10 African Daisy Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

10 African Daisy Tattoo Ideas in 2021-Meanings,Designs,And More

Sometimes, it’s easy to succumb to the darkness that pervades our world.

War, famine, disease, murder and other horrific events seem to smatter headlines and social media feeds.

But there is a force in the universe to remind us that not all is desolation and despair; daisies are a window to the doorway of hope.

African Daisies, in particular, hold special meaning and symbolism. So, when you want one as a tattoo, you are connecting with the earth and helping to spread joy while dispelling sorrow. They are an ancient flower, filling tales, legends and mythology with vast connotations.

The Spirit Song of African Daisies

Since African Daisies are another version of any garden variety of daisy, their symbolism will be the same.

But, there are certain characteristics about African Daisies that set them apart from their aster relatives.

  • New Beginnings: Since these bloom in spring, daisies are always a reminder of getting a fresh start in the sunshine. They denote renewal and rebirth; a constant intimation that we can always begin again.
  • Hope: For humanity, hope is the most important and powerful tool for getting through the trials and tribulations life throws at us.

Even disappointments can offer an opportunity to change things for the better.Daises give us that impetus with their beauty, simplicity and sweet smell.

  • Innocence: Daisies, often associated with babies and children, remind adults of their own innocence.

We are all children of God, the Universe or whatever you call it.

Daisies tell us to hold onto our childlike natures while accepting the beauty of this world; this includes the good, bad, beautiful and ugly.

  • Fertility: As with children and innocence, daisies connect to mothers and fertility.

They teach expectant mothers to protect the innocence of their child while serving to remind them of their own childhood.

Love ; Affection: There is an old wives’ tale about plucking the petals off of a daisy, “He/She Loves Me, Loves Me Not.”

  • This stems from many ancient cultures and how they valued daisies and their involvement with targeting the object of our affections.

People all over the world would gather these blooms and give the bouquet to their beloved.In Victorian England, people would give daisies as a symbol of requiting love to another who has shown their interest.

  • Fidelity: The act of making daisy chains is a centuries-old practice that symbolizes eternal love and fidelity.

As a matter of fact, it was a common flower used in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon weddings.

Ancient Understandings of Daisies

To enrich our experience of the meaning of daisies, the ancient world valued these as much as we do today.

  • Celtic: Used in weddings and courtships, the ancient Celts believed that daisies had the power to protect and bring luck to newborn babies.
  • Norse: To the Vikings of Scandinavia, daisies were a symbol of the goddess, Freya. She is the guardian of new mothers and oversees fertility.
  • Greek: According to myth, Zeus became furious with humankind for the war, death and destruction they created.

So, he sent a flood to destroy everything on earth. Astraea was the only one left; heartbroken, she cried stardust. In pity, the King of the Gods turned her into a daisy.

  • Native American: Many indigenous cultures across the Americas associated daisies with the life-giving force of the sun.

Symbolism in Regards to African Daisies

While African Daisies take on the meaning of new beginnings, fidelity, love, affection, fertility, innocence and hope, they also have a more enduring connotation.

Their unique symbolism bases on how they grow and in their coloration.


Year-Long ; Day-Long Growth

African Daisies, unlike most other daisies, can grow all year round, even in winter.

This means they have an evergreen-like quality.They can endure harsh, cold weather or hot, humid or arid conditions.

While extreme temperatures will cause their petals to plummet, they will still very much be alive.

There are even some varieties that can stay open all day and night, contributing to this sense of strength.

This means African Daisies symbolize strength in the face of hardship. While severe amounts of depression, sadness or anger may hide our natural beauty, we are still hardy and strong. No matter what difficulties come, we can and will endure it.

The Significance of Colors

The other thing about African Daisies is how their colors change as they mature, developing an enchanted mix of coral, peach and pink.


They start out the palest yellow when newly bloomed, which connects to the daisy’s innocent reputation.Soon, they show a richer yellow which reflects joy, hope and luck.

As the orange, pink and red begins appearing, the symbolism expands. A heavy orange presence portends healing, optimism, health and success.

Platonic and romantic love comes through when pink is prominent. The coral and deeper pink colors translate to pure romantic love and commitment.

African Daisy Tattoo Ideas

The relative simplicity of African Daisies makes a great tattoo subject.

Of course, a realistic rendition will be best to emphasize the flower’s beauty.But a watercolor or sketch style of flower will also be impressive.

As a Single Flower

African Daisies are excellent as a single bloom on the shoulder, wrist, thigh or ankle. It can also make for a good belly button decoration.


More Complex Ideas

For something more complex, a daisy chain going up the thigh to the hip is a gorgeous accent.

A mural of children or a beloved pet amid a field of African Daisies is also beautiful.

As a suggestion for the back, having some African Daisies aligning the spine in a vine-like formation makes for a breathtaking display.


Daisies are a reminder that there are some things in this world that are still beautiful, wonderful and good.

African Daisies, in particular, show us the means to endure and be strong in the face of harsh circumstances.

Getting one of these as a tattoo can be a perfect adornment to give you a consistent source of hope.


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