Amaryllis Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Amaryllis Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

A flower tattoo has the ability to represent something close to the heart without being obvious. 

It’s the perfect mixture of artistry and deep meaning; two things most tattoo lovers hope to convey with their body art. 

With its rich embodiment of attributes everyone can relate to, the amaryllis is fantastic inspiration for your next floral tattoo. 

The History Of Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos aren’t anything new, and they are immensely popular for a reason.

 Flowers are a thing of beauty and are one of nature’s true blessings. They can be interpreted in so many ways outside of their historical symbolism.

Rather than being a tattoo trend that you might grow out of, a flower is a classic tattoo idea that will continue to be beautiful over time. 

Despite how tattooing has evolved, floral tattoos have always remained a failsafe.


What Is An Amaryllis?

The amaryllis is a star-shaped, winter flower that can bloom in a variety of colors.

They resemble the lily flower, as they fall within the same family of flowers. They can also live a very long time if you treat them well; they have been seen to stay alive for 75 years. 

Their ability to stay alive under the right conditions for some time and their rich color have made them a popular holiday flower.

They have become a more trendy alternative to the typical poinsettia or holly commonly seen during Christmas.

The Origins Of The Amaryllis

In Greek, amaryllis means “to sparkle.” The Greek myth behind the flower starts with a nymph with the same name and a shepherd named Alteo.

He apparently had a fondness for flowers. Alteo was apparently very handsome, possessing strength similar to Hercules and his physique was similar to Apollo.

Amaryllis was smitten with Alteo but couldn’t seem to get him to notice her. In order to try and capture his attention, she went to the Oracle of Delphi for advice.

She was advised to express her love to him by piercing her heart with a gold arrow each night in front of his home. 

After one month, amaryllis flowers grew in her place. In some versions of this myth, it is said that Alteo fell in love with her a little too late, after she transformed into these flowers. 

More Historical Significance

Victorians also held significance to the amaryllis as a symbol of love and beauty, as well as strength.

These common themes make perfect sense for this flower, since it is sturdy and has the ability to stand the test of time with the proper indoor care.


What Does The Amaryllis Symbolize?

The amaryllis is believed to represent pride, determination, and strength. It is believed that the flower tries to tell us to be confident and unashamed of letting your beauty show.

It is a striking flower that is hard to miss, and that’s exactly how you should carry yourself. 

The Different Shades Of Amaryllis

The most well-known and commonly seen amaryllis is a dark crimson red. However, the flower comes in a variety of different colors, each with their own special meaning.

A red amaryllis fittingly stands for love and passion, as well as determination. It can be a perfect yet subtle homage to someone you love. Other colors include:


  • Pink: This color symbolizes love and friendship. The type of relationship encapsulated by pink is platonic yet deep.


  • Purple: This color symbolizes royalty and spirituality. It can also be representative of someone who has a bold, independent, and confident personality.
  • White: This color symbolizes the act of mourning for a lost loved one as a reminder of their memory. On the other hand, this white flower can also stand for childlike purity and innocence.

  • Orange: This color represents happiness and good health. It can also stand for optimism and security in life. 

  • Yellow: This color represents luck and good fortune. Similar to the orange flower, it can also be representative of happiness and optimism for the future.

Amaryllis And Health

Playing into the symbolism of strength, the amaryllis flower is also used to represent Huntington’s disease.

The flower speaks to the hope and determination to find a cure or treatment for this disease which impacts a person’s mental and physical health.

Using this flower in a tattoo can also be for people who have overcome some type of hardship, such as beating an addiction or overcoming an illness.

Having this flower on your body to look at can be a reminder that you have come so far. 


Tattoo Ideas

An amaryllis created with just simply black ink can be a beautiful encapsulation of the many meanings behind the flower.

It’s a lovely addition to your body art if you just simply like the look of the flower but don’t have a particular dedication in mind. 

Line work being used to create floral tattoos is an understated and trendy tattoo idea for those who want something more subtle. The impact of the symbolism is not lost on line work. 

A bouquet of amaryllis flowers in various colors can also be a meaningful way to play into any symbolism that touches you. It could be a small piece or an extravagant piece where each flower takes up a large space on your body. 


A simple tattoo idea that incorporates the amaryllis is either getting the basic outline and leaving it blank, or adding some colorful shading within the petals.

You can then have the stem flow into a word that holds great meaning for you, or perhaps the name of a family member or child that you hold dear. 

The colors and patterns within an amaryllis flower in any shade are really quite beautiful.

The artistry that would be involved in translating this onto your body would surely result in a beautiful piece, regardless of its symbolism.

The petals tend to fade into a lighter shade of the color into a creamy white towards the centre, which, if done correctly, could make for a visually intricate and stunning tattoo.


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