64 [Breathtaking] Astronaut Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

64 [Breathtaking] Astronaut Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Astronauts are inspirational. Throughout human history, we’ve explored the lands and the seas and there is one great frontier left… the vast reaches of space! 

For those who have the courageous spirit and the drive to explore, this is the ultimate body-art option for sharing this sentiment with the world.

Let’s take a look together at some truly breathtaking body art with 64 astronaut tattoo design ideas. By the end of this little tour, you’re sure to have a few amazing ideas of your own.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Have a look at these beauties and you can see for yourself!

1. Astronaut Tattoo on the Chest

The chest is a bold place for a tattoo and an astronaut tattoo on the chest shows the world that the wearer has the heart of an explorer. 

Just as the challenges the last frontiers of explorer in the dark and cold reaches of space, so the owner of a tattoo like this is unafraid to push boundaries all in the name of experiencing the unique and the new.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Chest

2. Falling Astronaut Tattoo

A falling astronaut is definitely an explorer in trouble and it could express the wearer’s ability to get in over their heads from time to time from the sheer joys of exploring the unexplored. 

This is a good body art choice for one whose curiosity often gets them in trouble again and again… and while they seem to be a lost soul, they are loving every minute of it!

Falling Astronaut Tattoo

3. Alien Astronaut Tattoo

Is the alien inside the suit or is the last thing that may be seen by an astronaut with a cracked helmet, adrift in space? 

An alien astronaut tattoo is sure to start a few conversations and this is a good choice for those who know in their hearts that we are not alone in the universe… not by a long shot!

Alien Astronaut Tattoo

4. Minimalist Astronaut Tattoo

The cute little astronaut says it all! 

While cartoonish, the symbolism of the intrepid space explorer is still there and the stylized lines next to it could even be an ‘E’ or another letter that you select if you’d like your astronaut to represent a child, niece, or nephew!

It could also be an astronaut just for you, it’s all about what you choose to go with it that makes the tattoo uniquely your own.

Minimalist Astronaut Tattoo

5. Astronaut Tattoo with Balloons

Who needs a rocket? An Astronaut tattoo with balloons is a good choice for a clever person who is going to get where they want to go, one way or another. 

This tattoo is a great way to show the world your ingenuity and creativity as well as a love for the fantastic.

This is also a design that can have some steampunk elements worked in to really show off some clever shading and colors… what will you do to personalize yours?

Astronaut Tattoo with Balloon

6. Astronaut Diver Tattoo

While space is viewed as the final frontier, the depths of the sea still hide their own mysteries and an astronaut diver tattoo is a good way to remind the world of this. 

This is a good tattoo for those who love exploration and the sea and you can get very creative with it, as you could change the seascape and make it an alien sea if you like!

Astronaut Diver Tattoo

7. Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo

Space is where the future lies and there’s no doubt about that. 

With a galaxy astronaut tattoo you can see the astronaut staring out into the infinite cosmos, eager to explore and to learn it’s secrets. 

This is a great tattoo choice for those who know that our future lies in technology and exploring the stars.

It’s the last great adventure, after all, and this tattoo is perfect for those people who are well aware of this.

Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo

8. Geometric Astronaut Tattoo

For the organized and technology-driven soul this geometric astronaut tattoo is quite the perfect fit. 

With its neat, angular lines this tattoo represents ordered thought and the confidence that this sort of thinking and the most modern of technology can and will mankind wherever we wish to go.

This is a good choice for a soul who knows that science, logic, and courage are what push us forward into the future ahead.

Geometric Astronaut Tattoo

9. Half Sleeve Astronaut Tattoo

On small step for man… The half sleeve astronaut tattoo brings to mind that the bold achievements of the astronauts before and those who will come. 

Unafraid of the unknown and shielded with technology, the astronaut represents a curiosity and a sense of adventure that will not be denied.

This is great body art for the adventurer with a mind to the modern!

