25 Anemone Tattoo Ideas in 2021 Meanings,Designs,And More

25 Anemone Tattoo Ideas in 2021 Meanings,Designs,And More

The anemone is a flower that symbolizes both good luck and bad luck depending on the culture. It also signifies forsaken love and holds a special place within Greek mythology.

Flower tattoos are more than just a beautiful design. A lot of the time they are chosen to represent some deeper meaning and are symbolic of something important to the person. 

So, when you see a flower tattoo not only should you appreciate its beauty and the art of the tattoo but you should also wonder what it represents.

There are so many amazing flowers out there that make great tattoos, some of the most popular styles being roses and lilies, but sometimes something lesser-known is better. 

This way you can appreciate the tattoo for its significance as well as its beauty.

Here we’re going to talk you through the anemone flower, its meanings, origins and how to make it into a beautiful tattoo.


The hidden meaning of the anemone

Belonging to the buttercup family, the anemone flower is also commonly called the “windflower”. 

This is because the name for the flower is derived from the Greek meaning “daughter of the wind”. 

The cultural significance of this flower in Greek mythology relates to Aphrodite who was said to have made the flower. 

The plant is believed to have grown when nectar was mixed with tears and was poured over the blood of Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis. 

The name comes from the fact that the flower’s petals are so thin and delicate that they can easily be moved by a breeze.

The flower is connected to this myth through two variations of the same story. In one Adonis was killed by a wild boar and in the other Adonis was murdered by jealous Gods who sent the boar. 


The connection of the flower to this story represents a dualistic meaning: the arrival of spring and the passing of a loved one.

In reference to Victorian culture, the anemone flower signified forsaken love and peasants would often carry them in their pockets to ward off bad fortune and diseases.

The link between the anemone flower and illness does not stop in European culture but also carries over into Egyptian and Chinese cultures. 

Here the flower is said to bring bad luck as it is a sign of disease due to its coloring.

Aside from the cultural significance, the anemone flower is usually used to represent anticipation. 

This means stems from the fact that the windflower closes up during the night and opens again in the morning. 

The fragile flower is a type of wildflower meaning that it necessarily holds the meaning of relaxation and this is only furthered by its apparent “sleep” throughout the night.


There are many different colors of windflower that can be found and, as with all flowers, the exact coloring of the flower will shift its meaning.

For example, the white anemone flower signifies sincerity and a delicate nature. 

The red windflower remains similar in meaning to many other red flowers with its connection to love, but here it is with forsaken love as well as death. 

Finally, the purple windflower means protection from evil and bad luck. 

So, just how the cultural meaning shift dramatically from good to bad depending on the culture, here too the coloring radially changes the meaning from death to sincerity. 

Due to its connection with death anemone flowers are often found in paintings representing death such as paintings depicting the crucifixion of Jesus or the mourning of Jesus by the Virgin Mary. 

Beyond its spiritual meanings, the anemone flower is also used in medicine, despite the fact that it is actually toxic. 

It is traditionally used to treat stomach issues and nausea.


Tattoo designs with the anemone flower

Black and white, simple tattoo

Because there is an abundance of different meanings associated with the windflower, the exact design that will best suit your intention will vary from that of another. 

For example, if you want to have a tattoo of the anemone flower as a way to represent death and mourning, for instance, to honor a loved one, then a brightly colorful tattoo may not be the most appropriate option.

Instead, something simple and elegant will better convey the significance of the flower to you. 

Keeping the lines clean and neat, avoiding any overcomplications will add beautiful delicacy to your tattoo and ensure that it lasts a very long time.


A bright purple tattoo

If you are choosing to depict a windflower in the form of a tattoo as protection against evil then you will want to depict the purple version of the flower.

For this reason, unless very bold the color may not be obvious enough as certain shades of purple can be very close to red.

Since the red anemone flower depicts death and lost love this is certainly not a mistake that you will want people to make. 

, opting for the perfect shade of purple and ensuring that your tattoo is bold and striking will make sure that this doesn’t happen.



The anemone flower is beautifully delicate, but not all of its meaning are. 

The windflower is one that can mean a multitude of different things, all with significantly different meanings that you will certainly not want to confuse. 

For this reason, it is important that you understand the meaning behind the exact version of the flower that you want to get tattooed.

You will also need to be aware that in some cultures your tattoo will be considered bad luck whilst in other cultures it is a sign of protection. 

If you have a mixed cultural heritage then you may want to consider how it will be perceived in both. 

Besides this, the anemone flower is a beautiful and simple flower that will make for a great tattoo. 

The outline is simple enough to give you creative freedom with the design or to keep it classic and clean. Either way your tattoo will look great.


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