Bee Balm Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

Bee Balm Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

The bee balm represents good health, good sleep and good financial fortune.

Roses have long been a very popular source of inspiration for flower tattoos both on their own and as a beautiful addition to another tattoo. 

They are able to soften up and feminize what would otherwise be a very masculine tattoo. 

However, they can also be used to display a range of meanings such as love, lost love and even mourning.

The same can be said for many other flowers as they all carry spiritual and cultural meanings, although, unfortunately, many are not that commonly known. 

For this reason, they can make amazing tattoo design choices if you find a flower that you particularly connect with. 

In this article, we’ll cover the bee balm flower telling you everything you’ll possibly need to know about it from its native origins to its cultural meanings and even how to style it in a tattoo. 

This will help you to decide if the bee balm is the right flower choice for your new tattoo.


The spiritual and cultural meaning of the bee balm

The bee balm is a flower native to Northern America and belongs to the mint family. It goes by many other names such as bergamot and horsemint. 

The chances are that you have already seen the term “bergamot” used in many different perfumes and candle scents. 

The flowers are slender and tall and have a bright pink flower at the very top of their stem, making them quite the sight to see. 

The plant has long been used as a medicinal flower and as a result of this, it is associated with good health and protection against evil spirits and diseases. 

In part as an addition to its significance as a bringer of good health, the bee balm is believed to help promote a good night’s rest, helping you to be restored and ready for whatever the day brings. 

However, this lucky flower has more to offer outside of the world of medicine and health. 

The bee balm represents good fortune in financial matters and is said to bring fortune to those around it. So, the bee balm signifies prosperity in both health and wealth.


In regard to its history in medicine, the Native Americans commonly used the plant in their remedies with some tribes including the Winnebago and Blackfoot tribes having multiple uses for it. 

A typical use for the bee balm was to grind it up and apply it to skin wounds to help them heal.

The reason for this is that the flower has antiseptic properties. However, its delicious smell meant that it was also used as a form of perfume and tonic as well as added to dishes such as salads and even drunk in tea. 

The early American colonists used the bee balm tea as a tool against the English as it was drunk after the Boston Tea Party when they threw a large amount of tea into the harbour in protest against the English tea taxes.

Although the bee is normally not added to bouquets, as it has a tendency to wither very quickly, it can be given as a gift in the form of a potted plant. 

It is easy to look after and can be seen as a token of goodwill toward the recipient.


Beautiful designs for a tattoo

A long slender design

Because the bee balm is such a tall skinny plant with a flower at its very peak it makes a great choice if you want to take up space between already existing designs or have a line-style tattoo up your arm or leg. 

The long stem can be made as tall as you like with the beautifully colorful flower at the head of the stem. 

So, for example, if you have a tattoo that already wraps partially around your leg the bee balm would be a great flower to add as a tattoo as it could gently fit in the gap.

Additionally, you could entwine a hidden phrase or word into the stem.

The head of the plant

The stem of the bee balm is not overly complicated or that interesting in terms of design and style. 

So, if you are looking to add a tattoo of a bee balm then consider adding just the flower portion of the plant.

This way not only can you convey the meaning of the plant as a whole but you are saving yourself time and money whilst still having a beautiful tattoo of the most interesting part of the plant.


You can make this section as colorful as you like, incorporating the vibrant pink hue into the design, or choose to leave it black and white, focusing on the thin sprouting petals. 

By choosing one of these options you can focus on whichever part of the flower you find most appealing.


The bee balm is a flower that is not usually first on people’s list of flowers to have tattooed, but it certainly should be. 

The flower has nothing but positive connotations and is believed to be the bearer of good luck in many important aspects of life such as fortune, health and rest.

You can choose to represent any aspect that you need in your life or you can also represent a part of your life, for example, if you work in the medical sector you can think of this tattoo as bringing a good omen to your patients. 

The bee balm is a wonderfully bright flower that is sure to make a beautiful tattoo no matter your design and style choice.

If you are unfortunately ill yourself or if a loved one has recovered from an illness then getting a tattoo of the bee balm is a beautiful way to represent this and encourage strength toward recovery and good health. 

Similarly, you can have the tattoo as a wish for good fortune in finance and as a sign of hope for better things to come.


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