Half Sleeve Astronaut Tattoo

10. Lost Astronaut Tattoo

When an astronaut becomes lost it’s a story of tragedy. 

There are not always happy endings in space, in fact, it’s more likely to be the opposite and a lost astronaut tattoo is a good choice for those who make their way alone in life and are aware that self-reliance is the only dependable thing in this world.

This is a good choice for a loner who lives life on the edge and know that there is no safety net for them if they take so much as a single wrong step.

Lost Astronaut Tattoo

11. Minimal Astronaut Tattoo

This cute little astronaut is lost in space but is not worried about it… they’ve got a balloon, after all! 

A minimal astronaut tattoo such as this one is a great way to show that one has not lost their sense of childhood wonder – especially where space and the future are concerned.

This is a great choice of body art for someone with the heart of an explorer but more importantly, someone who has kept their inner child alive so that every new wonder may be appreciated to the fullest!

Minimal Astronaut Tattoo

12. Lonely Astronaut Tattoo

The lonely astronaut has been left alone to fend for themselves, with a view of new adventures and horizons quite visible… just beyond their reach! 

A lonely astronaut tattoo is a good choice for a soul who feels that they have been left behind and that adventures are out there and beyond their grasp – for now.

Lonely Astronaut Tattoo

13. Astronaut on the Moon tattoo

An astronaut on the moon tattoo is a great way to commemorate the Apollo 11 and the drive and spirit that lead up to the point of the first humans landing on the moon. 

This is a good tattoo choice for someone who loves space travel and science and the spirit of discovery and ingenuity that goes with it.

It is the ultimate symbol of human ingenuity!

Astronaut Tattoo on the Moon

14. Pin up Girl Astronaut Tattoo

Girls love space too and a pin up girl astronaut tattoo is a good choice for reminding the world of that. 

As of March 2021, 65 women have flown in space, and people tend to forget this just a little too much for comfort.

This is a great choice for honoring the ladies of space and reminding all who see it that not all pioneers and bold space explorers are men… this new frontier is for everyone bold enough to ride the rockets and step bravely into the cold, unexplored depths of space.

Pin up Girl Astronaut Tattoo

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15. Astronaut Holding Earth Tattoo

In this tattoo we have an astronaut holding the Earth like a balloon. This could represent many things, for instance, are they holding the Earth or tethered to it? 

One could also add other planet-balloons to show a mastery of many worlds.

It could even simply represent one who travels far but always keep home close to their heart.

Astronaut Holding Earth Tattoo

16. Astronaut Monkey Tattoo

In 1948 the first astronaut monkey was launched into space and his name was Albert. 

An astronaut monkey tattoo is a clever choice for those who are fascinated with space and all the work that it has taken us to get there.

Monkeys went into space before humans ever stepped foot in a rocket and tattoo such as this is a reminder that not all of the sacrifices that lead to our current era of discovery were made by humans. 

We owe a lot to our monkey friends like Albert who helped to pave the way!

Astronaut Monkey Tattoo

17. Fishing Astronaut Tattoo

This fishing astronaut tattoo sums up some of the core essence of space travel for us. 

Out there in the middle of nowhere, the astronaut is casting out the line and the hook to see if something – or even anything – bites!

This body art is a perfect choice for the soul who knows that we are gambling in space but that it is a worthwhile pursuit, because the only way to catch something is to get out there bravely and to try!

Fishing Astronaut Tattoo

18. Dog Astronaut Tattoo

Some of us have a special furry friend at home that we’d like to commemorate and a dog astronaut tattoo like this is a fun way to show the brave and eccentric spirit of your furry best friend. 

Some of the best tattoo choices out there have to do with family, and a good dog is exactly that, making this a great choice for honoring our faithful 4-legged friends.

Dog Astronaut Tattoo

19. Cartoon Astronaut Tattoo

This astronaut doesn’t play by the rules, surfing the cosmic seas on their custom-painted board, and this cartoon astronaut tattoo is a great example of taking imagery that we all know and making it your own!

