All Seeing Eye Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

All Seeing Eye Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

It’s a symbol that most of us have seen, but may not know the meaning of. Consisting of a large eye, within a triangle, with lines radiating in all directions as if to show that the eye can see everywhere. Known as the ‘Eye of Providence’ or the All Seeing Eye, it’s a powerful symbol – but what does it mean?

In today’s article we’ll explore the history, meanings, and designs associated with All Seeing Eye tattoos so that you’ll have a firm grounding in the deep symbolism behind this intriguing skin art option. Without further ado, let’s discuss the All Seeing Eye!

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What is the History of All Seeing Eye Tattoos?

The first exposure to the All Seeing Eye is usually U.S. money. On currency, you’ll see a pyramid and the top triangular portion encompasses an eye, while the Roman numerals for ‘1776’ are present in the design. That is because it was considered long ago and incorporated into symbolism for our country.

So, what does it mean? Well, this symbol is thought to represent divine providence and the all-seeing eye of God. It’s interesting to note that the Freemasons may have used it first and it is believed that they may be the ones responsible for helping to incorporate the symbol in our very currency, though this is still a mystery.

The symbol of the eye is a popular one in every culture and tends to mean close to the same thing – that the divine is watching over us and protecting us as we go. You’ll see other examples in history such as the ‘Eye of the Illuminati’ and the ‘Eye of Horus’, but ultimately they all seem to point to the same thing.

That ‘thing’ is the concept that ‘God is watching and guiding us’, though it is also a symbol that has been adopted by secret societies right along with the faithful who simply like the simple message that it represents.

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What Do All Seeing Eye Tattoos Symbolize?

At their most basic, All Seeing Eye tattoos represent a divine power that is watching over us. For some, this is a message that providence is very real and a daily part of our lives. For others, it may represent a warning – if you do bad things, then do not think that someone doesn’t see them.

These tattoos can also symbolize affiliations with organizations such as Freemasonry, although the actual affiliation for All Seeing Eye tattoos really depends on the chosen variations in the design, as well as what it is placed next to or combined with.

The ‘omnipresent eye’ is probably one of the oldest symbols in the world, simply because we all have eyes and when you see one, even depicted on it’s own, the message is instantly understood. Someone is watching, judging, and guiding you along the way – if you will let them.

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What Do All Seeing Eye Tattoos Mean?

All Seeing Eye tattoos can mean a lot of different things. Some people get them as an expression of interest in the occult, while on the flipside, an All Seeing Eye tattoo might also be the ultimate expression of faith, as a way to remind the rest of the world that God is indeed watching.

As this is an old symbol, the interpretations abound, although what you select to display with it is going to have an enormous impact on the meaning. For instance, a patriotic soul might incorporate the full period design with the ‘1776’ in Roman numerals, while a Freemason might adopt the more basic ‘triangle and eye’ variety.

Someone who holds a strong faith might tattoo an All Seeing Eye with a Biblical scripture, as a way to profess their faith and to remind the world that God is watching what we do and has a plan for us.

It’s a deeply personal decision what your tattoo will mean, so you’ll want to give it plenty of thought to make sure that your message is loud and clear.

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Characteristics and Styles of All Seeing Eye Tattoos

When it comes to how they are displayed, All Seeing Eyes are often done in solid colors to reflect a bit of gravitas, but that is certainly not the only way that they are displayed.

For instance, someone with a touch of anarchy in their character might choose a New School, exaggerated depiction of this classic symbol as a personal protest against the government and organized religion. Still others might choose ‘money green’ as the color as a way to express patriotism or it’s opposite.

When depicted in regards to faith, some choose black and white, while others might choose a colorful representation as a way to express a gentler message, telling the world ‘God is good and providence is real, so live your life according to faith’.

Think about what you really want to say and then talk with your artist about how colors may change the meaning and look through their portfolio to get an idea of their skills. With a few days deliberation, you’ll be surprised at how much more perfect your tattoo is going to be.

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Where Do All Seeing Eye Tattoos Usually Go?

All Seeing Eye tattoos generally go where they can be seen. This might be the ankle if you wear shorts a lot, although the outer and upper arm are the most popular places for this type of tattoo.

Some might choose to incorporate the symbol into a larger backpiece or even as part of a larger design and that’s okay too – it’s your tattoo and so you are the one that will be making all of the rules.

We recommend spending a few days to come up with the actual design and then consulting with your artist so that you can put it on your body in a place where it can be seen and where your natural body shape is going to match the contours and lines of the finished design the most.

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Some closing comments on All Seeing Eye tattoos

So, there you have it! All Seeing Eye tattoos can mean a lot of things, from expressions of faith to patriotism, and even secret societies. It all depends on your unique and individual design, so be sure to put a little time and a lot of thought into it to make sure that you are making this design your own.

It’s an old symbol but the message remains powerful to this day: ‘There is a plan and you are being watched, so you’d better be on your best behavior!”. When you really get down to it, that’s about as profound a message as they come, don’t you think?

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