14 [Cute] Axolotl Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

14 [Cute] Axolotl Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

A subject for body art that’s a little on the unique side, the Axolotl is a strange salamander that can change from tadpole to salamander or not – it seems to be up to the animal. 

These very real creatures have a look to them that seems out of a storybook and some great symbolism to go with their strange forms.

In today’s article, we’ll show you some Axolotl tattoo designs so that you can see just how well these ‘alien’ creatures lend themselves to body art renditions.

 Prepare yourself to be amazed!

1. Yin Yang Axolotl Tattoo

This Yin Yang Axolotl tattoo takes the motif of growth and transformation and turns it into a balance game, taking these cute animals and making them a portrayal of the contrast between good and evil – all while managing to be cute in the process.

Clever incorporation of ‘symbols within symbols’ is a fun artistic exercise and as you can see, sometimes it comes out quite wonderfully.

Yin Yang Axolotl Tattoo

2. Simple Axolotl Tattoo

Axolotls definitely have a strange look to them, quite unlike any other animal, and this simple Axolotl tattoo is a great example of what a little minimalism can do. 

This is a face that can be instantly recognized, even in outline, and it can’t help but bring a smile to your face when you see it!

One of the most important functions of art is to evoke and emotional response and even though this tattoo is simple, we’d have to agree that it works!

Simple Axolotl Tattoo

3. Watercolor Axolotl Tattoo

The almost alien appearance of the Axolotl salamander works really well with a watercolor palette, as you can see firsthand in this watercolor Axolotl tattoo.

The watercolor pinks are a perfect fit for the creature itself while the  blues and greens paint a vibrant picture indeed of the water below. 

It’s a beautiful piece of body art, wouldn’t you agree?

Watercolor Axolotl Tattoo

4. Black Axolotl Tattoo

This black Axolotl tattoo hearkens a bit more to Aztec mythos of Axolotl, where these creatures were descended by Xolotl, the twin of the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl. 

Here it looks as if the strange creature is set upon eating the sun and it’s definitely quite the unique piece.

Mythology is an excellent wellspring for inspiration when it comes to tattoo design and this piece of body art really drives that lesson home.

Black Axolotl Tattoo

5. Axolotl Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are one of the perks of living by your own rules and this Axolotl hand tattoo is really something else! 

The cute little animal has been rendered in to anime style and colored in with vibrant watercolors. Wow!

It’s a cuteness overload and we suspect that it reflects the personality of the owner quite accurately – the hallmark of a great tattoo.

Axolotl Tattoo on Hand

6. Geometric Axolotl Tattoo

A geometric tattoo doesn’t have to break the entire composition down into sharp angles, but sometimes can be simply incorporated to compliment an interesting image. 

In this geometric Axolotl tattoo we can see exactly that, with the perfect diamond shapes complimenting that odd appearance of the Axolotl.

It’s beautifully done and a fine trick that you can use to make your own selected images pop!

Geometric Axolotl Tattoo

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7. Traditional Axolotl Tattoo

The Axolotl salamander looks quite like the traditional Chinese dragon, no?

This traditional Axolotl tattoo simply displays the little creature in all it’s glory and it’s definitely one of natures strangest creations. 

They almost look fictional, but these creatures are very real and an excellent subject for body art. Nature never ceases to amaze!

Traditional Axolotl Tattoo

8. Cute Axolotl Tattoo Design

Let’s face it, Axolotls are kinda cute, and this tattoo design takes that cuteness and turns it up to 10! 

With bright eyes, vibrant colors, and even a little flower on her head, this cute Axolotl is definitely an attention-getter and a personality statement rendered in body art.

We instantly know that the owner is an aficionado of all things cute and probably has the life outlook to match.

Cute Axolotl Tattoo Design

9. Minimalist Axolotl Tattoo

Speaking of cute, in this creative minimalist Axolotl tattoo we have a tiny Axolotl salamander hanging out on someone’s arm, held in place by a band aid with a strawberry on it! 

We have to say, on our list of things we expected to see today, this was definitely not on it, and we consider our day better for having seen something so adorable.

Kudos to the owner, wherever you might be, your strawberry salamander has really made our day!

Minimalist Axolotl Tattoo

10. Black And White Axolotl Tattoo

Crawling through underwater flowers, the smiling salamander depicted in this black and white Axolotl tattoo is superb! 

That smile isn’t anthropomorphizing, either. If you take a look at a picture of the real creatures, they have a permanent smile on their faces – it’s uncanny but incredibly cute.

A tattoo doesn’t have to be colored to get your attention and this black and white Axolotl tattoo proves that point quite nicely.

Black And White Axolotl Tattoo

11. Japanese Axolotl Tattoo

Another example of taking something out of its element, here in this Japanese Axolotl tattoo we have a strange salamander attired in period Japanese garb and it’s another item that falls into the ‘bet you never expected THAT’ category. Always a plus with body art.

Unconventional art is the best and pieces like this really tickle the brain. This is quite the interest piece so consider us jealous!

Japanese Axolotl Tattoo

12. Realistic Axolotl Tattoo

This realistic Axolotl tattoo is ‘cartoonish’, and yet you almost get the feeling you could grab the little creature and lift them out of the picture. 

The lines are so solid and combined with the color, you really get the feel that the creature is alive – even the style of the flowers seems designed to make the animal more real.

It’s an interesting trick and if you’re like us, you’ll stare at this picture a bit, wondering exactly what it is that makes it work so well!

Realistic Axolotl Tattoo

13. Small Axolotl Tattoo

It’s small in size and big in attitude! Take a peek at this small Axolotl tattoo and see what you think! 

Framed in foliage, this pink cutey even has a little blue flower on her head and it’s hard not to love the character right away.

Tattoos don’t have to be enormous to have an impact and this is yet another example that if you choose your body art wisely, you can make a whole lot with very little!

Small Axolotl Tattoo

14. Blackwork Axolotl Tattoo

People who see an Axolotl tend to be polarized. Some see it as a cute little creature, while others just see it as weird or even sinister. 

This blackwork Axolotl tattoo takes the animal into the second category, showing us the scary side of this animal that can regrow arms and even eyes!

The empty eye spots are a great touch, helping to accentuate the overall alien look of the creature, and if you’ve never seen an Axolotl before then you might think that you were looking at something sinister!

Blackwork Axolotl Tattoo


What do axolotls symbolize?

In Aztec myth, there was a god named Xolotl who transformed himself into the Axolotl to avoid being sacrificed so that the Moon and the Sun would continue moving into the sky.

Ultimately, he was captured, but the Aztecs believed the Axolotls to be descendants of this god. As such, Axolotls represent transformation, and the creatures themselves can live on either water or land – it all seems to be up to the creature itself.

If it moves on land, it will lose the gills, but if it stays in the pond, it will stay half-tadpole forever. These creatures also represent healing, as they can regenerate legs, eyes, and more, and are even immune to cancer.

Scientists are studying them because of this, but from a symbolism standpoint these strange little creatures have a strong association with healing and the desire or actual act of transformation.

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