 Even the color choices really catch the eye, but that board adds an unmistakable touch of irreverence.

This is a tattoo for someone who is willing to work their way up but once they get there, they’ll be making their own rules!

Cartoon Astronaut Tattoo

20. Floating Astronaut Tattoo

Is the astronaut lost or are they going alone into the dangerous unknown?

 The floating astronaut tattoo can say many things, depending on if you leave them there alone or what you put with it. 

This tattoo choice could be a good fit for someone who feels isolated or like they are the only one brave enough to explore what’s out there.

It could also be a lost soul who feels that they are on borrowed time. The message and meaning will all be up to you!

Floating Astronaut Tattoo

21. Astronaut throwing a Paper Airplane Tattoo

This eye-catching tattoo is amusing and chock full of character. 

In it we see the astronaut, with a stylish cape, cleverly propelling themselves through the unknown by throwing and hanging on to their paper airplane!

This is a great tattoo choice for someone who gets themselves wherever they want to go with wits and sheer style! A clever troublemaker that you can’t help but admire.

Astronaut throwing Paper Airplane Tattoo

22. Astronaut Lady Tattoo

This tattoo is a great choice for men and women alike to remind the world that space is for everyone. 

Ladies have been going to space since Russian Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova in 1963 and bold ladies like this deserve commemoration.

It’s also a great way for a lady to show that she loves space and would go there in an instant to make a new and exciting life.

Astronaut Lady Tattoo

23. Astronaut Helmet Tattoo

This astronaut helmet tattoo demonstrates the heart and mysterious nature of the explorer. 

While we know that there is someone inside, they can’t be seen, and we have only the reflections of the world around them and up in space to give us a clue where the intrepid explorer has gone.

This is a good choice for one who keeps their secrets close and who lives for adventure, without the need to brag or advertise who they are.

Astronaut Lady Tattoo

24. Colorful Astronaut Tattoo

The contrast of the black and white astronaut with the surrounding colors is quite the aesthetically pleasing body art and it could also have a message, depending on the meaning of the colors selected. 

The rainbow could indicate support for the LGBT community, for instance, or the combination of geometric symbols and colors might just be a way to create a beautiful and eye-catching tattoo.

Colorful Astronaut Tattoo

25. Astronaut Sleeve Tattoo

The ultimate expression of support for the space race and mankind at it’s very best, a detailed astronaut sleeve tattoo such as this is a bold statement that can’t be missed. 

The person who wears this has an eye always turned towards the future and realizes that the Earth is only a stepping-stone to the great universe and the mysteries beyond.

This is serious art for the serious space enthusiast, no doubt about it!

Astronaut Sleeve Tattoo

26. Astronaut Tattoo on the Neck

This astronaut is sitting on the crescent of the moon for everyone to see, but they do not look lost at all! 

A tattoo on the next is the hallmark of someone who makes their own rules and a tattoo like this might indicate that they have the heart of an observer.

Someone who has set themselves apart on purpose and is waiting to see what the world is going to do, with hope but perhaps will little expectation that we’re going to change much for the better.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Neck

27. NASA Astronaut Tattoo

The color and pure aesthetics of this tattoo make it an amazing choice for the beauty alone. 

As far as the meaning, that will depend, but it could be a way to honor NASA and the driving spirit that pushes us up and into the stars.

Whatever the choices and message of this tattoo, there is no denying that it is a breathtaking piece of body art that the wearer is surely quite proud of!

NASA Astronaut Tattoo

28. Astronaut Tattoo on the Bicep

A tattoo on the bicep is an excellent way to have your tattoo but still be able to hide it during one’s professional life. 

This body art is a good selection for a person who feels the drive to explore and to experience new things that few others – if any – will know in their lifetimes.

