Aster Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More.

Aster Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More.

Aster tattoos are beautiful and vibrant tattoos that have a rich and meaningful history. They can be used to symbolize many different things about an individual and hold different meanings depending on the style and color of the tattoo.

The rest of this article will go on to discuss the history of the Aster, what the Aster flower symbolizes as well as the different meanings of this beautiful tattoo.


What is the History of Aster Tattoos?

The Aster flower is the birth flower for September. Asters are a type of wildflower that is similar to daisies. They are most commonly found in beautiful bright blue as well as shades of purple. The word Aster has origins in Ancient Greece, meaning star, this is due to the symmetry displayed within the flowers as well as the arrangement and the brightly colored flower petals.

Aster flowers have been utilised as a cover crop in farm fields. This serves a purpose as it provides a habitat as well as resources for bees and other animals in the late season as they tend to bloom in the equinox of autumn.

The Aster flower also has a rich history within Greek Mythology. It is believed that the Aster was created by the tears of the Greek Goddess Astraea. The story is that one day, she was so upset by the lack of flowers in the dark night sky that she began to cry.  As she did this, her tears fell on the ground and star-shaped aster flowers began to bloom.

This led to the flower being named after her, with Aster meaning star. However, there is an alternative interpretation. It goes that Aster flowers were created as Virgo scattered stardust over the Earth. Where the stardust settled, the Aster flowers bloomed. The Aster is also an emblem that represents Venus, the Goddess of love.


What Do Aster Tattoos Symbolize?

Mainly, the Aster Flower is used to represent people born in September but can also be popular amongst couples accomplishing a  wedding anniversary.

To start with, just like many other flowers, the Aster flower can be used as a symbol of love. Aside from this, due to their unique and vibrant aesthetic, the flowers can be used to represent beauty.

Another thing that Aster flowers can symbolize is daintiness and subtlety. If you believe yourself to be a quiet, feminine person possessing great wisdom and intelligence then this could be a tattoo that fits your personality perfectly!

Lastly, Aster tattoos can be used to symbolize courage. If you believe in standing up for your loved ones and defending what is right, then this could be a tattoo for you. If you don’t give in to difficult situations, this tattoo can be used to represent your courage.


What Do Aster Tattoos Mean?

As discussed above, Aster flowers tattoos can symbolize many different things, but they cannot mean these things simultaneously. You need to decide the Aster that you find the most suitable to represent you as a person.

Different colored flowers can mean different things, down below we will look at what each different color represents.

Pink Aster Meaning.

This color of the Aster flower is used to represent love. A pink Aster usually means you are someone that falls in love a lot, you are the type of person that openly expresses their love.

Also, you can get a pink Aster flower for someone you love, such as a partner. In this instance, the tattoo means that you will love them forever and that they are always with you in spirit.

White Aster Meaning.

It is common for white flower tattoos to represent purity as well as innocence. This color of tattoo could be used in a religious sense, displaying your love and faithfulness to whichever religion you dedicate yourself to.


Alternatively, this tattoo could be used to simply mean you are proud to be a pure-hearted, innocent individual who does not Go out of their way to hurt anyone.

Blue Aster Meaning.

The blue variation of the Aster flower is rarer than the purple one. In general, blue flower tattoos are used to indicate that you are a loyal and peaceful person. This is not typical of Aster flowers; however, the color blue implies this meaning due to its affiliation with tranquillity.

Yellow Aster Tattoo Meaning.

Yellow flowers tattoos are used to represent personal strength and ambition, on top of this, they can be used to represent wellness and optimism. Yellow is the color that is associated with the Manipura Chakra, when open, this Chakra can aid a person in achieving personal strength.

Therefore, aster tattoos can represent someone being powerful and strong enough to take control and improve their destiny.

Red Aster Meaning.

The red variation of this tattoo is used to represent romance.

Whilst this tattoo is commonly displayed with a specific person in mind, it can be used to simply show you have a love that you want to spread to everyone in your life, not just specifically one person. 


Where Do Aster Tattoos Usually Go?

Placements of Aster flower tattoos can vary and there is not a universal place for them to go. As for all tattoos, it’s going on your body, and so you are entitled to place them wherever you see fit.

Most people prefer to place them on their arms, forearms, thighs, lower legs, and neck. Although the placement is completely up to you, the aster flowers tattoos are commonly small in size. This makes them ideal to place in unique places such as the foot or even behind the ear.



Aster flowers have a rich and powerful history within Greek Mythology. The word Aster means star and the flowers are a product of the Goddess Astraea.

The flower is the birth flower of September but is also commonly used to symbolize long-lasting love.

Different variations in color can mean different things so make sure to pick a color that represents you best as an individual before choosing to get one of these beautiful and meaningful tattoos.


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