Avocado Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Avocado Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

If you want a tattoo that is easily recognizable, great to look at, and infused with many possible meanings, the avocado tattoo might be right for you. Avocados are a delicious fruit that plays a central role in many cuisines around the world. It is also symbolic of many things including fertility, virility, and friendship.

This article outlines all the possible meanings of an avocado tattoo and provides additional information about the plant itself so that you can see whether this type of tattoo is for you.

What is an Avocado?

The avocado (Persea americana) is a flowering tree that is best known for its fruit, the delicious avocado. It is probably native to south-central Mexico, but today it is grown and cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates that have mild winters and hot, dry summers.

Thanks to its versatility, the avocado is one of the most popular fruits around the world. Its buttery, soft flesh is a great ingredient for salads, salsas, and sandwiches, to name a few!


Depending on the type of avocado you have, it might have yellow, green, brown, or even purple skin. In terms of shape, it can be either round, pear-shaped, or egg-shaped.

The History of the Avocado Tattoo

The name ‘Avocado’ has its origins in the Spanish word aguacate. The Spanish themselves got this word from the Nahuatl language spoken by the Nahua people who live in Central Mexico. Their word for the fruit is āhuacatl.

Like fruit in general, avocados have only recently become a popular tattoo choice. Thanks to their simple design and many possible symbolic meanings, they are increasingly seen as a creative and interesting tattoos option.

What is the Symbolism of the Avocado Tattoo?

Avocado tattoos have meanings associated with their shape, taste, and texture. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people choose to embrace the avocado tattoo:

  1. The contrast of a cool exterior and warm interior

Avocado fruits have a hard outer skin and warm, fleshy center, which makes them a great symbol for the saying ‘you should not judge a book by its cover’.


The avocado is a great tattoo to let people know that while you might project a gruff or bristly exterior, you are warm and friendly once people get to know you.

  1. Good health and vitality

Avocados are full of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for your health and an avocado tattoo is a great way to show that you value health, good living, and good eating.

  1. Fertility

Thanks to its large and prominent seed and egg shape, the avocado is a common symbol of fertility and the fecundity of pregnant women. In some traditions, the avocado shape is even compared to that of a man’s testicles!

  1. Friendship

The avocado is a popular symbol to represent friendship because people can get matching tattoos. Friends might opt to get the same tattoo or choose for one person to have the pip while the other has the flesh and skin.


It’s a great way to cement the bonds of friendship and show the world who your bestie is.

  1. Love, passion, and sexuality

In ancient times, the avocado was considered to be an aphrodisiac so it has strong connections to love, sexuality, and fertility.

What Types of Avocado Tattoos are There?

There are many types of avocado tattoos, from small and delicate to large and colorful.

Minimalist avocado tattoos

These tattoos are usually inked in black and white only, either as a line drawing or with some subtle shading. People who want a delicate avocado tattoo will usually choose to place it on their wrist and ankle and will make sure that it is small.

Matching tattoos

Avocados tattoos are increasingly becoming a popular way to demonstrate a connection with another person, be it through friendship, love, or family.

Two people might choose to have avocado tattoos that interlink with each other or might have the exact same tattoo inked on the same part of their bodies.


People are also fond of having matching avocado tattoos with human emotions of love and happiness.

Kawaii tattoos

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning ‘cute’, ‘adorable’ or ‘pretty’, and in the tattoo world, it relates to tattoos that are bold, colorful, and cartoonish in nature.

A Kawaii-style avocado tattoo will be bold, full of color, have an exaggerated shape, and will likely be infused with a sweet and sympathetic character.

Why is the Avocado a Popular Tattoo Choice?

The avocado is increasingly becoming a popular tattoo choice for the following reasons:

  1. It can be large and colorful or monochrome and subtle
  2. The design is simple and it does not need to be large to make a statement
  3. It is a great way to celebrate friendship
  4. It can be placed on any part of the body
  5. It can symbolize many different things.

What are the Best Locations for an Avocado Tattoo?

There is no ‘best’ location for an avocado tattoo, but there is a ‘best’ location for you depending on the symbolism of your tattoo.

If you want a matching friendship tattoo, you should place it somewhere like your wrist, forearm, or ankle where you can easily show it off as a match with your friend.

Most people choose to place their avocado tattoo on their forearms or lower leg. However, if your tattoo represents one of the more personal meanings like fertility, passion, or sexuality, you might want to ink it above your heart or at another personal spot.

Most importantly, be yourself. Place your tattoo on the part of your body that feels right for you.

So, is an Avocado Tattoo Right for You?

When considering getting a tattoo, it’s always worth taking the time to research the symbolism and what it means.


An avocado tattoo can symbolize many things including fertility, friendship, and healthy living.

This article outlines how the avocado tattoo is full of meaning and symbolism. If you’re the type of person who values genuine friendship but you need time to open up to others, the avocado might be the tattoo for you!

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