With nothing but their tech to keep them alive, the astronaut bravely goes forward into the unknown, with a self-reliance that reflected in the person who has chosen an astronaut tattoo on the bicep.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Bicep

29. Matching Astronaut Tattoo

Whether proclaiming the family you were born with or the family that you have made in life, nothing quite says loyalty and enduring friendship like a matching tattoo. 

matching astronaut tattoos not only show that kind of friendship but they are also a good symbol of two who have had no one but each other to help themselves through life.

It’s a profound statement and not a choice for the meek!

Matching Astronaut Tattoo

30. Astronaut Tattoo on Arm

This bold and colorful tattoo is not one that can be hidden easily and a choice like this reflects a person who doesn’t let ‘the rules’ of society dictate who they are or what they do.

It’s also an amazing piece of art, with painstaking shading, detail, and colors, that is guaranteed to catch the eye and tell the world that its wearer is – at heart – an explorer of life!

Astronaut Tattoo on Arm

31. Astronaut Tattoo on the Shoulder

A shoulder tattoo gives you a lot of space to work with and it’s easy to hide in a pinch – perfect for a little artistic body art expression with an eye for personal privacy and professionalism. 

In this tattoo we see a portal-view of an astronaut in space, not looking lost, but somehow determined.

This is a good choice for a person who works hard, but also plays hard, exploring all the new things that they can find which life has to offer.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Shoulder

32. Astronaut Tattoo on the Forearm

The forearm is a good place for a tattoo that you want everyone to see and this one is a beauty. 

It incorporates geometrical shapes, as well as the phases of the moon, along with the shading and detail of the suit.

You’ll notice also the skull, symbolic of the sacrifices made by the space explorers who came before and who won our current knowledge at the costs of their lives. 

This is a good tattoo for someone who believes that knowledge is everything – no matter the cost.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Forearm

33. Astronaut Tattoo on the Hand

A tattoo on the hand is sometimes small and limited to the fingers – but not always. 

A bold astronaut tattoo on the hand like this shows a bit of cyberpunk style and a love of space and space travel presented clearly for the world to see.

This is body art for someone who loves and lives for the future before us that will come when we’ve fully unlocked interstellar travel and moved beyond.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Hand

34. Astronaut Tattoo on the Thigh

For those who love space but don’t necessarily advertise it, an astronaut tattoo on the thigh is a good way to get a lot of space to work with for a truly stunning tattoo and to hide it away from all but a select few whom we allow to be close.

As you can see, with a space like the thigh you can truly spend a lot of time with shading, shapes, details, and colors, making this one of the best places for a tattoo you’ll never get tired of having.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Thigh

35. Funny Astronaut Tattoo

Often tattoos are a way to express our sense of humor and this funny astronaut tattoo is a great example.

The unknown astronaut is sitting in a blue easy chair, sipping coffee, and with a crossed leg looking both comfortably at home and yet very out of their element.

This is a great body art option for someone who knows that they are different but who apologizes to no one, simply making themselves at home wherever they happen to be.

Funny Astronaut Tattoo

36. Black and White Astronaut Tattoo Design

Shading like this takes a lot of sessions but the effect is definitely worth it.

This black and white astronaut tattoo design shows only the light of the stars, reflection on the helmet, and a highlight of the suit, which is quite the true depiction of the darkness of space.

A tattoo like this is a good choice for someone who knows that it is lonely and dark out there in the world but that rewards come only to those bold enough to push on anyway.  

Black and White Astronaut Tattoo Design

37. Astronaut Tattoo on the Back

Back tattoos can be amazingly elegant sometimes and this astronaut tattoo on the back is a perfect example of this.

With a colorful planet along with a black and white depiction of an astronaut skipping out of a diamond-shaped portal, this tattoo could symbolize one who explores the unknown with the joyous abandon of a kid in a candy shop.

It also only takes up a small portion of the back, but focuses more on detail than volume, giving it quite the classy and memorable look.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Back

38. Cool Astronaut Tattoo

This cool astronaut tattoo is sure to provoke some conversation and admiration. 

