Angel Wings Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Angel Wings Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Angel wings tattoos are incredibly popular, and many people find themselves drawn to this design for a number of reasons. 

Angel wings tattoos hold a significant amount of history and meanings, and there are many different ways that you can incorporate them into a tattoo.

These tattoos often symbolize freedom, rebirth, faith, and protection, but they can have darker meanings that reflect pain and suffering. Angel wings tattoos come in all types of styles and designs, based on personal preference and meaning.

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What is the History of Angel Wings Tattoos?

Angels are powerful beings that show up in many religious texts, such as the Bible and the Torah. While not all of them have wings in these texts, many are depicted with them, and their wings have become a significant symbol of angels and the concepts related to them.

In religious texts, angels are commonly creatures of light and salvation, and their wings often represent God’s power and love. 

Some view angel wings as a symbol of how perfectly God created them, as they have the unique ability to travel between dimensions to complete their work in both Heaven and on Earth. They are often sent to watch over people and guide them, and angel wings have become a popular symbol for guardian angels. 

The idea of angel’s earning their wings has also played into the history of the angel wings tattoos. In today’s pop culture, the idea that angels must earn their wings is a widespread concept that many people adhere to.

As a symbol of purity and goodness, the angel must be worthy of their wings in order to be a true representation of these concepts. 

There is a significant history behind angel wings tattoos, and although they are heavily rooted in modern religion, there is also much evidence to suggest that they actually predate catholicism. Some angel wing tattoos are based off of Hermes’, an Ancient Greek god, and others have roots in Ancient Egyptian cultures, among many others. Angel wings can be associated with modern religion, but they are a generally spiritual concept. 

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What Do Angel Wings Tattoos Symbolize?

Angel wings can symbolize a number of different things, such as protection, guidance, positivity, and even pain and suffering.

Many people get angel wings tattoos to represent a guardian angel, which can remind them that they are not alone. It is often a tribute or memorial to a lost loved one who they believe will act as their guardian angel as they move forward in life. 

Angel wings often act as a symbol of faith and goodness, as well as light and salvation. Some people get them as a reminder or symbol of their faith, and the way in which they want to live their lives. 

Angel wings can also have non-religious connotations, and these are often associated with bird wing tattoos. They symbolize freedom and the ability to fly, traveling the earth unbound and untethered. 

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What Do Angel Wings Tattoos Mean?

Angel wings tattoos have many meanings, including courage, strength, hope, purity, freedom, faith, protection, guardian angels, rebirth and second chances. While the meaning behind them is often spiritual, they do not have to be religious. 

When it comes to faith, angel wings tattoos often represent the Christian faith and belief in God, reminding people of their holy, angelic side and encouraging them to practice acts of kindness.

They can also represent guardian angels, a symbol of protection and guidance from a greater power, such as a lost loved one. 

Angel wings tattoos can also represent rebirth and second chances for people who have had near death experiences or have struggled with things such as addiction and serious illness or injury. The angel wings signify moving forward in life in a positive way. 

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Characteristics and Styles of Angel Wings Tattoos

There are a variety of characteristics and styles of angel wings tattoos, depending on meaning as well as personal preference. Some are outstretched as if in flight, while others (most commonly) are folded down, meaning that an angel is not in flight. 

Some angel wings designs include a halo or other religious imagery, such as a broken wing or saints. Many of the ones with halos are done in memory of a loved one and symbolize a guardian angel. These tattoos may also include a name, date of birth, or quote to memorialize someone who has passed away. A heart with angel wings is also common for these types of tattoos.

Other tattoos depict a full angel with wings, which often symbolizes protection. Winged angels are considered literal messengers from God, and therefore the wings are an important part of the design. 

Fallen angel wings tattoos, on the contrary, are often more elaborate and symbolize immense pain, suffering, and sadness. 

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Where Do Angel Wings Tattoos Usually Go?

Angel wings tattoos vary in size, and the location can vary based on personal preference. However, there are  locations that are more popular for angel wings tattoos. 

Larger angel wings tattoos are typically placed on the back, shoulder, and/or arms, and some of these are life sized or close to being so. These are most often folded wings. 

Smaller angel wings tattoos can be placed on your arm, ribcage, or finger, but these typically look great anywhere. 

Angel wing tattoos are also heavily linked to Hermes’, the messenger god from classical Greek mythology, and tattoos based off of him are often a single wing or a pair of wings near the foot and/or ankle.  

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Angel wings tattoos come in many different styles, and have a number of unique meanings that vary between people. While often connected to religious ideas and beliefs, angel wings tattoos are not always religious, and can have many meanings outside of an organized faith. 

Many angel wings tattoos are simple, elegant, and have beautiful meanings. They often reflect intense emotion, such as loss or hope, and can be a wonderful tattoo to get.

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