#999 Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

#999 Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings and More

Numerical tattoos can be as simplistic or as ornate as you like, and often carry a number of meanings. From angel numbers to lucky numbers, tattoos bearing numeric representations such as 777 or 999 have been used to represent personal beliefs and hopes in a number of ways.

The number 999 was historically referenced as an angel number to denote the changing of your life’s path, and the ending of one purpose and beginning of a new one. Today, the tattoo also carries the connotation of ‘reversal of negative circumstances’.

This article looks at the history, symbolism and styles of 999 tattoos today.


What is the History of the 999 Tattoo?

In terms of being used in tattoos, there’s not a lot of historical reference regarding the number 999. The most notable mention of the 999 tattoo is its usage by late rap artist Juice Wrld.

Juice Wrld used the number 999 as a symbol for himself and his music, using it in lyrics, images, and tattoos.

During his career and after his death in 2019, the use of 999 tattoos spiked, particularly among his fans, as both a tribute to the artist and as a way of sharing and spreading his message and the personal meaning he attributed to the number.


What Do 999 Tattoos Symbolize?

999 tattoos can have two different types of symbolism, depending on whether it uses the modern symbolism popularized by rapper Juice Wrld, or the older symbolism provided by the angel number 999.

Among those who prefer the more modern symbolism, 999 symbolizes the change of negative circumstances or actions to create a positive result, or better circumstances.

Juice Wrld, when asked about the symbolism he attributed to the number 999, described it as ‘turning the Devil’s number (666), upside down and around to create something new and positive’.

Another time, he described it as ‘taking something bad, some struggle you’re going through and turning it into a positive force to move yourself forward.

For those who ascribe to the older meaning attached to angel numbers, a 999 tattoo symbolizes a change in life’s path, a permanent altering of purpose.

999 in angel numbers symbolizes Heavenly support in a stage of self transformation and an alteration in your state of existence. Those who study Angel Numbers advise giving yourself room to grow and change and improve yourself, so you will be ready for the transformation.

More specifically, the number 999 also has romantic symbolism attached as an Angel Number. In this context, it symbolizes the approach of a soul-mate, and suggests that you have met, or soon will meet, the person who is your soul-mate and true love.


What Do 999 Tattoos Mean?

999 tattoos can mean a number of things, based on the personal belief of the person carrying it, and whether it’s connected to any other images or symbols.

The meanings for the number by itself include:

Support, commemoration or tribute to Juice Wrld, as one of his fans:

Fans of this artist often wear a 999 tattoo to show their support for his ideology and his message.

Declaring a personal goal to turn negative circumstances around to positive influences (flipping the Devil’s number):

It may mean the person is going through a difficult time and intends to find a way to make the best of it and find a new source of forward momentum in a ‘trial by fire’ situation.

Commemorating a change in personal direction, leading to new purpose and new goals:

The tattoo may represent a recent major life change, such as a new career path, or a new and fulfilling relationship, or a new personal goal that offers a form of transformation.

It may also mean the person is open to a personal transformation, though they have not yet experienced it.


What Are the Possible Meanings for a 999 Tattoo With Other Images?

Oftentimes, the 999 will be paired with an image of Juice Wrld, or with a phrase or image associated with the rapper. In this case, the tattoo is likely to be meant as a tribute or commemoration.

Pairing the number with a red rose might indicate a readiness for a romantic connection. On the other hand, paired with a bleeding rose, it might mean the person has left a bad relationship and is determined to rise above it.

Paired with a phrase or a quote, it might represent a sentiment that is used for inspiration in difficult times, or provides encouragement for self-transformation.

A 999 with images like angels, angel wings, or butterflies is more likely to mean the person has experienced, or is experiencing, a major life change, and wishes to remind themselves that their transformation is beneficial.

There are other images and other meanings, generally designed to give a personal meaning for the person who chooses to carry it.


Where Do 999 Tattoos Usually Go?

There’s no limit to where these tattoos can go. The three number sequence gives a lot of room for changes in size and placement.

The most popular location for the 999 tattoo is the wrist, followed closely by the forearm and the hand. Part of this is due to the placement of Juice Wrld’s tattoo, as fans are likely to choose a similar placement to his when getting this iconic tattoo as a tribute.

Arms, wrists and hands are also excellent places for inspirational tattoos, as they can be easily seen in these locations. For individuals who choose the 999 tattoo as a symbol of personal growth, this might be the placement chosen as a reminder.

Another popular location is behind or in front of the ear, or along one side of the face.

Other, less common locations for this tattoo include just above the knee, on the front of the shoulder, and sometimes the side of the ribcage.


Styles and Characteristics of 999 Tattoos:

The most common difference between these tattoos is the font used for the numbers.

– The most popular fonts for number tattoos, including 999, are the Blackletter or Canterbury, as described by begindot.

– Other fonts include Tribal, and any sort of script-style font.

– Designs are usually  a simple three numbers in a row, but can be done on the diagonal, vertical, or in a triangular shape. with the tails of the nines as the corners.

– They can also be plain numbers, or incorporated with other images or a larger design.

999 is a tattoo with a great deal of historical and pop culture symbolism and meaning. If you’re looking for something simple that makes an impact, this numerical tattoo might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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