In it, the triumphant astronaut appears non-plussed to be falling back into the atmosphere, with clouds in the background and the sun, rather than panicking they are breaking open a beer in triumph.

This body art could represent a care-free soul that knows you can achieve great things once you understand that greatness is worth any cost.

Cool Astronaut Tattoo

39. Death Astronaut Tattoo

Like all new frontiers, space is quite deadly and not all astronauts come back home. 

For those who love space but also recognize the danger, a death astronaut tattoo is a grim and unique way to show appreciation for both space and the perils that it comes with.

It is also a way to say that death follows us everywhere, and it to our own disservice should we ever forget that!

Death Astronaut Tattoo

40. Astronaut Tattoo on the Calf

The calf is a fairly uncommon location for a tattoo but as you can see, it offers a lot of options. 

The shape of the calf lends an almost 3-dimensional quality to the detailed astronaut tattoo on the calf and the detail in this tattoo is nothing short of amazing.

You can see the reflected galaxy in the helmet and the fine lines on the spacesuit – if you love space and detailed artwork, this might just be a perfect tattoo for you!

Astronaut Tattoo on the Calf

41. Girl Astronaut Tattoo

A strong feminist statement, this girl astronaut tattoo shows an obviously feminine astronaut with beautiful curves and bravery, here to claim the planet below and plant her flag upon it first. 

The caption at the bottom reads ‘rise’, a message of inspiration to ladies everywhere to show the world that they are not to be underestimated… not one bit!

Girl Astronaut Tattoo

42. Kinder Astronaut Tattoo

This cute little kinder astronaut tattoo is a great way to honor one’s child or a child-like joy in exploring the deep reaches of life. 

Happily bounding, with butterflies nearby and a letter on the chest that only the owner knows the meaning of, this is an excellent tattoo for one’s child or inner-child indeed!

Kinder Astronaut Tattoo

43. Astronaut Tattoo on the Leg

This leg tattoo is a little bit different than the rest, in that the astronaut looks overwhelmed by the sheer discoveries which abound all around them. 

This astronaut tattoo on the leg is a good choice for one who finds wonder every time that they gaze into the stars above us, because they know that the last great adventure is going to be found there and not on this world.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Leg

44. Realistic Astronaut Tattoo

A realistic astronaut tattoo indeed. In this image we see a normally-dressed person contemplating the stars. 

With the sun above and the moon below, they are dressed normally except for their helmet – as if to remind us that even larger-than-life astronauts are simply people who dare to dream.

This is a body art message of hope and achievement that comes from hard work, courage, and imagination.

Realistic Astronaut Tattoo

45. Astronaut Head Tattoo

For those who understand that the stars are the next and most important kingdom to conquer, this astronaut head tattoo is a perfect body art choice. 

Reflected in the helmet quite clearly is a crown. After all, the Earth is only one planet.

To rule in space is the ultimate expression of ambition and for those who think on the bigger picture, a tattoo like this is a great way to reflect this personality trait.

Astronaut Head Tattoo

46. Little Astronaut Tattoo

This little astronaut tattoo is quite the clever design, with the suspenders and buckles making an otherwise normal spacesuit into one better suited for a kid.

Body art such as this is a great way to show your nostalgia if you’ve always loved space or if you add a name to it, then it’s a great way to honor a child who has always loved and yearned to travel to the stars.

Little Astronaut Tattoo

47. Astronaut Bird Tattoo

If you love space and love cute animals, this astronaut bird tattoo is the perfect expression of both. 

Tattoos don’t always have to be so serious to reflect the personality of their wearer and sometimes cute tattoos like this can say it all.

Whatever your reasons, there’s no denying that this bird is adorable and sure to catch the eye of whoever beholds it!

Astronaut Bird Tattoo

48. Astronaut Eye Tattoo

Eyes represent a lot of things but with an astronaut eye tattoo like this you’ve got some solid symbolism depicted.

