Armadillo Tattoos: Symbolisms, Meanings & More

Armadillo Tattoos: Symbolisms, Meanings & More

An armadillo is a unique looking animal, which in and of itself would make for a tattoo that stands out.

However, the armadillo has a lot of symbolism and meaning attached to it that can be represented in its depiction, whether through the art of tattooing or through other mediums.

What Is An Armadillo?

Armadillos are distinctive-looking mammals native to The United States. They are quite clever in that they’ve developed their own technique to protect themselves from potential predators. They roll up into a ball, leading many predators to believe they are an object rather than a food source.

This causes many potential predators to leave them alone, or play with them until they get bored and move on. These animals eat small bugs and insects, and have long tongues and noses.

Armadillos are one of the animal symbols special to the state of Texas, and were quite admired by the Azetcs. They can be associated with numerous symbolic meanings as well.

Symbols Of Strength

The armadillo is often referred to as a symbol of protection and strength given its recognizable physique, which is crucial to its survival.

Their bone structure and cartilage is like a protective barrier on their bodies. Thus, the animal makes for a perfect depiction of an individual’s personal journey with finding their own strength.

Symbols Of Setting Boundaries

The animal can also be interpreted as a symbol of protection in the form of creating and adhering to personal boundaries, which can be an ongoing battle for some. A tattoo can stand in place of a person’s commitment to setting their own safe boundaries to ensure their wellbeing.

This attribution is fitting, as armadillos tend to be quite cautious creatures. The same can be said for those with boundaries who don’t jump to trust others in order to protect themselves from potential harm.


A Spirit Animal Or Totem

Being that these animals are native to America, and can only be found there, they’ve served as unique totems or spirit guides for spiritual believers in the country for a very long time.

For those who see spiritual significance in the armadillo, these animals are viewed to be the ultimate protector to take along with them in life.

They are also able to withstand some pretty difficult climate conditions, being that they tend to dwell in deserts. Additionally, there are revered as spirit animals or totems for some given the symbolism that has been attributed to them.

The Spiritual Interpretations Of The Armadillo

The armadillo has a spiritual attachment to empathy, and its likeness can serve as a reminder to look to the armadillo when needing to recognize how others are impacted by their own experiences.

With armadillos often digging to search for food or roots, they can serve as a spirit guide for those who need to nurture their curious side. A tattoo can serve as a reminder to remain open to learning new things and exploring the world around you.


Their spirits are additionally known to encourage rest in those that see their sacredness, given that the animals are known for being sleepers. They can sleep for a very long time. The spirit animal can be a reminder to rest and take care of yourself.

They also enjoy silence, and don’t like to be disrupted during rest. Disruption and unnecessary noise can also have negative impacts on a person’s spirit, making it easy for many to relate to the creatures.

As a Native American symbol, they represent many of the aforementioned symbols and are regarded as spirit animals that can encourage self preservation and self care.

The Armadillo Song

The Armadillo Song is a story that has been passed down in Bolivia about an armadillo that loved music, but whenever he would try to sing along with other musically-inclined creatures, he was mocked.


Out of desperation, he asks a wizard to grant him musical talents, which the wizard agrees to, but says that he will have to sacrifice his life for his wish.

The armadillo didn’t hesitate as his love for music was bigger than his love of life. The Armadillo Song can be interpreted as one that represents the shared love of music that many people can relate to, as well as the importance that art has for those who may appreciate it and those who can create it.

Additional Meanings

Armadillos have been interpreted to mean many different things.. For example, they have been considered complex creatures, which is fitting for those who are also complex due to their experiences or personal battles. Their visage can also stand for trust, compassion, harmony, and peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are armadillo tattoos popular?

The armadillo makes for a visually interesting tattoo riddled in different meanings for different people. Animals in general make popular tattoos, and these creatures are no exception.


Q: What does armadillo mean?

The name armadillo is actually Spanish, and translates to little armored one in English.

Q: Why do people get armadillo tattoos?

Above and beyond their bountiful symbolic meanings, they also make for intricate tattoos that allow one to express creativity. They are often designed with different interpretations of their unique shells and patterns on their skin.

Q: Are armadillos symbols for anything negative?

There is a belief that these animals might also represent illness, and can be seen as a warning that one must take care of their health.

They can also symbolize endings, which might be seen as good or bad depending on the person. Some see the distinctive nine bands on their outer shell as a sign of their beginning and end. This is due to how many spiritualities or cultures view the number nine as representing the complete cycle of life.



For those who are admirers of nature, tattoos with special meanings that also happen to be inspired by nature can be the perfect fit.

They can serve as a reminder to exhibit the traits of animals we can resonate with, inspiring us to embody them in our times of struggle.

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