to gratitude, the begonia flower symbolizes being cautious about new situations and serves as a warning sign about possible future misfortunes. So, if you are a cautious person then perhaps this is a good way to represent that. 


Because of its precautionary symbolism, the begonia also represents wealth and good fortune as well as happiness.

It serves as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed and that you should always be careful in your choice in life. 

Begonias come in a wide variety of colors, and their meaning changes accordingly. So, you can choose whichever color you like for your tattoo and embrace its careful, yet fortuitous meaning.

The red begonia flower, much like most other bright red flowers, carries the meaning of romance, passion and love. It represents undying love as well as devotion. This is certainly not a flower to give to a stranger.

So, for a tattoo this could represent a love connection to a partner or perhaps represent your own fiery personality.

The pink begonia carries a less intense meaning and still symbolizes love but in a more romantic sense.

The softer meaning behind the pink flower means that it makes a great flower to give to a romantic partner to show them just how much they mean to you. 

The vibrant yellow begonia flower symbolizes happiness and joy. The color of this flower simply lights up a room and is certain to put a smile on your face.

Symbolizing hope, friendship and kindness the yellow flower encapsulates everything that you would want from life and as a tattoo could serve as a beacon of good emotions.

The white begonia represents innocence and purity. This flower is particularly popular in bouquets for weddings and christenings due to its special significance.

The delicate nature and meaning of this flower make it a great flower to give to anyone and it has a special connection to children. So, if you have a newborn child getting a white begonia flower tattoo is a great way to honor them.


Begonia tattoo designs

When it comes to begonia tattoo designs there are simply so many different ways to style the flower.

You can make your personality come alive in the design as there are so many different types of begonia to choose from.

You can include solely the flowers or even part of the begonia bush – the choice is yours.

Brightly colored tattoos

Perhaps the most common type of begonia tattoo is a brightly colored pink design.

The pink color serves not only as a beautiful design element as it stands out from the skin, but the romantic and loving meaning behind the color choice can also represent a personal relationship.

Often when choosing such a colorful design it is best to keep the shape simple as you will not want to make the artwork look overly busy or complicated.

In this case, simple is better and will showcase your chosen flower better.


Black and white tattoos

If you want to opt for a white begonia tattoo then you may find that you have trouble with the coloring as white ink can often be very stubborn to work with for larger areas.

Instead, try choosing a black and white tattoo as this will better capture the shading on the flower and give it a much more elegant feel.

In this instance, because there is a lack of color you can choose a slightly more elaborate design as it will not detract from the beauty of the flower itself.

Outline only tattoo

Because the begonia is a complex flower there are a lot of lines involved when tattooing it.

So, for this reason, you could opt for an outline only tattoo of the flower. This will allow you to capture the beauty of the flower without the need to overly complicate the design.



The begonia is a great choice for a flower tattoo as it is not too simple but just complicated enough to make for an interesting design.

The symbolism behind the flower means that you can represent a range of different things such as love, romance, purity and even caution. 

You can pick and choose the color of your flower tattoo to give added meaning to the design and to create a personalized tattoo that holds a special place in your heart and refers to something personal within your life. 

Begonia tattoos are great both in color and in black and white, giving you complete freedom in design.


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