The astronaut is travelling boldly forward, while the eye behind it is reflecting the new planet which awaits.

This is a good choice for those who love to explore and bring home stories, so that those who are less inclined to adventure can ‘see’ and live vicariously through the traveler’s boldness and adventures.

Astronaut Eye Tattoo

49. Small Astronaut Tattoo

This small astronaut tattoo says it all, with a happy astronaut, arms raised, riding the Earth into new and unexplored territory with the inspiration caption above reading ‘explore!’.

For the space enthusiast who wishes to inspire others with their exploration fever, this tattoo is sure to do the trick nicely.

It’s cute, inspiration, and quite direct – very likely the personality of the person who chooses this tattoo.

Small Astronaut Tattoo

50. Easy Astronaut Tattoo

The symbolism behind the image of an astronaut is recognized right away and even an easy astronaut tattoo imparts a message of courage and exploring new horizons the instant that anyone sees it.

If you love space and share the pioneering spirt of these space-travelers, then this tattoo might be an excellent fit for you!

Easy Astronaut Tattoo

51. Astronaut Line Tattoo

This astronaut line tattoo is quite the interesting composition. In it we see an astronaut inside a triangle, with planets and stars behind them, but up above and just beyond is a singular, solid, and mysterious barrier.

This body art choice might be a good fit for those who believe in life beyond the stars, with the border-line representing something separate from the planets and perhaps fabricated by extraterrestrial minds waiting to test our mettle once we’re bold enough to find it out there in space.

Astronaut Line Tattoo

52. Astronaut Outline Tattoo

Cute and provocative, in this astronaut outline tattoo we’re either seeing an astronaut leaving a ship with a prize or one who is about to get scooped up by aliens and doesn’t quite know it yet.

Whimsical tattoos such as these are thought and conversation provoking and say a lot about the heart of the wearer.

Remember – your tattoo doesn’t have to be complex and detailed, as this tattoo shows.

Sometimes the simple approach can really get you thinking!

Astronaut Outline Tattoo

53. Jellyfish and Astronaut Tattoo

When we find life in the stars, who knows what it will look like? 

This jellyfish and astronaut tattoo has one theory and we have to say that it makes for quite the interesting design. 

This tattoo is quite eye catching but one has to wonder what it might look like with a little extra shading and some otherworldly colors?  

Just something to consider when you are deciding what yours is going to look like!

Jellyfish Astronaut Tattoo

54. Cat Astronaut Tattoo

This cute little ‘meowstronaut’ is a great choice for fans of anime, cats, cuteness, or all three! 

This cat astronaut tattoo is definitely adorable and unique and a perfect fit for someone who wants to share a little much-needed cuteness with the world.  

Cat Astronaut Tattoo

55. Half Astronaut Tattoo

This half astronaut tattoo is definitely unique. In it our intrepid explorer has obviously found some sort of portal, which they are halfway in and halfway out of. 

This could represent the wearer’s feelings on life in general if they have to balance their life between two worlds, so there could be a significant message behind this well-crafted body art.

With the placement of a few other items, it’s a clever way to customize a message for the world to see.

Half Astronaut Tattoo

56. Astronaut Tattoo on the Ankle

Floating adrift with no tether and Saturn in the background, this astronaut tattoo on the ankle shows a little pioneering spirit but could also represent the feeling of being alone with new horizons just out of reach. 

The fine detail on this tattoo is quite striking and you might customize it easily by reflecting something personal in the helmet glass… but what will you choose?

The best part of your tattoos is, after all, making them your own.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Ankle

57. Astronaut Playing Basketball Tattoo

For the adventurous heart that also loves their sports, we bring you this astronaut playing basketball tattoo. 

While the surface of the moon and the surrounding stars are reflected in the helmet, our hero astronaut is more concerned with playing a little low-gravity B-ball. 

