15 Alstroemeria Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

15 Alstroemeria Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

Alstromeria represents a loving connection and prosperity and has different specific meanings depending on the coloring of the flower.

When it comes to choosing a design for a tattoo many people wish to opt for something that is both beautiful and holds a special meaning.

For this reason, flowers are one of the most popular choices as not only are they beautiful but the symbolism behind them varies from flower to flower.

Whether you are after a more dainty single flower tattoo or an entire large piece full of flowers there is a tattoo design for everyone.

You can customize your design to your own personal taste and have the symbolic flower reflect your personality.

The alstroemeria flower, also known as “Lily of the Incas” is a beautiful flower that makes for a great tattoo. So, here we will tell you all about the meaning behind this flower and why it would make for a great tattoo design. 


The symbolic meaning of alstroemeria

The Lily of the Incas is a flower that has a very deep symbolic meaning and brings love and joy into your life by its connection to the heart chakra.

Its connection to the heart is also reflected in its meaning as it connects you to those around you, tightening the bond.

Alstroemeria is said to bring good luck and good fortune, symbolizing wealth and prosperity that is yet to come.

So, if you are in need of a little bit of luck in the financial department this could be the perfect flower for you.

Alternatively, if you work in the finance industry this can be a subtle nod to the hard work that you do day in and day out.

In addition to wealth, the Lily of the Incas represents good fortune in friendship and relationships. Not only will it help to bring you financial luck, but also strengthened relationships with those around you.


This flower is native to South America and so if you have any family ties to Southern American countries having a tattoo of this flower can hold symbolic meaning as a connection back to your homeland and your ancestors in a beautiful way.

Alstromeria is a flower that comes in many different colors and the specific meaning of the flower actually depends on its coloring.

So, if you are looking to get a flower tattoo then not only should you consider the type of flower but also the color that you want the tattoo to be.

When it comes to alstroemeria there are four main colors that you can find the flower in: white, pink, red and yellow and the symbolism behind each is different. 

White Lily of the Incas makes for a fantastic wedding flower as it symbolizes purity, love, strength and support.

It serves to promote a fantastic mutual support system and strength the bond between two people.


Yellow alstroemeria symbolizes energy, brightness and happiness.

Yellow is a color known to represent friendship, the most famous example is yellow roses, and this is also reflected in this yellow Lily of the Incas.

The pink version of this flower, as you would expect, represents joy and playfulness as well as romance.

You can sometimes even find that the pink flowers have a touch of yellow, representing how love can grow out of friendship.

The final version, the red flower, represents passion and is a great alternative to a red rose.

Through the changing colors of the alstroemeria, you can see a story of love developing out of friendship and eventually resulting in marriage.

So, if this is your love story then this is hands down the perfect tattoo for you.

Designs and ideas

Because these flowers are typically small and come as a large bunch you have many design options available to you.

However, because their colors hold such strong significance you may want to avoid having a black and white tattoo of this flower as you will lose some of its meaning.



One of the best ways to capture the lightheartedness and colors of these flowers is to have a watercolor tattoo.

The whimsical nature of watercolor tattoo will reflect the joy and playfulness of the alstroemeria, especially if you want to represent love in the pink version of the flower.

A large bunch of the Lily of the Inca can quickly be very overwhelming as they are very bright and so it may be best to opt for a design that contains only two or three of the flowers.

That way you can get a beautiful design without it becoming too much or messy.

Two flowers

Due to the significance of the meaning behind the alstroemeria flower, as a connection between two people, a great design idea for this tattoo would be to have two flowers tattooed, either both together or one on each person as a shared tattoo. 

This would allow you to properly represent the loving meaning behind the flower as well as come out with a beautiful tattoo that is just busy enough.



The alstroemeria is a flower that is incredibly rich in symbolism and meaning. 

Not only can you feel a connection to its South American roots and symbolize family history that way but it also serves as a more universal representation of a loving connection.

This relationship can be either platonic or romantic and can be shown via the color of the tattoo that you choose. 

You can even combine these different meanings into one flower as many of them contain more than one shade, for example, pink and yellow.

Another meaning behind the flower is luck and good fortune in finance. You can use this as a representation of your career or as a wish to bring some fortune into your home.

As with any flower tattoo design, there are many different options available to you.

 But, due to the importance of this particular flower’s coloring you should pay attention to the choice of colors and how they are incorporated.


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