This is an excellent body art option for someone who loves space but who loves their sports just a little bit more!

Astronaut Playing Basketball Tattoo

58. Astronaut Listening To Music Tattoo

Rock and roll will never die and this astronaut listening to music tattoo depicts a happy astronaut making ‘metal horns’ with their hand as they rock out on a giant amplifier in space. 

If you love science fiction and space travel and you also happen to believe that metal will never die, then this tattoo is a perfect fit for expressing exactly that.

Astronaut Listening Music Tattoo

59. Astronaut Playing Guitar Tattoo

Another nod to rock and roll, this astronaut playing the guitar tattoo is also a great choice for a musician or one who simply loves their rock and roll and all things space-related. 

The details, shading, and the minimal use of color actually make this tattoo really pop… this is definitely some body art that you could customize for yourself.

If the symbolism calls to you, then this might well be your first or next tattoo!

Astronaut Playing Guitar Tattoo

60. Dinosaur Astronaut Tattoo

A nod to space travel and extreme cuteness, this little dinosaur astronaut tattoo makes a great little statement and fits perfectly on the ankle. 

It’s minimalistic and cartoony and likely to be selected by a certain type of personality with a love of cuteness and a devil-may-care attitude.

Dinosaur Astronaut Tattoo

61. Astronaut Couple Tattoo

Some couples share a deep love for the same things and this astronaut couple tattoo is a perfect fit for lovers who would gladly explore the stars together with nothing but each other to rely on. 

It’s a bold and romantic choice that tells the world that there is an entire universe that exists uniquely for two hearts such as the wearers.

Astronaut Couple Tattoo

62. Astronaut Black Hole Tattoo

This astronaut black hole tattoo is an interesting composition depicting imminent peril of the astronaut falling into a scientific diagram of a black hole. 

It’s a superb choice for one with an analytical mind and good sense of humor, who can’t help but quantify exactly what trouble they are in for even as they are falling right into it!

Astronaut Black Hole Tattoo

63. Astronaut Bear Tattoo

For animal and space lovers, we present the astronaut bear tattoo! 

This ursine space-traveler is not quite the astronaut that you were expecting, but look at the detail. 

Bears are symbolic of power and some people identify with the bear as their spirit animal, so a tattoo like this could be the perfect blend of spirituality, science, and self-expression for the right person.

Astronaut Bear Tattoo

64. Lego Astronaut Tattoo

Last but not least, for the space-loving jokers out there we’ve got a Lego astronaut tattoo. 

This little guy is large and in charge on that shoulder-space and you really can’t look at it without smiling.

Most of us grew up with Legos and the Lego movies are always creative and hilarious, making this the perfect tattoo for someone who is quick-witted, loves space (and possibly Legos), and who always has something funny to say.

Lego Astronaut Tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo FAQ

What does an astronaut tattoo with balloons mean?

An astronaut holding balloons is symbolic of a fearless traveler who has kept their inner child close.

This is a good symbol for someone who is serious, but who also knows that to truly enjoy life sometimes you have to remember to play sometimes, too.

What does an astronaut helmet tattoo mean?

Traditionally hiding the face inside, the meaning of the helmet tattoo is most often what is reflected in the glass.

It can also represent our smallness in the relative scope of things, with vast galaxies reflected on a tiny, tiny helmet.

What does an astronaut tattoo mean?

The astronaut is a symbol of courage and exploration.

This is a soul who wants to explore and knows very well that they will likely never see home again, but despite this their spirit compels them to push ahead into places that no other person has seen before.

What does a skull astronaut tattoo mean?

A skull astronaut can represent the deadliness of space, but it can also indicate the courage of man to brave this almost-certain death in the first place.

As such, it can be a grim warning of what the future may cost or a reminder to others to remember the sacrifices that have brought us to our current level of space travel.

It can also simply be a great way to depict some serious bone-art in an otherworldly manner… ultimately, it’s all up to you!

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